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C1664 is just a shock

LAN Yanxi has been paying attention to Chen Fuyu's every move. She doesn't know why she wants to stare at others, but she seems to have a strong heart. She guesses that Chen Fuyu will definitely come to say hello again. Unexpectedly, so soon, she will come here.

Ling Mo Feng is now the top figure. He is young and promising, and he is in the limelight. Those who come to make up for him will naturally pull up again and again, but they have never stopped.

All of a sudden, Ling Mo Feng felt that the little hand between his arms seemed to use his strength. His eyes were slightly surprised, and he looked at LAN Yanxi. LAN Yanxi immediately gave him a look. Ling Mo Feng understood at a glance, looked up in a direction, and saw Chen Fuyu coming.

"Mo Feng, I see you again. I don't know if it's coincidence or fate." Chen Fuyu is wearing an elegant apricot dress, which shows her delicate figure. She pulls her long hair to one side, and shows her long neck and diamond earrings on the other side. She is also sparkling in the light, full of femininity.

Chen Fuyu's charm is definitely not comparable to that of LAN Yanxi. After all, when she reaches the most mature age, she is sending out an ambiguous hint to men with her hands raised and her feet set.

LAN Yanxi tries to show her generosity as much as possible. After all, she can't show her stinginess, so she will lose Ling Mo Feng's face.

However, hearing Chen Fuyu's first words, she found that she wanted to kick the generous temperament away. In the relationship between her boyfriend and girlfriend, she was just careful. If a woman came forward to look for her husband, she was not happy.

Ling Mo Feng smiled politely. "It should be a coincidence. We are all old friends. It's no surprise that we are here."

"Mo Feng, with a charming wife, is it possible to have such a life with his friends? Even a joke said so seriously, it must be that your little wife is too strict with you. " In his words, Chen Fuyu implied that Lan Yanxi was a woman with no heart.

LAN Yanxi finally knows why some people speak with a sense of skillful means, because they want to scold you for not spitting dirty words, but in a roundabout way, the way to change is to scold you for nothing.

Ling Mo Feng's expression immediately became a little stiff. What a shrewd man he is, Chen Fuyu's words mean something. How could he not hear them? His smile gradually cooled. "It's a blessing that I have cultivated for several years that Yan Xi is willing to take care of me. If my husband listens to his wife, the relationship between husband and wife will be better, and the family will be more harmonious."

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to explain for herself. Besides, she also explained seriously. She suddenly wanted to laugh. This man has potential in protecting short.

Chen Fuyu stared at lanyanxi. This is a good way for this woman. Ling Mo Feng is willing to be controlled by her. He can be obedient to a president. I'm afraid that in addition to something in bed, his character must be strong.

"Yes, I really envy her. I don't know when I will meet a man who is willing to be controlled by me. Maybe it will be hard to meet him in my life." When the topic was brought to light, Chen Fuyu found that even if he wanted to find a topic to attract Ling Mo Feng's attention, he was only insulting himself, because in the eyes and heart of this man, there was only a woman named lanyanxi.

"As long as you have a heart, you can definitely find it. After all, only sincerity can change into sincerity in this world." Next to blue Yan Xi finally opened her mouth, her eyes color with a smile.

Chen Fuyu's face and smile were a little stiff. She immediately took a sip of water and smiled dryly. "You are right. Sincerity is precious. Not everyone can be as lucky as you. There are many people who exchange sincerity for true love. They have lost their sincerity."

After Chen Fuyu finished, he looked at Ling Mo Feng deeply.

Ling Mo Feng dodged her eyes. Just now, a waiter passed by with a tray. Ling Mo Feng took a glass of juice and put it in LAN Yanxi's hand.

LAN Yanxi picked it up and took a drink.

Chen Fuyu looked at the tacit understanding between their husband and wife, only to feel very slapped, she immediately said, "I seem to see an old friend, excuse me."

Ling Mo Feng held his head slightly and saw Chen Fuyu go away. Both of them felt relieved.

"She lost her heart to you. Do you feel it?" LAN Yanxi immediately amused him while drinking juice.

Ling Mo Feng reached for her waist and gently hugged her. Her thin lips pressed against her ears and murmured, "you're going to settle with me again? Well, first you write down the account, and then you go home to settle it. "

LAN Yanxi was so cuddled by him, his face blushed and his waist twisted. He escaped from his arms. His beautiful eyes stared at him angrily, "Mr. President, please respect yourself."

Ling didn't expect her to say such a thing. Jun's face flashed a touch of discontent, his long legs stepped forward, and he came close to her again. "Why don't I respect myself?"

"What's the occasion? Everyone is watching us." LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing.

"Can't you look at it? Do you want other women to leave their hearts to me? " Ling Mo Feng has an absolute reason to hold her.

When LAN Yanxi heard this, he was quite reasonable, so he nodded, "OK, do you want to kiss one?"

"Be serious, madam!" Ling Mo Feng immediately attached to her ear and gently reminded her.

LAN Yanxi almost didn't hold up to smile, but at this time, someone came to say hello to Ling Mo Feng. She could only bow her head and drink juice.

In the distance, Chen Fuyu's mood is extremely complicated and uncomfortable.

I have to admit that today's blue words are too beautiful. Youth is beauty. Her whole body is full of a healthy and youthful atmosphere, saying that purity is not worth anything in front of sexuality. But why does Ling Mo Feng ignore her?

Chen Fuyu is really sad. She suddenly regrets that she came back to China to find him. Maybe she should stay abroad, do her academic research well, and then open her heart to meet people with the same ideals as herself, instead of dreaming of a fruitless dream.

Chen Fuyu put down his glass, went to say hello to the old man, turned around and walked out the door step by step.

In fact, she can make trouble without reason. Even if she can't get Ling Mo Feng's love, she can at least make them unhappy. However, she didn't do so, and there is a trace of conscience in her heart.

In her mind, there was also a young man sitting on the grass, throwing a piece of paper airplane into the sky, shouting loudly at the sky. My dream is to follow my father's footsteps and become a leader respected by everyone. One day, my dream will come true.

As a young girl, she chased the paper plane he threw out and remembered his negative report.

Chen Fuyu knows that those lost beauties are lost after all. She can't find them. Her feelings when she was young are pure, but when she grows up, a man can only be good to a woman. If he is good to many women, he will never be an excellent person, not to mention a leader with convincing power.

There were tears from Chen Fuyu's eyes. She wiped them with her hands. Maybe it was Ling Mo Feng's excellence that made her unwilling to give up on him, but it was because he was so good that she lost him.

LAN Yanxi turns around and sees Chen Fuyu's back. She is shocked.

Has Chen Fuyu gone?

Has she figured something out?

Anyway, LAN Yanxi still hopes Chen Fuyu can find her happiness as soon as possible. After all, it's a very boring thing that her husband is watched by others all the time.

LAN Yanxi didn't remind Chen Fuyu of Ling Mo Feng's departure. Until the banquet entered the midfield, when the two people were dancing on the dance floor, Ling Mo Feng seemed to find something.

"Chen Fuyu doesn't seem to be here."

LAN Yanxi couldn't help leaning to his shoulder and whispered, "I just saw that she was leaving. Maybe she really figured it out. Don't disturb us."

"She's a smart woman, and she shouldn't let herself fall into the abyss of no result." Ling Mo Feng still knows her well.

"That's best. I really don't want to be a rival to her. After all, she accompanied you in your youth." LAN Yanxi laughed.