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C1047 finding a reason to meet again

Because I didn't know it was your dowry before. If you told me earlier, I would not have been obsessed with you. " Lu xuanchen laughed.

"Oh, are you afraid to take away my dowry, and I'll turn around and pester you?" Mao Rongrong chuckled and made a joke.

"Of course, I'm not afraid. At first glance, you are not a woman who likes to be haunted and beaten. Moreover, these days, I have also proved that my male charm has no killing power for you. I still have self-knowledge." Lu xuanchen laughed at himself for the first time. When he was a man of Tang Xuerou Sutra, there were many female stars who expressed their affection to him. But apart from Tang Youyou, Mao Rongrong was the first woman who made him feel that when he was together, he would not be nervous because of his star status.

"You don't mind. In fact, you're not bad. Besides, I've seen your play, and the acting is good!" Mao Rongrong was afraid that he would hit him before, so he said a few nice words, which were regarded as consolation. "

thank you. I won't bother you in the future!" After Lu xuanchen finished speaking, he should have hung up the phone, but he didn't know what else he wanted to hear from her. "

OK, goodbye!" Mao Rongrong is Shuang block's promise. Besides, he hung up after goodbye.

Lu xuanchen's face is stiff. Does that woman have anything else to say to him? Does hanging up the phone mean that he will never meet this woman again? Lu

xuanchen has some sense of loss in his heart. For how long, he has no such feeling. When Lu xuanchen was sitting on the leisure sofa, the door of the leisure room was pushed open by the agent. He walked by angrily and said, "xuanchen, your old employer said that you signed a note to him, asking you to pay the five million yuan to his account within three days." "

what?" Lu xuanchen's face suddenly darkened. He took the copy of the IOU in the broker's hand: "this Wang million has already deducted it from my advertisement endorsement fee to him. He still has the face to ask me for it?" "

well, it seems that I deducted the money, but we have no evidence. The other side said that if you don't give him the money, he will sue you and make you lose your reputation." The manager said angrily.

"Tell me? Are you going to sue me? " Lu xuanchen's beautiful thin lips suddenly hook up: "well, I'm not afraid of him if I have a lawsuit!"

"Xuanchen, why are you not angry at all? This bastard makes it clear that you can make money now and want to make a profit! " The agent is surprised to find that Lu xuanchen's mouth is up. "

he won't get any benefits from me. I've already terminated him!" Lu xuanchen finished, looked down at his cell phone again, thinking that he would have another chance to call Mao Rongrong. "

xuanchen, I just mentioned this matter to the legal department of the company. They said that they would help you win the lawsuit. Don't worry!" The agent comforted him immediately for fear that he would get angry.

"Tell the people in the legal department that I will not bother them if I hire a lawyer myself!" Lu xuanchen finished, took out his mobile phone, stood at the window, and pulled out a phone.

Mao Rongrong's voice rang in his ear again. It was still a cool female voice. "

Mr. Lu, don't tell me, you have changed your mind again!"

Lu xuanchen immediately said, "of course not. I want you to fight a lawsuit for me." "

What lawsuit have you got?" Mao Rongrong asked him in surprise.

"It's not me. It's someone who wants to cheat me, so I want to hire you as my lawyer. Do you think it's ok?" Lu xuanchen earnestly entreated her.

"I have cases at hand. Let me introduce you to other excellent lawyers in our company. They are all experienced." Mao Rongrong didn't agree, which disappointed Lu xuanchen.

"But I think you are worthy of trust. We got to know each other somehow. You can help me this time. The price is not a problem." Lu xuanchen immediately invited her with full sincerity.

"I really need to think about it. I still have a case in hand!" Mao Rongrong doesn't want to accept it at will, which is not a small thing after all.

"Please think about it carefully and help me!" Lu xuanchen expressed a anxious tone of language in urgent need of help. "

Mr. Lu, with your financial resources, you can ask a more famous lawyer to help you. You don't need to put your hopes on me." When Mao Rongrong heard that he was worried, he thought about it for him.

"You may not know me very well. I don't like people I don't know very much. Lawyer Mao, I think you are in charge of identifying your husband. You have rich experience and are definitely my best choice." Lu xuanchen didn't know how to say such flattering words, but at this moment, he said it very smoothly and blushed unconsciously. "

you think highly of me. I'm not as professional as you said. However, since you find me, I will still consider it. You will tell me your case in detail tomorrow, and I'll see how much you can win." Mao Rongrong couldn't stand his sincere praise. He decided to look at the case for him before deciding.

"Well, I'll take a break tomorrow. By the way, can we meet in private? There are too many people in your company. I don't want this thing to be exposed. I'll invite you to dinner tomorrow at noon." Lu xuanchen immediately found a very good reason to treat. "

OK, contact tomorrow!" Mao agreed and hung up the phone. Lu

xuanchen stares at the cell phone that has been hung up, and his thin lips are hooked. He doesn't expect that there are turning points in his life. I just felt that there was no reason to look for her again. Now, for a good reason, I invited her to have lunch tomorrow.

Jijia! It has been more than ten days since Ji yunning was born, but the sad atmosphere has not disappeared. Fortunately

OK, it's the birthday of the two little guys. The whole family has a reason to celebrate.

In the past, for birthday, Tang youyou bought a small cake and gave each little guy a toy as a gift. It was simply over. But now, with the love of so many elders, it seems impossible for the two little guys to have a simple birthday. Although Ji Xiaohan has no intention of doing big things, he must also attach great importance to it.