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Tang You You changed his clothes and went downstairs. He saw Ji Xiao Han already standing downstairs in a suit, as if he was waiting for her.

"Why haven't you left yet?" Tang You You asked in a low voice.

The caravan moved through the night, through the streets, and stopped at the entrance to Only Idealism's office.

Sure enough, Liu Xi walked out of her office. When he saw her, he called her in.

"Wandering, a difficult customer came and insisted on meeting you. Heh, I don't even know how to send her away." Liu Xi said sarcastically.

"Who is it?" Tang You You was also getting curious.

"Tang Xue Rou!" Liu Xi said straightforwardly: "I know that you don't have a good relationship with her, and even tried to get rid of her. Who would have known, that she would have so much endurance, from coming here in the morning all the way until now."

Hearing this name, Tang You You's face immediately turned cold.

"I'll go meet her." Tang You You turned around and walked out to the guest room and pushed open the door.

Tang Xue Rou brought her two assistants and sat on the sofa, looking like a noble lady.

"I want to ask you to design some clothes. You won't refuse, will you?" Tang Xue Rou looked at Tang You You, a fake smile on her face, and spoke with a posturing manner.

Tang You You frowned: "I already have two clients on me, I'm afraid I cannot accept your order."

"Do you not want to pick it up, or do you not dare to?" Tang Xue Rou laughed sarcastically: "You are the designer here, your company's reputation has always been good. I am the guest, how can you push the guest out?"

Tang You You knew that Tang Xue Rou was purposely provoking her, so she said indifferently: "Alright, tell me, what requirements do you have for the design of the clothes?"

"Of course it's to suit my style. Do you know what my style is? That's sexy! " Seeing that she agreed, Tang Xue Rou smiled.

"Alright, I can design a few for you. Do you intend to make a down payment now?" Tang You You asked professionally.

"Of course!" Tang Xue Rou had plenty of money now.

"When do you want it?"

"Next Monday! I have a few outdoor shows, and you can help me design them. Please, sister! " After Tang Xue Rou finished speaking, she immediately raised her eyebrows while smiling.

Hearing the two words "little sister", Tang You You instantly felt extremely disgusted, and his face instantly sank as well.

"I am not your sister! Stop screaming! " Tang You You immediately corrected her.

Tang Xue Rou laughed disapprovingly: "Now everyone in the entire company knows that I'm your sister, how can you not admit it?"

"What?" Tang You You did not expect Tang Xue Rou to reveal their relationship to her. In an instant, she was angry that she was toying with her, "What are you trying to do?"

"Nothing?" I'm just looking for you to design a few sets of clothes, and then I'll chat with the people here. " After Tang Xue Rou finished speaking, she stood up: "Alright, I'll go and pay the deposit now. Don't worry, big sis has plenty of money right now."

Tang You You returned to the office with a dark face, when he heard the question from his colleague: "You Zou, is Tang Xue Rou really your big sister? Oh god, I'm so jealous, you actually have a big sister from Big Star, I knew your identity must not be simple, if not, Quarterly would not fall in love with you, right? "

"That's right, Wandering, you hid it so well. Tang Xue Rou, such a famous Female Celebrity, is actually your big sister. It really makes one envious."

Tang You You saw that her colleague only knew that she was being envious of her.

At this moment, the internet also began to clamor about this matter.

Tang Xue Rou took advantage of the fact that Tang You You was currently in the limelight to expose her relationship with Tang You You. This was undoubtedly the smartest way to do it.

When Tang You You saw the people on the internet discussing about this matter crazily, she was so angry that she almost exploded. It was as if they already knew why Tang Xue Rou had come to find her, it was just too shameless.

She no longer had any relationship with the Tang Family, why did Tang Xue Rou shamelessly want to use her to hype things up?

Right now, her popularity was dropping by quite a bit. She didn't have anything else to do, so she just used her as a stepping stone. How hateful!

Sure enough, a video immediately appeared.

Tang Xue Rou was wearing sunglasses as she stood at the entrance of the Only Idealism Hall. Countless reporters were surrounding her and she looked like she was shocked.

"Is the fact that you and Quarterly's girlfriend are sisters true? But didn't they keep on saying that you were dating the Quarterly? "Can you make it public that there is an inside story behind all of this?"

Tang Xue Rou immediately revealed an astonished expression: "Don't spout nonsense, please, when did I get along with the Quarterly? You must be catching wind of something. "

"But before, it was not widely known that the Quarterly was your backstage financial backer, and you seem to have responded to this matter. Now that it looks like he is more likely to be your brother-in-law, how do you feel about this? Would he feel disappointed that he was giving such an outstanding man to his sister? "

Tang Xue Rou quickly lowered her head, with the help of her two assistants, she anxiously walked towards the business car parked beside him.

As the Female Celebrity of the entertainment circle, Tang Xue Rou was already very experienced with the ways of hype.

When the reporters asked sensitive questions, her silence was the best source of speculation.

Therefore, she did not say anything at all. The reporter would probably do more articles.

This was what she wanted.

Tang You You sat in front of the computer, looking at the pretentious Tang Xue Rou, as well as the things she said randomly, made her beautiful face turn black from anger.

Liu Xi walked over, saw that her expression was extremely ugly, and asked with deep concern: "Wandering, are you alright?"

Tang You You laughed in a low voice: "Go talk to your office!"

angrily said as he walked into the office: "This Tang Xue Rou is actually using me to hype up her reputation, I just can't bear to be used like this."