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C882 a complete break

Bai Yiyan's eyes were sore. She felt very bad when she heard that her mother asked her to apologize to Pei Ying. Why does she beat Pei Ying? Isn't it because she speaks so badly that she scolds her mother?

Bai Yiyan is eager to tell her mother the truth, but she can see her mother standing beside Peihong with a cautious look. Bai Yiyan has to bite her teeth and hold back. It's impossible for her to ask her mother to hate this home as much as she does, so she can turn around and leave.

Her mother relies on Pei Hong and her two-year-old brother. Bai Yiyan can only swallow her anger.

However, to apologize to Pei Ying, she couldn't do it. She felt that she could leave, but she never apologized.

"Mom, I'm not wrong!" Bai Yiyan said, biting her teeth. Pei

Ying covered his face and cried more bitterly. He cried and looked at Bai Mu: "Auntie, look at your daughter. You don't care about her. You think it's great to practice Taekwondo for several years. You look at my face and almost all of them are disfigured. That's how I can see people in the future. I have to go to relatives and friends these days. I have no face to see people."

Pei Ying's cry was loud, and her words were worthy of sympathy. Her anxious face was white.

Pei Hong glared at Bai Yiyan angrily, pointing to the door and shouting: "get out of my way now!"

Hearing this, Bai Yiyan was petrified and looked at her mother with shame in her eyes.

The white mother also froze, and her face became paler and paler. She was eager to appease Peihong: "husband, don't be angry, my children may have misunderstandings..."

"No misunderstanding, auntie. She just hit me. Look at my face. The evidence is there." Pei Ying cried pitifully at once. The white mother looked at the red mark on her face, which had not been detumescence, and immediately did not know what to say.

Bai Yiyan bites her teeth, takes her backpack and leaves.

"Xiaoyan!" Bai's mother was shocked. She had a bad premonition. Maybe this time her daughter left, and she would never go back to this house again. She rushed out in a hurry: "Xiaoyan, don't go, apologize to Uncle Pei, and what he said is angry." Bai's mother may not understand her situation. It's not something that can be solved by apologizing, but that she really doesn't want to stay at home for a minute. Pei's hypocritical face makes her uncomfortable.

"Mom, if you have anything, just call me. If you want to come to me for dinner and shopping, please call me again!" Although Bai Yiyan was furious, she didn't aim at her mother. She knew her mother's weakness and her difficulties. So she decided not to let her mother suffer. This time, she really wanted to leave the family.

The white mother was stunned. Then, she seemed to understand her daughter's determination. She nodded her head and calmed her voice: "OK, then you need to be safe in your mind. Is the injury on your hand better?"

Bai Yiyan nodded: "it's much better. Mom, don't worry. I'm leaving!" Bai

after Yiyan finished, she quickly ran to the gate of the hall. Pei's house is a small villa. A black BMW car on the road outside the gate. When she saw Bai Yiyan rushing out, she stopped in a hurry. Pei

LUO Qing gets off the car anxiously and grabs Bai Yiyan's arm: "Xiaoyan, where are you going?"

Bai Yiyan saw that it was him, and her face was slightly better: "I want to leave here."

"Why? Don't you want to have lunch together? " Pelosi looked surprised. Bai

Yiyan shakes her head: "no, cousin, please make another appointment next time!"

Bai Yiyan said, and went to the avenue not far away, intending to stop the taxi.

However, peloqing directly changed the car's head and said to her, "where are you going? I'll give you a ride! "

"No, you can go to Pei's house for dinner. I'll wait a second and get a taxi soon!" Bai Yiyan said as she walked.

But at this time, someone pointed at her and shouted, "look, Bai Yiyan is back."

"It's really her. Let's go and take a picture with her!" There are a group of little girls waiting for the bus. Seeing Bai Yiyan, they are talking about her loudly. Then, those people come to her side.

Bai Yiyan's face turned white with fright. She was not polite to peiluoqing any more. She opened the door of peiluoqing's car and sat in it. Then she pleaded in a low voice, "cousin, drive quickly!"

Peloqing immediately stepped on the accelerator and threw the group of little girls far away.

Bai Yiyan was relieved and leaned back on the seat.

Peloqing looked at her injured arm and said, "why can't you get through?"

Bai Yiyan is stunned for a moment. Then she thinks that her two old cell phones are still locked in Ji Yueze's cabinet. She is using her new cell phone now. I'm afraid that it's not only peiluoqing who can't reach her cell phone, but all the people who want to find her can't find her.

"Cousin, I've changed my cell phone. Give me your cell phone, and I'll save the number for you!" Bai Yiyan has no defense against peiluoqing. She feels that he is a trustworthy person. Pei

LUO Qingwei Zheng gave her her mobile phone: "why did you change the number?"

"Because a lot of people are looking for me!" Bai Yiyan smiles.

"Well, you are a big star now. There must be more people looking for you!" Peloqing smiled helplessly. "

don't make fun of me, cousin. I'm a star. If you go to the Internet and look through my old history, you will find that my reputation is too black now." Bai Yiyan said, mocking herself. "

no matter how black you are, in my eyes, you will always be as clean and pure as an angel." Said peloqing seriously.

Bai Yiyan listened to his words, and meimou was surprised to see: "cousin, I didn't expect that I have such a high evaluation in your mind. I'm really surprised." Pei

LUO Qing glanced at her, but her face was not clear.

Bai Yiyan laughed and said: "how can I be an angel? I'm a common man in the world. " "

there are many kinds of ordinary people, and you are the kind of people that people can't hate." Said peloqing with a chuckle. "

yes? I don't agree with this point. There are countless people who hate me. I believe that as many fans as Ji Yueze has, there will be as many people who hate me, and the people who hate me the most will be Pei Ying. I didn't control my temper just now and gave her a slap. I was kicked out by their father and daughter. " Bai Yiyan looks sad. Thinking that she has no place in Pei's family, she feels ashamed of her mother. Pei

LUO Qing was not surprised. Instead, he murmured, "I think it's a good thing for you to leave this family earlier, so that my uncle would like to introduce you to his boyfriend every day and take you to be an industrial marriage."

"How do you know?" she said "

when he was drinking in my house yesterday, he said that he would introduce some of his clients' sons to you." When peloqing said that, his face suddenly looked a little ugly.