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Tang You You accompanied his daughter in the living room to do paper cutting games. The little guy's two fat little hands were quite nimble, and even more beautiful than Tang You You's scissors, Tang You You had an embarrassed look on his face.

"Mummy, you are too stupid. Tang Xiao Nai immediately had the expression of a little teacher and lectured Mummy.

As the sky grew darker, she became more and more nervous.

Tang You You continued to fry Little Flower with his daughter, and very quickly, Tang Xiao Rui threw his phone back onto the table, and continued to play with his game console.

Tang You You looked at his son strangely. What was this little fellow trying to do?

It was getting later and later, and Tang Xiao Nai kept looking outside the door with her big eyes.

"Mummy, Daddy, why aren't you back yet? I'm getting hungry and I still need Daddy to accompany me to eat." The little guy pouted his small mouth and lost his patience as he began to cause a ruckus.

When Tang You You saw that her daughter waiting for her father had already become a habit of hers, she became slightly absent-minded.

"Don't worry, your father must be busy with something important. After he is done, he will be back." Tang You You consoled.

The little guy's small mouth moved even more rapidly, "But, what is more important than me? Daddy said that taking care of me is his most important thing. Did he lie to me? "

Tang You You looked at his daughter's innocent and cute appearance, and immediately laughed out loud. "He didn't lie to you, you are his most important treasure."

Tang Xiao Nai became slightly happier, her small hands supporting her chin, "Mummy, if Father were to marry someone else in the future, would he give birth to a younger brother and sister? At that time, will I still be father's most important treasure? "

As Tang You You listened to his daughter's sorrowful words and saw that she was even frowning, he guessed that this must be a huge issue for the little fellow.

After Tang Xiao Rui heard his sister's words, he looked up and glanced at her. Then, he said unconcernedly: "I don't care if father gives birth to little brother and sister, I don't hope for him to love me so much. We used to live together with the Mummy, and in the future I will still live with him."

From what Tang Xiao Nai said, it seemed that Daddy really had another baby?

Her beautiful big eyes were filled with tears as she suddenly lay down sorrowfully on Tang You You's lap, not wanting to say a word.

The baby was angry.

Tang You You looked at his daughter's abnormal reaction. Since when did the little guy get angry and learn not to speak?

She used to be angry, but she wanted to argue with her brother. It was so noisy that she could even cry loudly.

But now, she had actually learned to hide her feelings and grievances, and was quietly bearing with it.

"Xiao Nai, what's wrong?" Tang You You caressed her little head and asked with concern.

Tang Xiao Nai buried her face in her, and her muffled voice sounded out, "I don't want Daddy to give birth to another baby, I want to be Daddy's only baby."

Tang You You was stunned!

Tang Xiao Rui shook his head in disdain and scolded softly: "What an idiot."

Just then, the sound of the car's engine turning off could be heard, and Ji Xiao Han's big body jumped out from the back of the car.

He straightened his body and walked into the living room in a hurry.

He imagined a small pink figure dashing towards him every single day, filling his arms with joy.

But today, the little fellow didn't run towards him. Instead, it laid on Tang You You's lap and blinked its big black eyes at him.

Ji Xiao Han was stunned.

What happened to his little princess? Did you have a temper today?

Ji Xiao Han could only walk to his daughter's side and squat down. He reached out his hands to rub her head: "Xiao Nai, why aren't you calling me father?"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately turned her head to the side and snorted.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son in shock. Then, he squinted his eyes and stared at Tang You You.

Tang You You did not expect the little fellow to be in such a bad mood, so he immediately patted his daughter's back. "Xiao Nai, quickly call me father! Haven't you been waiting for your father to come back? He's back now. "

"No, he doesn't want me anymore!" Tang Xiao Nai's tiny heart had already suffered a huge blow.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's words, his body suddenly froze. He immediately asked gently, "When did father give you up? You are Daddy's most beloved daughter, Daddy will not leave you behind. Come over and let Daddy hug you. "

"Daddy wants to have brothers and sisters with other women. He doesn't want a baby like me anymore." Tang Xiao Nai snorted, she angrily turned and stared at Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han looked like he was about to collapse.

"Who told you that?" Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You with some resentment in his eyes, but Tang You You felt a little guilty from his gaze, so she immediately said with a sullen face: "It's not me!"

Tang Xiao Nai extended a small finger, and pointed at Tang Xiao Rui: "Big brother said it!"

Ji Xiao Han didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He quickly hugged her daughter tightly and kissed her face: "Xiao Nai, Daddy will not have another baby. Daddy will only have you and Big Brother."

When Tang Xiao Nai heard her father's words, she immediately became happy. She blinked her large eyes and asked: "Really? Daddy doesn't want to give birth to babies? "

Tang Xiao Rui immediately curled his lips and said, "But I remember dad saying that he still wants to have a younger brother with Mummy. I'm still waiting for your brother to play football with me."

After Tang You You heard her son's words, her beautiful face instantly flushed red.

Ji Xiao Han was also embarrassed.