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C1793 the end of happiness

Ling wants to accompany Mu Weicheng in the face of all this, but she doesn't know how to persuade him. Tonight, she looks at him lying beside her when he is drunk. Ling sits on one side, and her heart is rolling with strong love for him.

More than 12 o'clock, Ling Mo Feng's call came, Ling wennuan quickly went to the balcony to answer.

"Brother, I won't come back tonight. Mu Weicheng is drunk. I have to take care of him."

Ling said in a low voice.

"Warm, don't you know that it's dangerous for a man to get drunk?

Come back. I'll ask chulie to help. "

Ling didn't want to put his sister in danger.

"No, he's my boyfriend, not brother Chu's. I have to take care of him myself. Brother, even if we happen, I have the ability to bear everything. I'm an adult. I can decide a lot of things myself."

Ling wennuan knows that elder brother really cares about her, but she accepts his concern, but does not accept his request, so her tone is very firm.

Ling Mo Feng was silent on the phone. In this moment, he understood that his younger sister, who had been protected since childhood, had really grown up. She had her own opinions.

"OK, you take good care of him. Call me if you have anything."

He won't control her any more. Love needs freedom.

"Thank you, brother. You tell my parents that I won't come back tonight. The reason is that you make it up for me. I depend on you."

Ling wennuan said, and hung up directly.

Ling Mo Feng's expression suddenly froze. This sister gave him such a big problem. How would he make it up?

Fortunately, the parents' current thoughts are all on the little guy just born. He only said that Ling wennuan attended the birthday party of his classmates tonight. If he wanted to sleep outside, he would have a circle.

Time flies, time flies. Three years have passed in the alternation of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Three years later! In the early spring, there is full of vitality and hidden hope.

Tender green buds began to stretch, just like lovely children, who had passed the most ignorant period and gradually had their own thoughts.

Ling Mo Feng was reappointed for three years. The country is prosperous and the people's level is constantly improving. He has won public praise and recognition.

In addition to their study, Ji's family and Ji Xiaorui's two brothers and sisters also have an important task, which is to look after their two lovely brothers and sisters. They have just passed the age of three, and they have become more sensible. They start to talk back to their brothers and sisters.

Jijia's career is very stable, developed to today, with considerable strength. While striving for his career, jixiaohan cherishes his family and happiness.

Today, it's sunny and very suitable for outing.

Ji Xiaohan promised four children a long time ago. When the flowers bloom in spring, he will take them on a trip to see the scenery outside.

Now, it's spring, flowers are in full bloom, and everything is recovering. He can't break his promise, so he actively invited several of his friends and decided to choose a beautiful holiday village to take the children to feel the charm of nature.

The invited Mu shiye and Luo Henning agreed happily. At last, Luo Henning called his eldest brother Luo Jinyu. Luo Jinyu, holding his lovely son, was invited.

Seeing Ji Xiaohan holding his mobile phone, Tang youyou seems to be hesitating. She leans over him and gently embraces him behind him: "who else should I call?"

Season owl cold look at the distance, low smile reply: "yes, also want to invite a person."

"Is that Mr. President?"

Tang youyou guessed it.

"Yes, he suggested last time. If you want to take your children out to play, please call him."

Ji Xiaohan nodded with a smile and dialed the phone.

When the phone rang, it was answered soon. Ling Mo Feng's voice came: "what's the matter, Xiao Han?

Call me at this time? "

"I have an appointment with a friend to play basketball. I wonder if Mr. President of Nikkei is free?"

Ji Xiaohan asked him with a smile.

"With the children?"

Someone's tone is clearly up.

"Yes, bring the children to play together, and let them build friendship when they are young."

Season owl cold nod.

"Well, you set the place, and I'll come later. You don't know that my son pesters me to take him to see your little brothers and sisters every day."

Lingmo Feng said that, he couldn't help but smile bitterly. When his son was little, he thought he was too quiet. Now when he grew up, he began to be noisy. He couldn't stand it anymore. Finally, he realized the difficulty of being a parent.

"Is it?

Then bring him here. I promise my little brother and sister won't bully him. "

Ji Xiaohan couldn't help laughing. He thought of the picture of the three people fighting for things, and he thought it was interesting.

"It's OK, let him suffer a little grievance, he will be stronger."

Ling Mo Feng is a cruel father.

At about 10 a.m., a large-scale holiday village in the suburb was directly chartered. This is a playground owned by Luo Jinyu. Today, it is not open to the outside world because it is important to receive special guests.

When Ji Xiaohan and his family of six arrived, he saw a kite rising to the grass for half a day, flying freely in the wind.

"I want to play, too."

Ji xiaonai can't resist the impulse. After getting out of the car, he runs with his brother. Behind them, two little ones, with two short legs, are also running fast. They want to grab a kite.

Looking at the four children, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou can't help being amused.

In a short time, Ji Xiaorui and Ji xiaonai's kites flew to the sky, but the two little guys didn't have the ability to hold the kites and looked at them stupidly, stupidly, cute and extremely cute.

Luo Jinyu's two brothers and Mu shiye are flying kites with the children. The three men are busy flying kites for the children.

Not far away on the leisure chair, murin, peijiaxin and Yang ChuChu are drinking tea while enjoying the embarrassment of husband and children. Their happiness is bursting.

Tang youyou saw the sisters sitting leisurely. She left her husband and joined them. Ji Xiaohan wanted to have a cup of coffee first, but he found two little dots on his legs.

"Daddy, daddy, help me to put it in the sky."

"Help me first, daddy. I love you so much." the two little fellows are very professional in holding their thighs, and the two little faces raised are very eager.

Ji Xiaohan finds that it's impossible for him to enjoy himself. If he doesn't make these two little guys happy, they will go all out together.

Ji always drags two lines and runs fast. Finally, he flies the kite to the sky, only to find that it is knotted. His handsome face is stiff. Two small face eggs are just happy smiling faces. Now, they also have a small mouth.

It's not only technical work, but also physical work to coax children.