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C1185 a complete chill

Cheng Jianhong received the news that Bai Yiyan would show up, and she was instantly overjoyed, and immediately sent someone over to try to catch Bai Yiyan, even if she did not want her life, she must hide her first, everything Wait until he is promoted.

At present Cheng Jianhong is most worried about whether Bai Yiyan is being used by people with intentions to attract him. Such as

If it had been before, Cheng Jianhong would be jealous of her relationship with Ji Yueze and would not dare to shoot at her. Now, Ji Yueze has another new love, and I heard that Ji Yueze was good to that girl, and they all said that News of marriage, Cheng Jianhong's heart was then let go.

Bai Yiyan had no reliance, his father was her last reliance, Cheng Jianhong read her own blood on her body, and he couldn't bear to kill her, even if the thought of killing her always came up.

Bai Yiyan sat down, and Pei Hong saw the woman who was next to her also sat down. He was immediately dissatisfied: "Bai Yiyan, you are now in danger, so don't hurt your friends!"

My friend cares about me. It doesn't seem to be your business. You say the other party wants to see me. What about others? Bai Yiyan calmed her emotions and asked coldly.

Pei Hong was also wondering. He stood up and glanced out the window: "We are here to meet here, why isn't the other party coming?" "

If I meet him, are you sure the other person will return the aunt safely? Bai Yiyan asked coldly.

"He promised me this way, and he also promised me that it won't hurt your life. Don't worry, your aunt will be taken away by you too." Pei Hong later talked to the kidnappers. On the phone, the kidnappers and assured him not to hurt Bai Yiyan.

"I'm about to be kidnapped. Can you rest assured? Forget it, as long as my aunt is safe and sound, I won't be greedy for fear of death!" Bai Yiyan laughed at herself.

Pei Hong looked at her with a hint of shame: "Don't hate me, I can't help but want you to exchange with your aunt."

At this time, a commercial car was parked outside the teahouse. Two men with masks quickly got out of the car and walked in.

As soon as they walked in, they saw not only Bai Yiyan alone in the teahouse, they were furious at once: "Pei Hong, are you playing with us? Isn't it good that only Bai Yiyan is alone?" Bai

Yiyan turned around and faced them: "Where is my aunt? Where have you tied her?"

"Bai Yiyan, if you want your aunt to survive, follow us now!" The man threatened immediately.

"You let me see that my aunt is safe, and I will go with you!" Bai Yiyan was not stupid. She even believed that Cheng Jianhong's purpose was just to take her away and not really kill her.

Before the man came, he was ordered by Process Jianhong. At the moment Bai Yiyan asked, they would naturally be satisfied.

One of them opened the screen of his mobile phone and held it up for Bai Yiyan to see: "Your aunt is already home, you must follow us quickly, otherwise, we can tie her once and we can tie her a second time. Don't play tricks ."Screen

On the screen, Bai Wanqing was blindfolded and tied her hands, and was thrown at the door of Pei's house. The car went away, and the people around him immediately stepped forward to untie the rope for her.

"Cheng Jianhong asked you to come and catch me. He is a coward, a scum, a bastard!" Bai Yiyan yelled bitterly. "

Mayor, you can ... "

"We don't understand what you're talking about!" One of them quickly interrupted what the other was about to say.

Pei Hong was nervous and sweating aside, the dignified seven-footed man was scared into a coward when he saw the gun in the other's hand. White

Yi Yanzhang laughed: "Go back and tell him that a man like him who has been abandoned and has no moral bottom line is absolutely impossible to rise."

Bai Yiyan, follow us quickly, otherwise ... your aunt has to die! The man's cold threat. Bai Yiyan stood still. The two men were annoyed. One of them rushed over to try to drag Bai Yiyan, but he didn't succeed. Instead of catching Bai Yiyan, the man was easily subdued. Eye

Looking at the woman next to Bai Yiyan so well, the man with the gun panicked. At this time, a group of people in plain clothes rushed outside the door. They showed their identity and the man suddenly turned white. Yi Yan fired.

Fortunately, Bai Yiyan was prepared, but even if she dodged as fast as possible, the bullet was rubbed against her arm.

"Ah ..." Bai Yiyan exclaimed, the shooting man was immediately subdued by police officers.

The two kidnappers were arrested, Ji Yueze flew in and saw Bai Yiyan covering her left arm, her face was pale.

"Xiaoyan, are you injured? Go, let's go to the hospital!" Ji Yueze hated himself for not being able to come one step earlier. He would rather hit the bullet on his body than see Bai Yiyan suffering. Pei

Hong ran away quickly, while Ji Yueze hugged Bai Yiyan and quickly walked out.

Ji Yanhan's people also followed, including Lu Qing to help and police officers.

On the bus, Leng Fei supported Bai Yiyan and said very reproachfully, "Master Ji, I'm sorry, I didn't do my job and hurt Miss Bai."

I can't blame you. No one expected that the other party would shoot me suddenly. He even wanted to kill me? Bai Yiyan was very sad. She didn't expect that the other party would shoot her directly. So fast, so cold, it must be Cheng Jianhong's order. If she couldn't take her away, she would be killed on the spot.

Ji Yueze has broken through two red lights in a row, and he is about to go to the hospital. Hearing Bai Yiyan's sad voice, he felt very distressed. "

Cheng Jianhong's purpose is only one, so that you cannot testify. Ji Yueze said coldly.

"Since he dares to do it, why can't he admit it? I just want to see him, how far can I go!" Bai Yiyan still had a hate in her heart, could her biological father just tolerate her? He was ordered to shoot at her. If she had failed to dodge just now, would this bullet pass through her heart? White

Yi Yan's consciousness has always been sober, because her ability to endure pain is also first-rate.

At the hospital, the doctor urgently treated her wounds and examined the condition of her unborn baby.

Ji Yueze face was anxious, standing outside the door walking impatiently back and forth, feeling that every minute and second became long at this moment.

Liu Xiaoxing and Yang Siyu also hurried over at this time, and Lu Qing was also at the same time. "

Ah ... you don't have eyes? "Liu Xiaoxing ran so fast that she bumped into a head-on, and her forehead hit the other's chin. It was sturdy, and both of them were in pain. Lu

Qing Jun's face was also white, and her glasses were knocked off. Liu Xiaoxing took a step back, stuck, as if stepping on something.