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C710 can'st bear to look straight

Cheng Wanlian was really happy for her, and then asked curiously, "Yo Yo, what does your father do? Where is he? " "My father is an entrepreneur. He has a good family background and is very good to me. Only when someone is abroad, the company needs him to take care of it. So, we don't have much time to meet. But my father called me before, saying that he would buy a house here. When he has a holiday, he would come back to China to live here. It's convenient for me to take my children to see him." Tang youyou said all this, his heart was warm, very happy, did not expect to see sunshine after despair, maybe, this is life, ups and downs, always hope. "You are the daughter of a rich family. No wonder you are different from the small Tang family. You have been cheerful and optimistic since you were a child. You have a good heart and you like it when you look at it!" After hearing this, Cheng Wanlian is more happy for Tang Youyou, because if her family background is also

good, her marriage to Ji Xiaohan can be regarded as a family match. After entering Ji's family, she will not be hated and criticized again.

"Yeah, I didn't think so!" Tang youyou laughs bitterly. There are many things she didn't expect.

"Do the Ji family know about it?" Cheng asked again.

"Yes! "Tang youyou nodded. "That's good. You will marry into Ji's family in the future. I've read some messages on the Internet before. It's really blocking people's hearts. Why do you say that your family background is inferior to Ji's family, and you can even climb high? Do you and Mr. Ji love each other so much, and true love can't rival everything? " Cheng Wanlian would be so angry because she saw that all kinds of black spray on the Internet had nothing to do with Tang youyou. Those bad words were so ugly that she could really piss people off.

"Auntie, don't go to see it. I don't care!" Tang youyou hurriedly advised that most of the things on the Internet were black men instructed by Tang Xuerou. Of course, the more they said, the worse they would be. Ordinary people don't have the time to manage the East and the West. All the things Tang Xuerou paid for.

"Well, forget it. Don't mention it. Do you want to stay for dinner? Let's go downstairs and buy some vegetables?" Cheng Wanlian warmly invited her.

"Auntie, maybe not. I'm going to pick up the kids at 4:30." Tang youyou takes a look at the time. It's time for her to leave.

"Well, it's important for the children!" Cheng didn't want to stay, just smiled.

Tang youyou stood up and said, "aunty, I'll go first. Next time, I'll invite you to Jijia for dinner."

"Don't worry. When you're married into Ji's house, aunt can go any day. You should get along well with Mr. Ji and take good care of the children!" Cheng Wanlian tells her to go out of the house at the same time.

"Yes, auntie. Goodbye!" Tang youyou said goodbye and went downstairs.

At the scene of a new fashion show, there are many media, each with its own equipment, ready to catch the most powerful pictures and stir up a hot smell to catch the eye.

At the gate of the press conference, a red carpet stretches for tens of meters and reaches the side of the road. At this moment, a guard is maintaining the traffic, and the guards are standing on both sides of the red carpet to block the crazy star chasers.

In order to be able to see the gods and goddesses in my mind in a short distance, they all blushed, squeezed and leaned forward as far as possible, holding their mobile phones in their hands, so as not to miss the gorgeous idols.

A car stopped, a group of teenagers came down quickly, which caused a group of crazy girls to scream and shoot violently.

With the help of assistants and brokers, the boy, who is about 15 or 16 years old and shy, greets and walks inside.

Heat wave and scream, a while higher than a while, it can be seen that the popularity is extraordinary. Just behind the youth group, a white business car stopped steadily. The door of the car was opened. Li Ran Ran was the first to come down. Her recent TV dramas have dominated the screen, and new films are in the pipeline. All of her collaborations are big directors and big stars. At the moment, her attention is the hottest. When she came down, she immediately attracted everyone's attention 。

Today's Li dye dye dye dye, also does not bear the heavy expectation, in the big winter, he also only wears a dark blue long skirt, outside is wearing a gray fur shawl, long hair half pull, a charming atmospheric face, very has the female king style.

Maybe Ji Yueze told her to take Bai Yiyan with her on this show, so after Li dyed the car, he didn't leave directly, but stood beside the door, took the opportunity to put up some very charming positions, which made the reporters and the media rush to shoot.

Bai Yiyan stooped to get out of the car. However, when she saw Li Ranran standing by the door, she was being photographed by others. She couldn't drive others away, so she stooped like this and waited for her to finish shooting and leave.

However, she did not go away and continued to take photos. After taking photos, she saw that there was no movement in the car behind her. Turning her head, she said with a smile, "Miss Bai, is going to spend the night in the car?"

Bai Yiyan listened for a moment, only to find that a look was thrown impatiently. She bit her lips and walked down beside her.

"Is that Bai Yiyan?"

"It's her. Her face is very recognizable. It's very different from those cosmetic faces nowadays."

"How did she go with Li dye and dye?"

"I don't know!"

As soon as Bai Yiyan came down, she felt Li Ranran reaching over and holding her arm directly: "let's go!"

Bai Yiyan was a little surprised. She didn't expect Li Ranran to hate her so much in the car just now. When she got down, she started to play so intimate. She really didn't adapt.

However, a lot of people were taking photos nearby. The light was shining. Bai Yiyan did not dare to show too much emotion. She pursed her lips a little stiff. She walked along the red carpet with Li Ranran and towards the main venue.

When passing by the hall, there was a signature wall. Li Ran took a pen from a service staff and wrote her name skillfully. Her name seemed to have been designed and practiced many times before she could write such a standard of pen strength.

"Write it, too!" Li Ranran hands the pen to Bai Yiyan and looks at it with a smile.

Bai Yiyan just thought of her own writing. It's so ugly that she can't compare it with Li dye's.

"I..." Bai Yiyan wants to say it's over, but Li Ranran says lightly: "you are all here. It's not polite to leave your name behind."

Bai Yiyan had to bite her teeth again and wrote her name in front of the multimedia.

When I saw her handwriting, Li ran almost couldn't help it and would burst out laughing.

At the moment, Ji Yueze, who is sitting in the office and watching the live broadcast, also looks at the name written by Bai Yiyan. He immediately reaches for his forehead and can't bear to see it again. This woman It's so beautiful. It's ugly.