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C875 family reunion

The injured soul was comforted by the big hand he extended. Bai Yiyan lowered her head a little shamefully and lightly nodded: "well, I know!"

"If they really want to sell you, they can only sell you to me!" In the next sentence of man, Bai Yiyan's face froze instantly. She looked up sharply and saw the joking expression at the bottom of the man's eyes. She couldn't cry or laugh at the moment. "

what else did you say you wanted to make a decision for me? Now it's bullying me?" Bai Yiyan immediately pretends to stare at him angrily, but she is still very happy. Is Ji Yueze changing her way to be with her?

"Bullying you is my daily hobby!" Ji Yueze said, straight up, this just a face seriously asked: "do you want to come back to Ji's home with me?"

Bai Yiyan's eyes were slightly sluggish, and she began to ring with a cautious tone: "can I go back with you? It doesn't seem very good. "

"Is that a good question? It's a question of whether you want to go back with me. If you want, it's good if it's not good! " Ji Yueze twisted her words. Bai

Yiyan is convinced by his unreasonable idea, and nods with a smile: "you are right, it's just a question of whether I want to or not, then, it's ok now, I want to!"

When Ji Yueze heard that she said I would like to use three words, he was in a good mood. "

if you are so obedient, be careful that I really abduct you and enter my deep pit, you will not get out!" Ji Yueze itched again, trying to tickle her.

"Is it? Are you sure I can't climb up? Don't forget, I come from taekwondo! " Bai Yiyan doesn't want him to bully her any more. She picks a delicate eyebrow and her eyes become sharp. Ji was stiff for a while, then he snorted: "do you think you can practice? I can practice, too! " "

you don't really need to practice, it's very hard!" Bai Yiyan didn't forget how she stumbled all the way. Sometimes, she felt that her bones were all gone, her legs were not her own, her hands were not. When she was beaten, she could only bite her teeth and bear it. When she hit someone, she felt good.

Ji Yueze disagreed: "no matter how hard you work, I can't be threatened by a woman every day!" Bai

Yi Yan is speechless. When did she threaten him?

He's really good at bluffing and taking charges.

Two people stay at home, watch movies, chat and have lunch together. It's more than three o'clock in the afternoon. Ji Yueze is taking Bai Yiyan to Ji's house. White

Yi Yan looks at her empty hands and immediately feels embarrassed: "should we buy something? At least, I want to send some gifts to your grandparents and two little nephews. " "

don't worry, I've bought them all. In the car, it's enough to show your mind!" Ji Yueze's eyebrows are blue, and the whole person is confident and charming. After getting off the bus, Bai Yiyan found out that Ji Yueze was driving an off-road vehicle today, opening the trunk, which was full of gifts. When did he prepare it?

"Get in the car!" When Ji Yueze saw her dazed, he gave a light cry.

Bai Yiyan gets on the bus and drives off-road towards Ji's home.

Ji's family is also preparing today. The old lady made dumplings by herself. Tang Youyou, as the daughter-in-law of Ji's family, is also embarrassed to watch and take part in the preparation. Two little guys revolve around them and run around and around. Finally, Ji xiaonai is interested in dumplings.

So, she took the dumpling skin and clumsily learned to make dumplings from Mommy.

Ji Xiaorui made a face and ran away without a shadow. This kind of delicate work is loved by women. He is not interested in it at all, but he likes to paint powder on his sister's face.

At the moment, Ji xiaonai's face is pressed by Ji Xiaorui for several fingerprints. It's pink and white, but it's cute. His head is also full of powder. When he shakes it, he can throw out a smoke.

The old lady and Tang youYou are amused by these two little things. They are the old lady. They can't laugh anymore. Suddenly, they think that their little grandson is too bad. The little granddaughter is so pitiful.

"Mommy, do you think my bag looks good? This is a little league! " Ji xiaonai doesn't know how to make dumplings. He crushes the dumpling skin into a ball and happily shows his achievements to Tang youyou.

Tang youyou didn't want to crack down on his daughter's self-confidence, so he immediately praised her: "xiaonai's hands-on ability is really good, this circle is so round!" As soon as Xiao Nai heard the praise, he immediately planned to make another small round.

Tang youyou hurriedly took the cake skin away and said with a smile: "xiaonai, it's used to make dumplings. You can go to play with your father."

"Oh!" Ji xiaonai has a small mouth. She is not happy. Mommy is so mean. "Here comes grandma!" After Ji xiaonai ran out, she came back and said happily, "grandma must have brought me a gift. I'm going to meet her!"

When Tang youyou hears LAN Yuelai, he immediately gets up and goes out with his daughter.

Sure enough, LAN Yue came here in a car and carried a lot of things with her bags.

"Grandma, you are so beautiful today!" Ji xiaonai's mouth is very sweet. She exclaimed as soon as she came up.

LAN Yue is wearing a very suitable sweater today. It's a long printed coat outside. It's dignified and dignified. It looks very temperament.

"Xiaonai's mouth is really sweet. Come on, this is the big red bag grandma gave you!" After LAN Yue finished, he handed the red packet first, and Tang xiaonai took it. After happily saying thanks, he kissed the red packet and smiled happily and became a flower.

"Aunt, here you are!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

LAN Yue nodded and suddenly heard the old lady who followed Tang youyou and frowned: "Youyou, what's your name? Aunt? It's the wrong call. It's time to change it! "

When Tang youyou heard the old lady's words, he was embarrassed and shouted softly, "Mom!" LAN

I'm glad to hear you. I'm very glad to hear you. Xia's daughter, who used to be half of her daughter, is now her daughter-in-law. She is the only one who can feel the feeling when she hears her calling her mother.

The old lady just nodded and smiled: "that's right. You are the wife of Xiaohan. After the new year, you will choose a good day and quickly bring back the card. Then, it will be a real family!"

Tang youyou nodded with a hint of shame.

Suddenly I heard a deep male voice behind me: "grandma, how can you be more anxious than me?"

As soon as the old lady turned around, she saw Ji Xiaohan walking leisurely and stared at him: "are you making fun of grandma?" "

dare not!" Ji Xiaohan shakes his head and answers honestly. Then, he goes to take the things for LAN Yue. Season

this scene in the family hall has always been expected by all people. At this moment, a happy color rises in the heart.