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C1950 her decision

The doorbell is still ringing. Ji Tingyan opens the video and sees a cold male face. Her eyes are surprised: "it's him?"

Jimucheng nerve has been raised, standing behind her, eyes squinting: "your friend?"

Ji Tingyan immediately shook her hand: "no, he also lives in this villa area. He's a neighbor. I'll go downstairs and ask him what's up."

"I'll go out with you," he said in a deep voice

Ji Tingyan shrugs her shoulders: "OK."

Open the side door, the man looks up and sees Ji Tingyan and a very handsome man appear together.

The man's eyes were slightly stiff, then he said lightly, "do you have any guests?"

Ji Tingyan was stunned for a moment, then nodded: "yes, you come to me. What's the matter?"

Tie Ting frowned his strong sword eyebrow: "next time."

Ji Tingyan immediately reaches out to call him, but the man does not return to leave.

"Ah..." Ji Tingyan only let out a low voice, but they have long legs and have gone far.

Jimucheng reached out his hand and touched his nose: "I won't drive your nest grass away, will I?"

Ji Tingyan immediately gave him a white look: "what are you talking about? I just met him today, but I often say hello to his grandma."

"You know his grandmother? Maybe his grandmother asked him to come over and have a blind date with you. Such a good fate was interrupted by me. " Jimucheng still felt that he was a little out of the way just now. In case someone misunderstood him as his sister's boyfriend, it would be really out of the question.

In fact, feting really thinks so. He originally wanted to come over and tell her that someone had been following her before. It can be seen that there is an excellent man around her, and he feels as if he is nosy.

"I don't want a blind date, I don't want one." Ji Tingyan instinctively arranges this matter.

Jimucheng chuckles and says, "you are scared. You are not looking forward to meeting a romantic and beautiful love all the time, are you?"

The mind is seen through by the eldest brother, and Ji Tingyan's anger bites her teeth: "what happened when I was waiting for a romantic love?"

Seeing his sister angry, jimucheng apologized and comforted: "well, it's my fault. I shouldn't say that. You deserve such love."

"Really?" Ji Tingyan's eyes brightened, but she was not angry at all.

"Of course, my sister is beautiful and talented. Which childe is so lucky to marry you home? I'll wait and see." Jimucheng said softly.

"That's about it." Ji Tingyan's mouth turned up, but she had no heart. After graduating from college for so many years, she didn't seem to meet a special heart attack. Maybe because there are so many good-looking men around her, she has too high requirements for men, and her eyes are also sensitive. Alas, it's hard.

Family reunion is a rare opportunity. After dinner, jimucheng will return to the hotel with Xia Xinnian. Next, they will spend their romantic trip.

Xia Xinnian knows more and more about Ji's family, and also laments the harmonious atmosphere of the family, which is different from what she imagined. At least, it won't be like her family, where the interests are the most important and the family is indifferent.

How can such a warm family keep people away from each other?

At night, Xia Xinnian took a bath and stood on the balcony in a pajama, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The mood at this moment is relaxed and joyful, which makes people's imaginations.

Xia Xinnian has made a bold decision. She wants to be with jimucheng and not be separated.

Although the man promised her before, it will happen after marriage. She knows that it's because of the man's sense of responsibility and respect for her. She doesn't want to stick to it now. She wants to take the initiative.

Jimucheng has just come out of the bathroom. His short hair stained with water falls neatly on his forehead, which makes him feel more young. He looks for the figure of the woman. He doesn't see her in the living room. He can't help walking to the balcony. Sure enough, he sees her standing in the breeze with long hair flying. The whole person looks quiet and soft, making people want to embrace her.

Jimucheng thinks like this, the hand also involuntarily encircles her slender waist, brings her gently to the bosom.

"What are you thinking?" Asked the man in a low voice.

"Thinking It's not a waste of us to do something on such a good night. " Xia Xinnian pressed the shameful heart and bravely raised the topic.

Jimucheng's eyes suddenly sank, and he gazed at her affectionately. Seeing the white skin under her nightgown, his heart beat quickly.

"What do you say?" He thought he had heard the wrong thing.

Xia Xinnian looks up at him with shame and coquettish eyes and chuckles: "I think we should not waste such a good time."

"Make it clear." The man made fun of her on purpose.

Xia Xinnian's face is hot. She hears that he is playing a trick on herself. She immediately pushes him away angrily: "forget it, when I didn't say it, I went to sleep."

Jimucheng didn't expect that she was angry, and immediately he had the cheek to drag her back to appease: "Xinnian, are you pitying me?"

"Who pitied you? Besides, you are not pitiful. You are very hateful. " Xia Xinnian says angry words on his mouth, but his heart has already softened into a mass of water.

"What's wrong with me? I was just surprised that you would bring it up. " Jimucheng was ecstatic. As long as she wanted, he would not wait any longer.

Xia Xinnian is even more ashamed. He pushes him again. He has already run to the bedroom.

Jimucheng remembers the feeling of holding her in her arms just now. With a thin lip, she goes after her leisurely.

As soon as Xia Xinnian goes in, she immediately looks for something on the bedside table.

Jimucheng thought that she would run in and hide in the quilt and stop talking to him. Seeing her rummaging there, he could not help asking curiously, "what are you looking for?"

"Look for safety measures." Xia Xinnian is not stupid. Although she has little experience, she still knows the basic steps.

"I think we can have another child, another daughter," said jimucheng

Xia Xinnian's eyes widened in a moment and turned around to look at him: "what do you say?"

"I I want another child. " The man was scared by her expression and almost forgot to say anything.

"No, I don't agree. I don't want to have another child. Just have Yu Chen." Xia Xinnian immediately shook her head and refused. She absolutely didn't want to repeat this.

Jimucheng is slightly shocked. I didn't expect that the second child problem would make her so disgusted. It must be the time of shengyuchen. Let her suffer enough.

"I'm sorry, I'm in such a hurry. If you don't want any more, we don't want it." Jimucheng is not angry at all. On the contrary, he is very distressed.

"Really?" Xia Xinnian thought that he would insist, but she was shocked that he would agree with her decision.

"Of course, you are the one who is going to have a baby, and you are the one who suffers. You have the most say in this matter."