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Ji Tingyan is convinced. As for why she is no longer stubborn, it may be because her eyes are full of affection. He asked her to leave, not not not not not without love, but with deep love.

In the evening, after dinner, everyone scattered. Ji Tingyan found that Jieting had brought many people to her. She was uneasy inside. She was a talkative person. She was in contrast with the maturity of Jieting. But Jiexun also had his charm. She was very good-looking and talented. I believe that she was very popular with girls. However, according to Jieting, she didn't find another one Half of all these years' thoughts have been spent on work.

As soon as it was dark, Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue, who came to the hospital suddenly, still had to face the risk of sleeping with someone else. Because they were unexpected guests, Ji Tingyan said that half of the bed was hers. Cheng Yue was upset. She was determined to sleep on the floor, and Wang Cheng took the lead in lying on the floor with the quilt.

"There are mosquitoes here at night. The floor is cool. You are a woman. You'd better go to bed." Wang Cheng looks at Cheng Yue with heartache on his face.

Cheng Yue looks at him gloomily. There is a mosquito net on the bed. Lying in it at night can reduce the risk of being bitten. It's located in a remote place, surrounded by mountains and forests. There are many mosquitoes, which are also very poisonous. A bite can cause swelling and itching for several days. It's not easy to subside. More importantly, this kind of mountain mosquito is easy to carry virus. In case of a bite of fever, the consequences are unimaginable.

Cheng Yue is also half a wild expert. She can't let Wang Cheng bear the danger just because she didn't invite her.

"Don't lie on the floor too. Come to bed together." Cheng Yue asked directly.

"Straight? Elder sister, don't hit people. I'm afraid of pain. " Wang Cheng's eyes were bright. He stood up after a while, but he was still nervous. He was afraid that Cheng Yue would make fun of him.

"Well, what am I doing with you? I'm good at it, but I'm not violent. " Cheng Yue watched him carefully move to the bedside and couldn't help laughing angrily.

Wang Cheng smiled twice: "I'm afraid that if I offend you accidentally in the evening, you want to beat people."

"By you? You try. " Cheng Yue raises her eyebrows. She doesn't believe that this silly boy dares to disrespect her. She chases her everyday and calls for her sister. She accepts this sentence.

"I don't dare, but I'm afraid if I fall asleep and accidentally run into you, don't be upset." Wang Cheng said that, he went to bed and lay in the innermost position. Although Wang Cheng was young, he was still half taller than Cheng Yue. In addition, the man's body was broad. In addition to his weak temperament, Wang Cheng was not weak.

Cheng Yue takes out a suit of sportswear from her bag: "I'll take a bath."

"Good." Wang orange nodded.

Although the room here is small, each room has an independent hygienist. It's not big. Cheng Yue quickly took a hot bath. The whole person relaxed a lot. She shook the water drop of her short hair and took a towel to wipe it. Suddenly, Wang orange on the bed stood on her chin and looked at her stupefied.

"What are you looking at?" Cheng Yue is suddenly shy. Let's say it on purpose.

Wang Cheng turned his head quickly in fright and stammered, "my sister is like a female star. You are more beautiful than her."

"Is it? Your mouth is sweet, but I don't want to eat your sweet words. " Cheng Yue wipes her hair hard and blows it dry with a hair dryer.

Wang Cheng has some grievances, so he has to stop talking. Cheng Yue puts down the hair dryer and walks to bed.

Wang orange quickly clamped his legs, excited and exciting as if waiting for his beloved daughter-in-law.

Cheng Yue sees his back to himself, and her muscles are tight. She chuckles, "relax, just sleep for yourself."

"I'm not nervous," Wang said with a dry smile

Cheng Yue directly pulls the quilt and clothes and lies down. Wang Cheng doesn't dare to turn around. They face each other with their backs. They have no words for a while.

In the other room, Ji Tingyan just came out of the bath. She came in a hurry and didn't bring any clothes. At least, she forgot to bring her pajamas. Fortunately, the man has a bathrobe here. She can borrow it to wear.

Just like children wearing adult clothes, men's bathrobes are loose and weak, which shows her body. She pulls up her sleeves and shows a pair of wrists. They are thin, white and clear. It's exciting.

Tie Zheng sat on the chair and saw the appearance of her coming out. She was like a lotus coming out of the water. She looked at the beauty in the fog with water vapor. It was hazy, but it had a different style.

Tie Ting gets up directly and walks to her. Ji Tingyan stretches out her hand to tear off the rubber band. Her face is delicate and beautiful, just like the egg that has just been shelled. It's soft, white and elastic.

Ji Tingyan looks at the man coming. Her heart beats faster and her eyes droop. When she was taking a bath in it, she had a lot of wild thoughts in her mind. She even thought that if she didn't make it to the day of collision, she would do something important in her life tonight. She walked out in a blaze. When she saw the man's strong body, she felt that her evil thoughts were gone. OK, she had to Admittedly, she was afraid.

Feting looked at her as if she were a precious treasure. She was not beautiful, but he had no evil thoughts. He touched her long hair gently and said softly, "go to sleep."

"And you? Where are you going to sleep? " Ji Tingyan quickly reaches for his arm, afraid that he will leave.

"I'll talk to my brother about something and come back right away." Tie Ting replied with a light smile.

"Good!" Ji Tingyan blushed and let go.

After feting went out, he closed the door. Then he went to the second floor. Instead of being in the room, feting was in the equipment room, a large room filled with 20 or 30 computer screens, all of which were monitored and photographed. There were remote ones and several of which were installed nearby, so he could pay attention to all kinds of dynamics at any time.

Tie Xun sat on the chair, staring at one of the screens, with a stern look.

"What are you looking at?" Tie Ting asked him in a low voice.

"I can't sleep. I always want to do something. Stevens has been acting frequently recently. It seems that he is selling smuggling again." Tie Xun frowned. Stevens was one of the masterminds who kidnapped his father. Another was dead. This man is the target of tie Ting's two brothers.

Tie Ting, with his hands around his chest, stood in front of the screen and stared at the middle-aged foreign man on the screen. He was happily talking to people, smoking, as if he had gained a lot. Recently, they saw a lot of regular business, and were preparing to wash themselves.

"Let them watch. You have a rest earlier. Our plan is still the first step. If you want to capture him, you have to follow the plan." Tie Ting clapped his brother on the shoulder and advised him.

"I know. Just let the bastard live a few more days." Tie Xun is biting the root of his teeth, hateful.

"I'll send them back in the morning after tomorrow. You may want to look at this side." "Tie Ting said in a low voice.

"Don't worry about seeing her off. I'm fine here." Tie Xun smiles confidently.

"Well, go to bed early." Tie Ting naturally believes in his brother.