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The simple bungalow has two windows. The window is open and nailed with a layer of window screen. The window is dark. It's the purest black. It's so dark that you can't see your fingers. Unlike the big city, no matter where you are, there's light coming from. But it's different here. The environment here is completely strange to Ling Nuan.

Mu Weicheng quietly made the bed for her, tucked in the quilt, turned his head and saw her in a daze. He felt inexplicably distressed, reached out and touched her hair. He said softly, "are you afraid?"

Ling warm shook his head: "of course not, I just need time to adapt to the environment here."

"The environment here will be more difficult than you think. There are no snacks you eat in big cities. At most, there are some fruits and fruits." Mu Wei Cheng reminded her with a chuckle.

Ling warms Du's mouth: "I'm not picky about food."

Looking at the two big boxes beside her, Mu Weicheng quickly squatted down and opened them for her. "I'll take care of your things and sit down next to you."

Ling wennuan looked at him incredulously: "you can do everything for me, then I will be spoiled by you so that I can't take care of myself."

"It's OK. I'm willing to spoil you." Mu Weicheng's eyes are gentle like water, which makes Ling almost drown.

Her heart is warm, but she still squats down to clean up together.

"This box is clothes, this box is my daily necessities. Hang clothes for me, I think Take a bath. " Ling wennuan had a strange smell all the way. It was like the smell of gasoline. It was hard to smell. She had to take a bath first.

"You want to take a bath now? Then you have to boil water! " Mu Weicheng looks at the time. It's so late. Unlike downtown, hot water is available 24 hours a day. If you want to take a bath here, you have to make firewood and boil water.

"Do you have to burn? Would that be too much trouble? If there were hot springs and the like around here Ling wennuan wants to take a bath very much, but she doesn't think it's very interesting to hear such trouble.

Hearing the words "hot spring", Mu Weicheng's eyes brightened a little. Then he stood up: "there are really some hot spring pools around here, but it's so late. Do you dare to go?"

Ling warm eyes color a joy: "really have ah, is that kind of flowing water?"

"Well, just at the foot of the mountain behind the village, there are several natural springs with flowing water." Mu Wei Cheng nodded.

"Then you can take you, don't bother grandpa Cheng!" Ling wennuan reached for his arm and pleaded with him in a low voice.

"Well, you take your laundry and drive there. You'll be there in about 15 minutes." Mu Weicheng knows that she is a girl who likes to be clean. She is a little bit of a cleaner, so he is willing to take her to take a bath.

"Good!" Ling warms his breath and finally takes a beautiful bath.

Mu Weicheng went directly to say hello to Cheng. When Cheng heard that they were going to the hot spring pool so late, he was worried: "there is no light there. You should be careful."

"It's OK. I'll take care of her." Said Mu Weicheng with a smile.

Cheng suddenly seemed to see something and asked tentatively, "Mu Shao, you and warm are boyfriend and girlfriend."

Mu Weicheng's face suddenly blushed. He didn't answer, but Quan should have acquiesced.

Mr. Cheng pointed at him with his finger: "I finally know why warm people are willing to come here from the big city to teach. It's because of you."

Mu's face is redder. He looks up at Cheng and pleads: "Uncle Cheng, can you keep this secret for me for a while, please don't tell Grandpa Ling first, I'm afraid of him..."

"Well, I can't mind your young people's business. I won't say it." Cheng is also a person from the past. Love is free, not to mention should not be interfered with. He feels that Ling warm and Mu Weicheng are also very well matched. They are men and women. They are right for each other Wait, there seems to be something wrong with this?

Cheng's turbid eyes were all wide open: "Mu Shao, isn't there a little gap between your Mu family and Ling family? Has it been resolved? "

Mu Weicheng sighed and said with a wry smile, "it's a long story."

Cheng knew the serious involvement, so he had to stop talking about it. He raised his hand and said, "you should go back earlier. The temperature in the mountain is cool. Please take more clothes with you. Don't get cold."

"OK, let's go first." Mu Weicheng turns around and walks out quickly, just in time to see Ling wennuan take all her things and put them in a small bag.

"Did you say hello to Grandpa Cheng?" Ling asked in a low voice.

"As I said, let's go." Mu Weicheng took the small bag in her hand and walked out of the yard.

"Boss, are we back?" Batai quickly stood up, standing upright, respectfully asked.

Mu Weicheng shook his head. "No, let's go to the nearby hot spring pool first. It's warm and we want to take a bath."

"Oh, do you need me to drive you, or the boss himself?" Batai asked immediately.

"You drive and help us keep the entrance." Said Mu Weicheng in a deep voice.

Batai immediately nodded, and the three got into the car, which drove towards the hot spring pool.

In the dark, the road is hard to walk. Batai is very familiar with the road condition. The car is still driving steadily. When arriving at the destination, a path made of stones extends into the dark woods.

Mu Weicheng gets out of the car and Ling Nuan jumps down with him.

Batai hands over the flashlight: "boss, I wish you and miss warm have a good time."

"Say what!" Mu Weicheng immediately threw a cold eye.

Batai's shoulders shrunk in fright, touching his head, and he kept laughing.

Ling wennuan also chuckles. It seems that this Batai is very interesting. How could he not find his girlfriend?

The torch in Mu Weicheng's hand is very bright and can shine far away.

"Come on, be careful. There are stone roads under your feet." Mu Weicheng takes Ling's warm hand, and they walk towards the path.

There was a sound of birds singing all around. Ling warm held the man's big palm tightly, a little nervous and scared.

"Mu Weicheng, do you think there will be snakes here?" Ling wennuan was afraid to die, but he dared to ask this question.

"Snakes are also afraid of people. Don't worry. There are always people walking on this road. Snakes won't come here." Mu Weicheng comforts her.

"But I'm still a little scared. " Ling warm timidly said, counseled not.

Mu Weicheng's pet smiled, walked forward two steps, squatted down and said, "come up!"

Ling wennuan was a little shocked. Then she shook her hand quickly: "I don't mean that."

"I'll walk on your back. I'm familiar with this road." Mu Wei Cheng's voice is gentle, but he insists.

Ling wennuan is 100% relieved to him. She still lies on his back. Mu Weicheng easily backs her up and weighs her. I'm afraid it's no more than 100.

Ling warm two small hands around his neck, a pair of eyes staring at the front.

"Far away?" The girl's breath is just in his neck, soft and warm, which makes the man shiver.

"It's almost a turn ahead. Listen carefully. Do you hear the sound of water?" Said Mu Weicheng with a chuckle.

Ling warms up and really listens to it. Besides the sound of the mountain wind, it's the sound of the spring tinkling.

"Yes!" She grinned and hugged the man with her hands.

Mu Weicheng is stiff, but his steps are steady.

Finally, the flashlight shone a mist of water. There were several hot spring pools, which were getting hot early.

"The two stones beside are used to put clothes. I'll keep them by my side with my back to you. Go and wash them." Mu Weicheng carries her on his back, puts her down and sits on the stone beside him.

"Would you like to wash it together?" Ling asked him softly.

Mu Wei Cheng chuckled: "it's warm. It's not as normal as eating and drinking water. How can we wash together? It's still in the wild. "

"Why can't you go to the next pool to wash it, not together." Ling wennuan doesn't have so many rules and etiquette. Besides, she is determined not to marry him now. Even if he sees something, she won't be angry.

"No, you can do it. I'll go back to the base and do it later." Mu Weicheng still has no courage to wash with her. This is the bottom line. He will not cross that line, at least not now.

"Well, then I have to wash. I have to wash my head." Ling wennuan said, and began to work.

After a while, she was relieved. Of course, she still had two clothes on her body. She held her arms and breathed, "Wow, it's so cold."