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In the end, LAN Yue didn't get a letter from the old lady. She was disappointed and sad and left by car.

The old lady cried a lot and looked very sad. Sitting in the car, she took the photos LAN Yue gave her and tore them one by one. "This damned fox spirit, I'll kill you if I don't do it. It turns out that you killed my baby son. You'd better not live and see if I don't clean you up." The old lady tore the picture half to half, as if to separate the two people in the picture, and at the same time she bitterly denounced the crime of breaking up his son's marriage.

The driver listened to the old lady's harsh words and shook the hand holding the steering wheel.

It seems that the old lady is really going to be powerful.

It took the old lady a lot of effort to tear all the photos to pieces. Then she asked the driver to pull over and stop.

She was directly on the road back to Ji's house. She asked the driver to take out the lighter and burn all the pictures of the woman. In the other half of the photos, there was only her son. The old lady could not help but scold: "you fool, why do you like that charming woman so much? You don't know that she has a face that will bring disaster to the country and the people. Sooner or later, she will bring disaster to you. Now, you have gone to the heaven. Maybe people will climb up to other people and live a beautiful life. "

After the old lady scolded her son, she immediately called her grandson Ji Xiaohan.

When Ji Xiaohan saw grandma's call, he immediately put on all his spirits and asked gently, "grandma, do you want to find me?"

The old lady looked calm again and said directly, "you investigate a woman named Bai Liuyin and tell me her current address, phone number and everything."

Ji Xiaohan listens to grandma's indignant tone, and suddenly jumps: "grandma, does this woman have a feud with you?"

"Yes, she and I had a big feud. You should investigate immediately!" Said the old lady, biting her teeth.

"Oh, grandma, can you tell me how she offended you?" Grandma's enemy, Ji Xiaohan wants to know more.

"Don't ask so clearly. It's my grudge against her." The old lady interrupted his curiosity directly.

Season owl cold had to dare not ask any more: "well, I'll let someone investigate this woman."

"If you want to hurry up, you'd better check it out for me today!" The old lady was so angry that she was about to smoke. When her son had a car accident, she wanted to know if it had anything to do with this Bai Liuyin.

"Grandma, don't worry. I'll do it as soon as possible." Ji Xiaohan felt that his grandmother was so angry that he hung up the phone and ordered Lu Qing, his intimate assistant, to investigate the woman named Bai Liuyin.

Under the investigation of Lu Qing, a detailed list appeared on the table of Ji Xiaohan. "Bai Liuyin, the wife of the chairman of Tang Group, changed her name to Bai Zhenzhen more than ten years ago. It is said that she was a rare beauty when she was young. She used to be a model, and now she is famous in the celebrity world. Young master, what do you investigate about her?" Lu Qing has a good face.

Ji Xiao's cold brow was slightly twisted. If he knew, he would not be so depressed. Where did this woman offend grandma? It's hard to make her boss angry.

"Well, don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Go ahead and do it!" Ji Xiaohan collected the information and raised his hand to Lu Qing.

Naturally, Lu Qing didn't dare to be curious any more. He bowed out respectfully.

Ji Xiaohan understood the general situation of this white willow sound, took a picture and sent it to grandma's mobile phone.

The old lady can't wait to see what the woman looks like now.

When she saw this information sent to her by her grandson, she quickly put on her presbyopic glasses and looked at it carefully.

"This fox spirit even changed her name. No wonder she hasn't heard of her name again. Oh, how skillful she is. She has become a rich man again." When the old lady finished reading it, she was very angry. She saw that there was a real contact number on it.

So she pulled it out.

A gentle female voice came over: "Hello, who is that?"

"Bai Liuyin, can't even hear my voice?" The old lady's tone was dignified with sarcasm.

After a few seconds of silence, he said politely, "I'm sorry, you may have called the wrong number. I don't know you."

"You don't know me? Don't pretend. You couldn't wait to marry my son. Now you tell me that you don't know me. Bai Liuyin, don't you forget too much? " The old lady immediately sneered at her.

The tone of the other person suddenly became unnatural: "you may really find the wrong person."

The old lady wanted to hurt her a few more words. The other side couldn't wait to hang up. It seemed that she was guilty.

The old lady snorted coldly, "I dare to hang up my phone. Sooner or later, I will let my grandson pick you up."

Night is falling!

After working for a day, Tang youyou came home tired and saw two little guys sitting on the sofa doing their homework.

Their homework is to do handwork. Tang Xiaorui has done it for a long time. He is teaching Tang xiaonai how to do it.

"Mommy, you're back! Are you tired today? " Tang xiaonai is becoming more and more considerate. The name of xiaomianao is not white.

Tang youyou gently touched her small head: "Mommy is not tired, see you are not tired."

"Mommy, we're going to have dinner with you tonight!" Tang Xiaorui also came over and said with a smile.

Tang youyou is moved.

The two children are very considerate. Even if she doesn't ask deliberately, they are all on her side.

"Otherwise, tonight, you can go to dinner with daddy and them. It's better if you go round once a day." Although Tang youyou is moved, he must be very reluctant to think that two old people are also used to the existence of children.

"But if we don't accompany you, you will eat alone. It's boring to eat alone." Tang xiaonai said with a big blink.

"I'm not bored!" Tang youyou said with a smile, "I've been busy all day. I'm very hungry. I can eat a lot by myself."

The two little guys blinked their big black eyes, unable to guess the truth of Tang youyou's words for a while.

Tang youyou had to say gently: "you hurry up to let uncle yuan take you up, eat dinner, then go to bed!"

When Tang youyou advised the two little guys to go to dinner, a tall figure suddenly appeared outside the door. "Yeah, it's daddy." Tang xiaonai cried incredulously.