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C600 heartache like a knife

The specific condition of the injury at the hospital is not clear at present. Tang youyou is in a coma and the ambulance is rushing to the hospital.

Hearing these results, Ji Xiaohan was tense all over and his heart shrank.

He finally waited for the woman he loved, he must not lose her, he cannot do without don youyou and the children.

Lu Qing looks at his young master with pale face and empty eyes, and he is very upset.

Two people quickly into the car, straight to the hospital.

As for the news of Tang youyou's accident, the hospital first called Tang youyou's company, so the people in the company were already boiling up. Everyone was surprised. Was Tang youyou's accident at this time caused by her over sorrow and inattention?

Or does she want to save Ji Xiaohan's heart by the way of seeking death?

In any case, outsiders have their own opinions on Tang youyou's accident.

Liu Xi sat in the office, scared, and then she called Lu Qing at the first time, so Lu Qing's eagerness to open the door of the meeting room was the reason.

Tang youyou has a car accident, but Ji Yueze company is still waiting for her to come to deal with the matter. Seeing that she didn't come at the appointed time, he calls the company to find out the reason. When he asks, he knows that this is the case.

As a result, Ji Yueze's business department naturally called him for the first time to report the incident.

As a result, Ji Yueze will know about Tang youyou because he has stressed before that he must report anything about Tang youyou to him.

At the scene of the conference, the crowd was crowded, and the guests were all popular stars. Ji Yueze seldom participated in such an occasion with such a high profile, but today, in order to make a show, he deliberately agreed to the invitation of the organizer and brought his new girlfriend to the audience.

The moment two people get off the bus, they get a lot of attention.

Bai Yiyan used to be a media reporter, so she knows how crazy journalists are about stars.

It's just that she didn't expect to become the person under the camera in a short time.

Bai Yiyan is not used to the bright magnesium lamp. Her eyes are going to be blinded.

She has never participated in such a lively occasion, has no experience and is very afraid. The only thing she can ask for help is the man around her.

So, her arm, tightly hold his big hand.

Ji Yueze didn't push her away, but she felt that this woman was too fussy. She just walked on a red carpet. Is it necessary for her to hold on so tightly?

"Take it easy, don't laugh so hard, will you?" Ji Yueze attached to her ears, thin lips hooked with a smile, but the voice was a little unhappy.

Bai Yiyan was obedient and let go. She smirked and said, "you shouldn't have brought me here. I'm afraid."

"What are you afraid of? This is the occasion you will experience as a star in the future. It's a great honor for you to adapt yourself. " Ji Yueze didn't expect the woman to admit to her fear.

Maybe it's because all women have an unyielding character in their bones. It's the first time Ji Yueze has heard someone say that he is afraid. It's a new feeling.

So, Ji Yueze deliberately wants to play a trick on Bai Yiyan.

He pushed her little hand away without trace, and Bai Yiyan lived alone.

But there are a lot of reporters filming them. Bai Yiyan is like a dog abandoned by her master. She stays where she is and dare not move.

Ji Yueze walked forward two steps, only to find that the woman behind her was standing stupidly.

His heart a soft, reach out to her: "come here!"

Bai Yiyan is a little sulky. The man just pushed her away on purpose. It's too much.

Bring her here and don't want to mind her.

Bai Yiyan immediately wants to walk away from him and doesn't want to take care of him.

Unfortunately, she seems to forget that she is wearing high-heeled shoes and a long skirt pulling the ground. When she wants to pass in front of this man with great pride, suddenly, the high-heeled shoes step on her skirt, and the whole person goes forward as soon as they tilt.

Ji Yueze hurriedly takes a step forward and hugs her when she falls down.

Bai Yiyan uttered a cry of surprise. She thought she was going to kiss the earth mother. Unexpectedly, she fell into a solid and warm embrace.

Ji Yueze felt only a touch of warm fragrance coming. Then, the soft body of the woman hit him, and he held him tightly.

"Stupid!" In my ear, there was a voice of ridicule from men.

Bai Yiyan only feels bitter. If she didn't play with him, would she be so stupid that she would come out in nine centimeter high heels?

Will she show her back to people and let them take photos of her falling?

"My feet are crooked. They hurt!" Since this man is going to scold her for being stupid, Bai Yiyan certainly won't make him feel better.

So, she deliberately lay in his arms and did not move, only looking at him pitifully complain.

Ji Yueze saw her frown, a real pain, so, without saying a word, he directly held her in his arms.

Fortunately, the woman is very light, and he has no difficulty holding her.

Next to the reporters roared, one by one, like the explosion, fiercely put these lenses into their own camera.

Bai Yiyan was just trying to embarrass Ji Yueze, but she didn't expect that he would hold her up directly. She was also blank and blushed involuntarily.

After crossing the red carpet and entering the lounge, Ji Yueze's cell phone suddenly rings.

Bai Yiyan was put down by him, sat on the sofa, and kneaded her red heel.

It seems that it's really sprained. It hurts when you move.

"Hello!" Ji Yueze answered the phone casually.

"Boss, I just got a call from Weiyi company. Tang youyou has a car accident!"

"What?" Ji Yueze's face was stunned instantly, and the whole person's breath suddenly turned cold: "when did it happen? How is she? You know what? "

"I don't know. I just heard about it!"

Ji Yueze hung up his cell phone in a hurry, turned around and ran out.

Bai Yiyan saw that he had run away, so she remembered the conversation he had just had with others.

Who and what? Can you get him out like this?

Bai Yiyan turns a leg and runs to the door and shouts, "Ji Yueze, where are you going?"

It's a pity that Ji Yueze has run far away and can't hear her voice at all.

Bai Yiyan looks at the direction of his disappearance helplessly, just like a discarded puppy.

This man is really headstrong. He can do whatever he wants, regardless of her feelings.

Bai Yiyan can't sit back on the sofa and Ji Yueze runs away. Does she need to attend the party? It seems that she has to be ready to run.