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C1845 season's rage

Except for that absurd night five years ago, when he was drugged, he broke into a room and slept with a woman.

Jimucheng suddenly thought of seeing a woman in a suspender skirt on the plane last time. She had a birthmark of heart star on her left shoulder.

If his memory is correct, the woman he slept with five years ago seems to have such a birthmark.

Don't you Jimucheng's handsome eyes suddenly opened, a trace of ecstasy gathered in his eyes, he immediately squatted down the noble body, and looked at the little man, excitement and excitement occupied his heart, his extended hand slightly quivered, touched the little guy's soft black short hair: "do you really have no daddy?

Didn't your mommy tell you about your daddy? "

Xia Yuchen blinked black eyes and shook her head: "Mommy said she didn't know where my daddy was. She said she might not be in the world!"

Jimucheng's appearance is one of rigidity, not in the world?

Is that a curse on him?

Damn woman, who gave her courage to curse him like this?

Cold anger across his face, only a second, and put on his gentle expression: "little guy, if you are really my son, I like you very much!"

"I also like you very much, uncle, you and my imaginary daddy seem to be!"

Xia Yuchen's little mouth grinned, and he was a little shy.


What do you think Daddy looks like? "

Jimucheng asked softly, feeling that the little guy was very interesting.

"It's tall and handsome like my uncle!"

Little guy has no idea about money now. If he is tall and handsome, he can't explain the charm of Jimu city. His wealth beyond imagination is the most representative symbol of his identity.

Jimucheng was directly amused. It's hard to see that Ji family, who has always been indifferent and famous, would laugh so happily in front of a child.

"What's your name?"

Although jimucheng has not officially verified the relationship between the two, he has a feeling of reluctant to part with him. Whether his children or not, he wants to steal him home to raise him.

"My name is Xia Yuchen!"

The little guy replied with a serious face.

"OK, Yuchen, I'm going to pull out some of your hair now and compare it with DNA!"

Jimucheng also looked serious.


The little guy is also looking forward to the result. He Yanks his little hand on his head, rips off some short black hair, and puts it in jimucheng's hand: "uncle, you test it quickly, I want to know the result!"

"Well, I'll do it as soon as possible!"

Jimucheng is excited. He has a strong sense of foreboding, which makes him feel that he has an inseparable blood relationship with this little guy.

Maybe he is his own son.

That woman was the one who had sex with herself five years ago.

A trace of cold anger flashed through his clear eyes. If he remembered correctly, the woman took the money he gave.

Later, he went to the room with an assistant and confirmed that the money was gone.

So, did the woman spend the night with him just for his money?

Unexpectedly let this kind of snobbish woman give birth to own son, Jimu city's heart inexplicably fills up.

After Ji Mucheng took the little guy away, Xia Xinnian searched the whole banquet hall, but didn't find her son. She was so mad that her heart would stop beating. As soon as she turned around, her son disappeared?

Xia Xinnian is about to cry. Liu Chengtian is looking for her.

At this time, a young voice behind her shouted: "Mommy, do you want to find me?"

Xia Xinnian suddenly turned around and saw her son running towards her from the crowd. She almost lost her temper and rushed to her. She hugged her son tightly in her arms. The panic made her close her eyes and feel his warm little body. Then she pushed him away and stared at him sternly. "Yuchen, where are you going?

Do you know that mommy is going crazy?

Why are you so disobedient? "

"I'm sorry, Mommy!"

Xia Yuchen looked at mummy's face, and saw that there was no blood on her face. She was really scared. The little guy was also in a panic. She quickly put out two short hands to hug mummy and apologized in a low voice: "mummy, I'm sorry. I promise I won't run around next time!"

"And next time?"

Heart disease will scare out, Xia Xinnian didn't want to hit him on the spot on a small buttock.

"No, no guarantee!"

The little guy immediately put out his little hand to make sure.

Xia Xinnian is not in the mood to stay here anymore. She hugs her son tightly and greets Liu Chengtian.

Liu Chengtian was also scared once, so he let her go first.

It may be that it's not easy for a single mother. She has to look after her children when she wants to work. She can't be busy with her three heads and six arms. She really admires Xia Xinnian. She can give consideration to both at a young age, which is very powerful.

Xia Xinnian takes his son home by car. The little guy lies in her arms quietly and dare not make Mommy angry again.

Back home, Xia Xinnian knew that his son had nothing to eat in the banquet hall, so he went downstairs to buy some pasta and made him a bowl of egg soup noodles. In order to make Mommy happy, the little guy ate the noodles very clean.

Xia Xinnian's soul is back to her place, but there are more worries, because she will be more busy in the future. She wants to ask a nanny to take care of her son. Although nanny accidents are frequent and worrying, she still decides to find one to come back, which is better than nothing.

Although the son is young, he is smart and easy to use. If the nanny doesn't treat him well, he will tell her.

Thinking of this, Xia Xinnian decided to do it well.

Jimucheng left in the middle of the party with his assistant Li Cheng.

"Young master, where are we going?"

Li Cheng drives. Jimucheng points to the direction. His face is covered in circles.


A short, powerful answer from a man.

Li Cheng immediately showed concern: "young master, are you uncomfortable?"

"To confirm one thing!"

At this point, jimucheng felt that his heart was beating a little fast, and then, like losing patience, he urged: "speed up!"

Li Cheng did not dare to talk any more. He stepped on the accelerator and drove to the biggest hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, jimucheng took Li Cheng to the doctor of the laboratory.

Li Cheng was stunned when he saw jimucheng reach out and tear off some hair at the temples and put it on a piece of paper to give to the doctor.

Half an hour later, the doctor walked quickly to Jimu city and handed over the report form to "jishaoye, it has been tested!"

Jimucheng reached out and hesitated for a moment before taking over the report.

Li Cheng can't wait to know the result when the doctor leaves.

"Young master, who are you going to do DNA comparison with?"

"My son!"

The man's voice was firm and powerful, as if he had predicted that the child was his own.

Li Cheng flew directly.