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C964 trying to help him

Tang youyou and Lu xuanchen talked about some things when they were young. They talked like friends. Yang ChuChu occasionally poked in their mouths and watched them with big shining eyes. One

at first, she was also worried about whether Lu xuanchen would have any improper words and deeds after seeing Tang youyou. Now it seems that her worries are superfluous. Although they talk about many topics, they also talk about irrelevant words.

After dinner, Tang youyou gets up and leaves first. Lu < br >

xuanchen's eyes were reluctant to see her go. Although he wanted to say more words, he finally restrained her until Tang youyou disappeared, and then he sat back in his position.

Yang ChuChu watched as he had not been drinking, but now he suddenly picked up the glass and drank up all the wine in the glass at one breath. His heart was shocked. Look at

the appearance of quietness doesn't mean that Lu xuanchen's heart is calm. "

thank you today! Take a step first! " Lu xuanchen looked at her gratefully, then turned around and went out. Yang was stunned for a few seconds and shrugged, "what have I done?"

Tang youyou sat in the car and breathed a little. Thinking of the chat with Lu xuanchen, he couldn't help but smile.

Lu xuanchen is a very persistent person with strong willpower, which she knew before, but unexpectedly, he still wanted to fulfill what he said when he was a child. He is stubborn and lovely. I hope he can meet a woman who appreciates and understands him. A woman who loves him must know him. A text message suddenly came from the hand

machine. Tang youyou took out his mobile phone and looked at it. His heart beat.

It was sent by Ji Xiaohan. Besides, it was a picture of Lu xuanchen and Yang ChuChu walking together and pushing the box door. Don

you can't help smiling, she knows that tonight's event can't be concealed from Ji Xiaohan.

She doesn't blame those bodyguards for informing Ji Xiaohan. They are also conscientious.

Tang youyou quickly returned a line of words: go home and explain to you, OK?

"Good!" The man is very tolerant to return her a word.

It's about nine o'clock in the evening when we get home. The two little guys are still running in the living room. After taking a bath, they are wearing lovely pajamas, which make people want to kiss two. By

it is Ji xiaonai, two little hands still holding a bear, milk white and milk white pajamas, a long black hair loose down, Qi Qi Qi under the bangs, jewel like bright eyes, as if thrown into the whole star general, beautiful pole. "Mommy, I'm playing hide and seek with my brother. Do you know where he is?" Little guy holding a bear, a pair of big eyes here and there to see, very confused asked Tang youyou who just came back.

Tang youyou shook his head: "I don't know. You can find it yourself!"

Ji xiaonai just can't count on her anymore. He continued to look for her and shouted: "brother, where are you? Where are you hiding? " "

you are back. Have you had dinner?" LAN Yue came down the stairs and asked when she saw her. "

I've eaten them, mom. Are these two little guys noisy? You must be very tired to take them! " Tang youyou said with a embarrassed face.

"No, they are fun!" LAN Yue is not tired at all, but extremely happy.

Tang youYou can't understand the family happiness between grandma and granddaughter, so she just worries that Lan Yue is not energetic enough and will tire her. "

you've been working all day. Go upstairs and have a rest. I'll take the children to bed, too!" LAN Yue treats Tang youyou as her own daughter and cares about her. Tang

nodded her head and her eyes were slightly hot. She could also feel lanyue's care for herself, the kind of deep love that made up for her lost maternal love. She felt that it was a very happy thing to live in this family. Ten

a little more, Tang youyou took a bath, sat on the sofa, and was thinking about work with his laptop.

The door suddenly opened and the man stepped in. As soon as he came in, he reached out to unbutton his suit, took off his coat, and walked gracefully and attractively towards the woman on the sofa. "

What's the feeling of going to see my old friend behind my back?" The man came over, reached down to support her back, trapped her in his arms, and questioned her with a little displeasure in his voice.

"Don't be angry, will you? What's a good old friend? I'm friends with him! " Tang youyou smiled helplessly.

"Friend? There are no heterosexual friends between adults, don't you understand? " Ji Xiaohan really wants to punish her. At this time, he dares to explain his friendship to him. Don

sighed and said calmly: "I know, I know he hasn't put me down. It's just because of this that I feel sorry. Don't get me wrong. I have no other meaning. I just feel that I still owe him."

"What do you owe him?" Ji Xiao's cold and quiet eyes narrowed, and his tone became more dangerous: "do you owe him emotional debt? Do you want to return it? "

"No, how can I return it? I'm married to you now. You're the only one in my heart. I can't return him! " Tang youyou reached out and stroked the handsome face of the man, with a low tone.

"You want to play fraternity?" Season owl cold still didn't hear the answer he wanted, slightly annoyed. "

of course not. Lu xuanchen is also a very poor person. He has been unhappy since he was a child because of his family relationship. I am a good friend of him from childhood to play. Our relationship is not love, but more like family. I want to help him." Tang youyou looks into the man's eyes. She wants to tell him what she thinks and get his forgiveness.

"How do you want to help him? You know that he still thinks of you and maybe loves you. If you keep in touch with him, I'm afraid that you can't help him, but also make him sink deeper! " Ji Xiaohan seems to understand her meaning. This fool, her own feelings are not necessarily able to manage well, but also to help others.

"I can see that he just has a knot that hasn't been opened. If I don't contact him, he may continue to indulge in the past time. But now, he also knows that I'm married to you. I hope that he contacts me now, who is married as a wife, instead of me in his heart, although I don't know that What's the point of doing this, but I still want to try to help him, let him not indulge in the past, let him return to reality. " Said Tang youyou softly.