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C1660 greeting small life

The surprise happened in the expectation. Tang youyou leaned on the man's arms. His mood was hard to speak. He was sweet and reassured. He was no longer confused and frightened.

Season owl cold thin lips kiss in her hair, this moment is also a mixture of surprise and joy, and married for more than a year, has not dare to mention the second child, afraid of scaring her away, but now, he can finally achieve what he wants.

"Guess, son or daughter?" Tang youyou steps back from his arms and asks him with a smile.

Ji Xiaohan immediately narcissized: "maybe it's the birth of a dragon and a Phoenix, with both sons and daughters."

Tang youyou listens, beautiful Mou moment open circle, some resist: "do not have two more, I just want another child."

Seeing the panic expression on her face, Ji Xiao's inexplicable joy, how afraid she is to have another two children.

"Yo, I'm sorry, but it's a shadow for you to have a baby, isn't it?" Ji Xiaohan is still very distressed. She must also like children very much, just afraid of the process of giving birth.

Tang youyou was stunned for a moment, then nodded: "a little."

"Don't be afraid. I'll always be there for you and your children." Ji Xiaohan comes over and holds her hand: "go upstairs and share the good news with grandma and my mother tomorrow."

"Your brother's daughter is nearly three months old. I saw the video from Xiaoyan two days ago. She is so cute. I must have gone to see this little guy before she got pregnant." Tang youyou said with a light smile.

"Yes, just a little bit big. Now it's like a rush of gas. My brother is so pampered. Now he has a bad habit. In the evening, he must be hugged to sleep. Our baby is going to be born, but he can't get into this habit. My brother has only slept for a few hours for a long time." Ji Xiaohan thought of the dark circles hanging in his younger brother's eyes some time ago, and he felt this habit puzzling.

Hearing this, Tang youyou couldn't help but chuckle: "really? It must be that he dotes on children too much. I used to take xiaonai and Xiaorui and throw them directly on the bed. They cry and I don't hold them. "

The season owl cold listens to own a pair of small lovable grow up like this, he instantaneous heartache.

"If there is such a thing, I will buy it first time. I want to find you when you are pregnant." Season owl cold can't help biting thin lips, saying childish words.

Tang youyou shrugged his shoulders: "if you come to me at that time, maybe I will get angry and take the children away."

The handsome face of season owl cold fright is stiff, side Mou looks at Tang youyou stubborn expression: "you won't be so cruel, that is two small lives."

"I was young and impulsive at that time. If I knew that you bullied me, would I still be expected to have two children for you? There is no such cheap thing in the world." Tang youyou stared at him angrily.

Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but wry smile: "if you think about it from your standpoint, it's really a hatred of different generations."

Two people walked into the bedroom, and Ji Xiaohan went to the bathroom to take a bath. Tang youyou was looking at Baoma's stickers with her mobile phone. Because the pregnancy interval was too long, she didn't remember some precautions at the early stage of pregnancy.

Season owl cold came out with a bath towel tied. His perfect body has been shaped by years of fitness. Sure enough, a good-looking man can look attractive even if he wears it casually.

Tang youyou took a peek at him from the corner of his eye. His heart felt as if he had been hit by an electric current. He felt numb.

In fact, in this relationship, Tang youyou has long been greedy for the gentleness of this man.

Although she didn't want to admit it, she was really taken to sleep by him. As soon as she saw this man's figure now, she could not help playing some inappropriate pictures in her mind.

Ji Xiaohan goes to the bedside and sits up. Her long arms habitually circle her delicate body, and she naturally leans on his chest.

"Yo, does that mean we can't do it for at least a year?" The man's fingers rolled the long hair that she fell down, and suddenly thought of a very important thing.

Tang youyou is also thinking about this. When she heard him ask, she nodded: "of course, but it's said on the Internet that the baby is stable after four months. It seems OK, but be careful."

"I think we should be careful, otherwise In my size... "

"You think more." Tang youyou immediately blushed and reached out to push him away: "I'm sleeping."

Seeing that she was shy, Ji Xiaohan had to stop teasing her, lie down, and still couldn't help reaching out to hold her tightly. His palm gently circled her abdomen, making Tang youyou chuckle. He quickly reached out and pressed his hand: "don't make any noise, go to sleep."

Ji Xiaohan had to suppress all evil thoughts and accompany her to dream.

Zhang Luyao has been honest for several days recently, and has not played any prank on Ling wennuan any more. However, her eyes to Ling wennuan are still full of unfriendliness. Even there is always a sinister light in her eyes.

Ling wennuan can't see what bad ideas she has in mind. She can only be on guard from time to time.

At lunch time, lingnuan and xianinglan get together and walk towards the school canteen. Far away, xianinglan sees the teacher's position. Mu Weicheng is chatting with several male teachers while eating. It's rare for Jun to have a smile on his face. At this time, Mu Weicheng also turns to look at the direction of the queue.

Summer rather orchid some nervous will look away, the innermost feelings actually looked like a flower, inexplicably felt some sweetness.

Of course, she doesn't think that admirers are looking at her, but sometimes, secret love can give people a kind of wings, knowing that he is not looking at himself, but hoping that he is.

Xia ninglan can't help but look back and look at the queue. She finds that there are several young girls behind her. They seem to be talking about something excitedly in a low voice. Xia ninglan's heart flashes a sense of loss. Mu Weicheng is now the instructor in the senior class. These senior female students who are about to graduate may want to follow Mu Wei as soon as they graduate Cheng confessed that he hoped to be his girlfriend.

Xia ninglan is playing a monologue by herself. She will be happy for a while and worried for a while. Ling Nuan, who is in front of her, is looking down at her mobile phone. The dense words on her mobile phone are the theme of her speech. Time is pressing. She should seize all the time to remember these lines so as not to lose face on the stage.

Mu Weicheng's eyes are sharp. As soon as Ling wennuan came in, he found her across so many people and so far away. However, she seemed to be more interested in her mobile phone and didn't look at him directly.

"Warm, it's up to you!" Shannon reminded her.

Ling wennuan immediately put his mobile phone into his pocket and reached for the plate.

When she was looking for a place with her plate, she suddenly thought of looking for the position of Mu Weicheng. As soon as she raised her eyes, she was facing him. He was holding a glass of water, and her eyes looked at her through the edge of the glass. The bottom of her eyes was bright. When she put down the glass, he lowered his eyes and smiled, which followed a group of teachers and left.

Ling wennuan catches the man's smile, stupefied for a while, and then he is in a good mood.

Chu Qing suddenly came to their opposite side with lunch and sat down. Without saying anything, he put a glass of juice he took beside Ling's warm plate: "it's specially bought for you. Girls should drink more juice, which is good for skin."

Next to Xia ninglan, some of them couldn't believe that Chu Qing would suddenly run to their opposite side and sit down. She also gave Ling wennuan a glass of juice. She immediately envied: "wennuan, when did you know each other?"

Ling wennuan pushed the juice back: "if I want to drink it, I will buy it myself. You don't have to be courteous."

Chu Qing's rejection of her was only a moment's loss. Later, he smiled: "Ling Nuan, what are you afraid of? Afraid to like me? "

"Funny." Ling warm just don't like to be entangled.

Xia ninglan immediately said with a smile, "it's warm, Chu Qing. He won't really like you. If you are together, it's quite a match."

"Ninglan, don't lie. I don't like him at all." Ling wennuan stares at Chuqing and explains it to his friend.