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C705 when she grows up

The soft lips were suddenly pasted up, with the unique fragrance of girls. Luo Jin was shocked and attached to her body. She stared at the girl with a smile after her success.

When Yang ChuChu succeeded in kissing, she immediately took a step back and grabbed the towel with a small hand, so as to prevent her from taking it down because of her unrestrained behavior.

The color of Luo Jin's eyes darkened in an instant. The place where she was kissed by her mouth was a little warm.

"Don't do that!" Originally, he was extremely patient, but suddenly he was picked like this. Even if he was proud of his willpower, he collapsed completely at the moment. Luo Jin Yujun's face was slightly stiff, and his tone was solemn.

"Oh!" Yang ChuChu saw that he had a handsome face and did not make him happy because of his behavior. She immediately shrunk her shoulders and nodded like a child who made a mistake: "I will not play a trick on you!" "Get dressed!" Luo Jinyu's eyes are still uncontrollably coagulating her snow-white skin, which is almost the same color as the white bath towel. No need to think about it. Just looking from a long distance, you can see how tender and tight the skin is. This is the exclusive property of young girls. I believe that all men can't resist it.

Yang ChuChu tooted his mouth, obediently took his pajamas, put them on his body, buttoned them up one by one, and looked up. Seeing that the man's face was still tense, she whispered, "are you going to take a bath, too?"

Luo Jinyu nodded: "well, I'll go now!"

Yang ChuChu had to sit on the sofa and take out his cell phone.

After entering the bathroom, Luo Jin Yu did not take a bath immediately, but grabbed a cold water and threw it on his face.

Because the body has reached the limit, so, with a touch of discomfort, he must use cold water to extinguish that feeling, otherwise, it will be a curse, he is afraid that he will really be unable to control.

He promised her that he would wait another two years, but he could not really make this mistake at this time.

Luo jinyuzhi has been calmly insisting that he still wants to give Yang ChuChu some time to think about it.

He is so much older than her that he can calmly make decisions on everything, including his feelings. He believes that Yang ChuChu is the only one who loves her all his life. However, Yang ChuChu is still very young. Her thoughts will change. What she likes now may not be what she likes two years later. She hasn't made up her mind yet. She may be with him, but she just likes his brother like father's sense of security. But it's not love. It may also be more inclined to be a kind of dependence, a kind of kinship.

In case Yang ChuChu suddenly meets another boy she likes one day, but because she has had a husband and wife affair with herself, and prevents her from choosing again, Luo Jinyu will be very remorseful.

That's why Luo Jinyu can't bear to touch her again.

He is waiting for her to grow up, but also waiting for her to make a rational and mature final choice.

Two years later, if she is willing to marry him and love him, he will love her without hesitation.


No way!


Ji Yueze wakes up, eyes turn, suddenly reach out to touch the side of the position, empty.

Early in the morning, where is Bai Yiyan?

Ji Yueze frowned and sat up lazily.

He seems to have slept well, but in fact, he is the only one who knows how hard he suffered last night.

He always thought his sleep quality was good, but unexpectedly, when he met Bai Yiyan, a pig like woman, he was still defeated.

Last night, he didn't know how much advantage the woman had taken.

If it wasn't for her sweet sleep, Ji Yueze would have thought she was intentional.

One leg, desperately to his belly top, he did not really angry.

Of course, Ji Yueze is not so easy to provoke. This woman dare to act on him. Of course, he also takes advantage of her.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. Ji Yueze was awake almost in the middle of the night last night. He was fighting in his heart. Would you like to take advantage of this woman sleeping and eat her directly.

But until dawn, Ji Yueze didn't really start, just looked at the girl's body like a kitten, here and there.

Ji Yueze wakes up a little, puts on a nightgown, gets out of bed directly and walks out of the bedroom. He hears a noise in the kitchen.

He went straight to see Bai Yiyan, who was still wearing her white long sleeved T-shirt, making breakfast for him.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Ji Yueze lolls against the kitchen door and asks her.

Bai Yiyan was startled by his sudden voice. Her face turned green. She immediately said angrily, "please, can you give me a voice next time you show up? Don't talk suddenly like this. It will frighten people to death."

Ji Yueze did not think so, lightly said: "this is my home, I want to talk, but also through your consent?"

"I don't mean that. I just hope you can give me a voice first." While Bai Yiyan was talking, she kept stirring the dough in the pot.

"Wash up, you're almost breakfast!" Bai Yiyan reminds him in a low voice.

Ji Yueze smelled the fragrance of noodles and fried eggs. His eyebrows were slightly selected, and he sneered at himself: "no one has ever cooked breakfast for me, you are the first!"

After hearing his words, Bai Yiyan was slightly shocked. Then she chuckled: "is that right? I'm afraid I didn't make it delicious. "

"Sure enough, there is a woman here. It's like a home!" Ji Yueze mumbles to himself, turns around and washes.

Bai Yiyan didn't hear what he was saying. She blinked.

After Ji Yueze finished washing, he put his hands on the glass platform, looked at himself with two black circles in the mirror, and made a low mantra, which affected his beauty.

Ji Yueze changes a suit of clothes and comes out. Bai Yiyan has already finished the noodles and brought them to the table. Next to her is a cup of hot milk and fried eggs one by one. It's warm and attractive.

Ji Yueze sat down and Bai Yiyan handed him a pair of chopsticks. He reached for them and took a bite of noodles.

"Is it delicious?" Bai Yiyan waited nervously for his comment.

"Well!" Ji Yueze nodded. The noodles she made were light, but they tasted good, didn't add too much material, and were healthier.

Bai Yiyan is relieved. She will come down to eat together.

Two people eat like this, the atmosphere is very quiet for a while.

"Are you a pig?" Suddenly, the man looked up and asked her. Bai Yiyan was drinking milk. When he asked, she almost choked.