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Ji Xiao Han heard Lu Qing's reply, let out a cold snort: "This woman actually dares to deceive me, and has lied to me for so many years, I won't let her off so easily. I'll make her pay a heavy price for this lie."

"How does Young Master plan to take revenge on her?"

Ji Xiao Han nodded his head: "I will leave this matter entirely to you, I do not have time to care about small matters like this, and tonight's cleaning job, you have to do it well, I do not wish for anyone to see me and my children appearing at the market."

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders, and said with a slightly playful tone: "What can I hide from you two? The past few days have been rather busy. "

"Is it work? Or is the family more busy? " Luo He Ning said again.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled, then narrowed his eyes. "Speak, what do you all know?"

Last night, when I went to see my Niece, the little guy wasn't even willing to eat dinner, and was currently flowers for some handsome and heaven defying classmate, saying that it would be given to that little friend tomorrow morning. Do you know who the little guy, who was so favoured by my Niece, looked like? Mu Shi Ye spoke these unorthodox words with a serious face, his eyes already staring straight at Ji Xiao Han.

"Who is it?" Ji Xiao Han was too lazy to guess, because he had already guessed it already.

"The little guy's name is Tang Xiao Rui, and he has the same face as you." Mu Shi Ye said in a strange tone.

Luo He Ning could no longer suppress the curiosity in his heart, and directly asked: "Xiao Han, isn't that child your younger brother's? It's yours, isn't it? "

"Good God, Ji Xiao Han, if my Niece had not provided me with information, would you be hiding this from us all along? You have picked up such a beautiful, big, and precious pair for nothing?" Mu Shi Ye felt that he had been tricked, and immediately got angry.

Seeing their questioning looks, Ji Xiao Han knew what he should know and what he shouldn't, they already knew.

"Indeed, the child is not my brother's, but mine." Ji Xiao Han could no longer deny it, nor could he deny it.

The two people in front of him were both very good friends. Although this was a very personal matter, he was still willing to share it with them.

"Heavens …" I've never envied anyone before, but now, I'm really jealous of you. To suddenly have such a large child from the heavens, and to even have such a perfect child, such an outrageously beautiful pair of twins. " Mu Shi Ye thought that this was playful playing with the world, but he really liked children. That three-year-old Niece in his family was often played around by him.

But he didn't expect that his child hadn't been born yet … Oh, that's not right, he couldn't even catch up with his girlfriend yet. Ji Xiao Han was actually the father of two children.

Ji Xiao Han was already laughing out loud and feeling proud of himself. Ordinary people would never be able to understand this kind of feeling, only he, his father, would be able to feel this kind of happiness.

"That's right, I've been living these past few days like I'm in a dream. I'm really afraid that this is a good dream. Once I wake up, those two little things will disappear again." Ji Xiao Han was filled with emotions, but it was hard to hide his excitement.

Luo He Ning also stared at him in jealousy and envy. The more he looked, the more he felt like he was a few steps behind.

He had even skipped the procedures for marriage through love, and now he had two cute children. No matter how he thought about it, why did he feel dissatisfied?

"Does the child recognize you?" Luo He Ning asked sourly.

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders, looking like it was a matter of course. "Why didn't you recognize me? I am their biological father. Moreover, I have doted on them so much that even though he is my daughter, he is just like a lover from my previous life. He is so cute that I can't help but want to hug her and not let go. "

"Look at how pleased he is with himself. What should we do? I want to cut all ties with him! " Mu Shi Ye spoke in an incomparably direct manner.

Luo He Ning nodded his head earnestly: "Then let's cut off all connections, so that we don't get provoked by him everyday."

"Hey, you two …" Ji Xiao Han was completely speechless towards them.

They were the ones who came to him and asked him to admit that they have a child, but now that he admitted it and even said that he wanted to cut off all ties, they couldn't help but wonder if they were truly good friends.

and Luo He Ning could only sit back on the sofa. The three of them looked around randomly.

"Show us when you can bring it out."

"Yeah, that video on the internet, it was deleted by you, right?" Mu Shi Ye had searched for videos of the little guy on the web before, but he couldn't find any.

Ji Xiao Han said indifferently: "How could my child turn into a little net red? it is also absolutely impossible for anyone to know about their background. "

Luo He Ning nodded his head in agreement: "That's right, for the child's safety, I will try my best to hide everything from them."

Mu Shi Ye's eyes were filled with laughter: "Young Master Ji, how are you doing now that you have a child?"

"Very happy!" Ji Xiao Han answered truthfully: "When you have children, you will understand how I feel right now. I am definitely satisfied and happy."

"Tsk tsk, have you noticed that ever since our Quarterly had children, he didn't even speak words like gold anymore?" Mu Shi Ye said something very interesting.

Hearing his words, Ji Xiao Han's face tensed up, and immediately recovered his usual aloof expression. "Can you guys calm down a bit? I don't want anyone to know about the children yet, and if you want to see them, I'll set up another time. "

"How about we go to your house tonight and get something to eat? We're both single right now, so we don't have a fixed place to stay." Mu Shi Ye instantly came up with a great suggestion.

Luo He Ning also agreed: "That's a good idea, why not …"