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C517 sympathy

Tang youyou's mood has been calming down for a long time. She finds that she should keep a proper distance from Ji Yueze, otherwise, it will become more and more dangerous.

When Tang youyou stepped into the gate of Weiyi company, he received the strange eyes from his colleagues.

Sure enough, good things don't go out, bad things spread thousands of miles. Yesterday, when Ji's family announced the cancellation of her marriage, almost everyone felt that there was a reason for the cancellation of the wedding, but the reason was not on Ji Xiaohan, who had no problem, so the problem of Tang youyou was big.

At the beginning of the Internet, there were several reports that scolded Tang youyou as the abandoned wife of a powerful family. Some even said that Tang youyou got a huge break-up fee. However, almost as soon as these reports were uploaded to the Internet, they were forcibly disposed of. Tang youyou knew that this must have been done by Ji Xiaohan.

On the surface, the man is callous to her, but in fact, his actions are still defending her everywhere.

The news on the Internet has been cleared, but in reality, Tang youYou can't hide the eyes of sympathy and ridicule from others.

She lowered her head and walked into the elevator. Several beauties at the front desk immediately began to talk in a low voice.

"Now she's not jijiashao's grandmother. Look what face she has to stay in the company." There was a sharp and mean woman who immediately began to talk Another beauty sympathizes with her.

"I also think she's very popular. When she was Ji's girlfriend, she was polite to us. Now she's abandoned. I think it's probably wrong that she's not in charge of the family. She just didn't have this life."

"I hope she can accept this reality as soon as possible. Which woman of ordinary origin can really become a real Phoenix?"

Most people's three views are still normal. Tang youyou didn't deliberately bully people, so most of the company's colleagues were just curious about why the wedding was cancelled and didn't really attack her in life.

When Tang youyou enters his office, Liu Xi immediately comes to care for her: "Youyou, are you ok? Does Ji always say anything else?"

Tang youyou sighed: "he didn't say anything. Ganma, I hope my business won't affect your future!"

Liu Xi shrugs his shoulders: "at present, it doesn't seem to matter. Ji is always a good boss."

Tang youyou smiled bitterly: "he is really a good boss, in fact, he is also a good man, but I don't have this blessing with him."

"You can wait patiently. Maybe one day, Mr. Ji will figure it out. The resentment of the previous generation has nothing to do with you." Liu xijue's Tang youyou is really wrong. She loves her very much.

"Hope!" Tang youyou has no heart.

Although she knew that Ji Xiaohan had not changed her mind, it made her a little more relieved.

At noon, Tang youyou received a call from Yang ChuChu, who invited her to have lunch together.

Tang youyou is very impressed with this little sister. Since she invited her, she naturally agreed.

Two people met, sat in the dining room box, each saw the other side's mind on the face.

"Sister Youyou, I already know about you. It's a pity for you. You and Mr. Ji are a natural couple. How could they break up?" Yang ChuChu sighed for her.

Tang youyou smiled and said, "well, thank you for your concern. I have a reason with him. Forgive me for not telling you now." "It's OK. I won't ask more questions. Everyone has a secret. Everyone has bitter loyalty. I'm the same. Besides, you'll be surprised if you listen to my secret." Yang ChuChu is also suffering. Since the night of her birthday, she and Luo Jinyu have never met again,

LUO Jinyu called her, and she didn't dare to respond to him as warmly as before. At the thought of her mother's crying, Yang ChuChu felt as if she had grown up overnight.

Tang youyou looks at the emaciated face in front of him, and suddenly feels like a sister in the same boat.

"Elder sister Youyou, I didn't seem to tell you that there is a distant relationship between Luo Jinyu and me." Yang ChuChu said with a wry smile.

"Ah..." Tang youYou can't help but open his eyes and look unbelievable: "how could this happen? You didn't tell me before. " "Because I don't think it's anything at all. It's not a factor that blocks our love. On my birthday, my mother warned me not to find a boyfriend. She was deeply hurt by my father, so I thought that men were not good. That night, Luo Jinyu came to me and my mother found out

, and my mother scolded me. She cried so much that I dare not now Meet Luo Jinyu. " Yang ChuChu is holding his chin with one hand, turning the juice in the cup slowly with the other hand. His beautiful face is full of melancholy.

After hearing this, Tang youyou was surprised again. Unexpectedly, Yang ChuChu still had such troubles.

But she always thought that Yang ChuChu was a free man. Her love with Luo Jinyu would be a very sweet story. Luo Jinyu would love her as a treasure in her hand. She just needed to be happy.

"Well, does your mother know that you like Luo Jinyu?"

"I don't know. She just knows I'm looking for a boyfriend." Yang ChuChu said in distress.

"If your mother knew that the person you were looking for was Luo Jinyu, what would she think of it?" Tang youyou couldn't help caring. Yang ChuChu laughed at herself and said: "my mother will definitely strongly object, because Luo Jinyu is much older than me, and we are separated from each other by a layer of kinship. My mother loves face the most, because my father abandoned her things and suffered a lot of pressure. She works hard and develops her career, so she wants to let her success to cover up her emotional failure. If I and I Luo Jinyu's business has been exposed, and it will surely spread in all our circles. A successful man like Luo Jinyu may say that she sells girls to seek honor or something. "

Tang youyou really wants to hug her. Unexpectedly, Yang ChuChu looks unrestrained, but behind her is such a strict mother.

"It's very clear. Have you decided not to meet Luo Jinyu?"

"I miss him, really, but I'm afraid to see him again. I'm afraid that when I see him, I will miss him more." Yang ChuChu's face is going mad. He bangs his fist on his head in pain. It seems that in this way, he can drive those missing away.

Tang youyou quickly comforted her: "well, don't do this, love is so tormenting. You try to restrain yourself, only to find out in the end, but you will want to see each other more." "Sister Youyou, are you the same? Do you really want to see Mr. Ji now? " Yang ChuChu looked up at her and asked.