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C1193 the old lady came to the door

The good days of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu are finally coming. Luo Mu and Tang Qi are only trying to hold their grandchildren. They spend most of their time helping to look after them in the villa of Mulin and luohenning. They have no time to deal with the affairs of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu. At last, they have a half day's leisure.

"How is your mother lately?" Luo Jinyu has been remembering this since he was warned by Cheng Ying face to face last time. He is very guilty. "

my mother is very good. What's wrong?" Yang ChuChu's delicate body went around the back of his desk, lazily sat down on his big chair, and also saw two legs, a queen's gesture. Luo

Jin Yu is standing on the desk with both hands, staring at her triumphant expression. I don't know why, but I'm not bored.

"It's nothing. Last time she asked her to have dinner, she made an excuse to refuse. I thought he was still angry with my mother and me. You remember to say more good words for me!" Luo Jinyu laughs helplessly.

"You don't know my mother's character. She doesn't want to see you. She's also testing you. In fact, I asked her. She said she wasn't really angry, but she was still thinking about something!" Yang ChuChu smiled and clapped the chair to help him. Looking at Luo Jinyu, he lowered his figure to beg her to say good words. It was really attractive.

Luo Jinyu couldn't help laughing at himself: "I don't know how to pass her test. If she is still angry with my mother, can we still be together?"

Yang ChuChu had to stand up, walk to his side, hug his arm, and press his face tightly: "don't you have something important to talk to me? Is that talking about my mother? " "

No, what I want to talk about is Fang Yang. He has come to me and wants to use my contacts to help him get through his career. Do you have any opinions on this matter?" Luo Jinyu just said something important. "

he found you?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful face suddenly became angry: "how could he have the face to ask you for help? It's not because I'm his daughter. "

"That's it. Fang Yang must have no other choice but to ask me for help." "

don't help him!" Yang ChuChu bited his teeth angrily: "he left our mother and daughter behind just for his official career, and married a rich woman who could make him rise. Now, he comes to us again for his future. Does he take himself too seriously?" Luo

Jin Yu watched her face turn red with anger, and his two small fists were tightly held. It can be seen that he was really angry.

"Of course I won't, don't be angry!" Luo Jinyu knew it would be such a result, and refused Fang Yang's request on the spot. "I wish I didn't know about it. I blame me for being talkative. I want to ask my mother. If I don't know about it, maybe it won't be so painful," she said

"Well, don't think so much. You just have to treat him as a stranger." The man reached for her in his arms and comforted her in a low voice.

Yang ChuChu stayed in Luo Jinyu's office for half an hour. Because an important meeting interrupted their relationship, Yang ChuChu had to leave first and go home in the evening to talk.

Yang ChuChu, in his assistant's car, drove to Tianyu media company.

Recently, after Xingyun group was disintegrated by people inside, Tianyu is also an independent company. It has become the leader of many media companies. Its position is as stable as a mountain. Now its artists are signing more and more. There are many kinds of red flowers and green willows. The internal competition is naturally more fierce.

After Ji Yueze took over the management power of the company, he was more strict with the company's management requirements. Therefore, even if these artists did not like each other for the sake of resources, there were fewer and fewer internal fighting events, presenting a rare state of peace. Yang

she is not very old, but she is also an old man in the company. Moreover, her new drama partner Lu xuanchen is very popular. She has no difference in the company's popularity for a while. If she is not low-key, she may be on the top of the wave at this time. Yang went to the bathroom first. As soon as he stepped in, he heard about her. "

she is just relying on the hard spirit of the gold master behind her. Otherwise, a fast passing actress, how could she have such good luck and take on the costume drama next year?" "

if you want me to say that, she can just marry Luo Jinyu. Isn't it good to be her Luo Shao grandma at ease? We still have to seize resources with us. Good scripts will be given to her first. We're afraid that we won't even drink soup in the future. It's really annoying. "

"You're joking. Although people have stayed longer than you, they haven't reached the legal age for marriage. If we want to wait for her to get married and give up her position, shouldn't we wait for her to have white hair?" In the face of

there was a roar of laughter. Obviously, I told it as a joke.

Yang ChuChu has a temper, which is not small. She strides in and scares the people who are washing their hands.

One by one the faces were flustered.

"Don't you dare to let the boss know if you speak ill of people behind your back? He has set the rules, and he will be punished for speaking ill. " Yang ChuChu sneered. "

clearly, we're just talking nonsense. We didn't say anything bad about you. Please let your adult have a lot. Don't worry about us." One of them is Pei Ying. She just got up a little wave recently and died here. When she saw Yang ChuChu, she was scared to death.

"If you want me not to report it, you can do it. Just slap yourself and it will be OK." Yang ChuChu doesn't want to make a scene, but he can't just deal with those people who bite their tongue.

"Pa!" Pei Ying was the first to fight. After she fought, she scared the rest of them. Pei

after the fight, he immediately came to accompany the smiling face: "clear, we are talkative, it's time to fight, can I go?"

Yang ChuChu didn't expect that she could really fight. She was so flexible and promising.

"Let's go!" Yang ChuChu thought they were going to fight back, which made a big deal of it.

Now it seems that some people have made a start and the rest have followed suit. This matter is even solved. Yang said with a clear voice. I don't know what happened just now. What will it look like again.

No matter, it's OK to speak ill, as long as she doesn't catch the current. Doctor

Bai Yiyan couldn't sleep because of Cheng Jianhong's death. She looked at the photos of Cheng Jianhong on the Internet. She was very strange. She didn't look like her biological father at all. It seems that she inherited more mothers' looks.

"Get out of the way!" All of a sudden, a powerful voice came from outside. It was the old lady.

"Grandma, why are you here?" Ji Yueze was also surprised.

The old lady was so angry that she shivered and her face was blue and white: "you are so filial. Even Grandma cheated her."