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C1388 life is like this

Lanyanxi spent the Spring Festival with her grandfather and a large number of children. In fact, she just wanted to spend the Spring Festival with her grandfather. But lanyanxi was a big family. All the people gathered together, but it was also bustling, but the bustle belonged to others. Lanyanxi was lonely outside.

Her mother didn't come. She sat alone beside her grandfather. The two uncles had their own families and children. Even if they whispered a few words, they were so harmonious and warm.

"Come and have a picture together, cousin." LAN Yanxi has two cousins. They are nearly 20 years old. They are young and beautiful enough to describe them when they are in college. When they see LAN Yanxi sitting alone beside the old man, they immediately take her cell phone and take a picture with her.

"Cousin, your face is small. Take your cell phone, and we will stand behind you!" Two cousins regardless of her answer or not, they directly plugged her cell phone and stood behind her, showing a lovely and naive expression.

LAN Yanxi doesn't want to take care of them, but she can't be too cold in front of the blue old man, so as not to let Grandpa feel that she doesn't fit in this family, which will hurt his old man's heart.

So, lanyanxi cooperated with her in everything, and several of them were snapped. Lanyanxi stood at the front with a forced smile on her face, which was different from the two cousins standing behind her. They were strange and lovely.

"Cousin. Grandpa said that he wanted you to be engaged to Ling's family. What's the vice president's reaction? " Second uncle's daughter LAN Qianqian asked her with her mouth.

Sanshu's daughter Lanling suddenly smiled, as if this is a joke, making people laugh involuntarily.

Lanyanxi knows that two cousins are to meddle in her business. By the way, she looks embarrassed. She really wants to care about her.

"I didn't see him very much. He was too busy." LAN Yanxi's reply was indifferent, without sadness or joy.

"Grandpa, did you sell your cousin? Other men don't want to see her. You still have to send her to Ling's house. " Blue Qianqian immediately turned around and shook his arm.

At this time, LAN Bai, the second uncle of LAN's family, said softly, "Qian Qian, how can you talk? Grandpa's decision is always the most wise. Don't talk about it. Come back and sit down! "

LAN Qianqian hears that his father is angry. He runs back to his position and sits down.

Third uncle LAN Chen also motioned to her daughter with her eyes, and Lan Ling obediently returned to her seat.

LAN Yanxi is sitting on the seat, with a calm expression and a bow of soup for dinner.

The old blue man drank some wine, but his mind was still clear. He slapped the table and said in a dignified voice: "I've decided the marriage between Yanxi and Ling's family. Don't talk about it again. Besides, don't let me hear you say the three words of selling granddaughters. Don't talk about how short our blue family seems to be."

"Dad, Qianqian is young, he is not sensible. Don't worry about what he says!" LAN Bai quickly apologized for her daughter's speechless behavior, and then smiled at LAN Yanxi: "Yanxi, your cousin is straight. Don't worry about what she wants to say. Of course, you deserve to be Lingmo Feng. Our blue family is no worse than theirs."

"Yes, yes, the second brother is right. You are the only daughter of our eldest brother. If you are wronged when you marry in the future, you must tell your uncle that he is in charge of you." Third uncle Lin Chen also quickly sent comfort.

LAN Yanxi was sad in his heart, but his face was indifferent. He said with a smile: "thank you for your concern. My grandfather made me the main marriage event. Of course, I'd like to accept it. The marriage between the powerful and the powerful is good for our blue family. What kind of person is Ling Mo Feng? I don't care. Anyway, he's good enough. I'm such a shallow man. Look at the man People like to see whether they are handsome or not, and whether they have any status. As long as they meet these conditions, I will not choose anything else. "

"Even if they don't like you or love you, are you willing to marry?" Blue Qianqian's mouth is broken.

"Is love so important?" LAN Yanxi asked, the expressions of all the people on the scene were somewhat unnatural. The two uncles of the LAN family were married in those years, and they also chose their families. Therefore, the expressions of the two aunts on the scene at the moment were somewhat rich, and at the same time, they gave LAN Yanxi a resentful look.

"Why doesn't it matter? The man I want to marry in the future must be the one I love. If he doesn't love me, I will not marry if I die! " Blue Qian Qian immediately said with a full face.

Seeing that the family atmosphere had been destroyed, the old blue man immediately said with a stern face, "OK, new year's Eve, just say these unpleasant words."

The old man was angry. Everyone stopped now. LAN Yanxi was relieved. She knew that her two cousins were testing her relationship with Ling Moheng. As expected, once back to LAN's house, she had to be careful everywhere.

Ling is also very busy in trans University. He doesn't have time to go back home and get together with his family. But at about nine o'clock, he still uses the encrypted phone to send a message of blessing to LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi received this message, and the boredom of the whole night disappeared.

Yang ChuChu's new year's Eve is to return to her mother's home with Luo Jinyu for dinner. Cheng Ying is very happy. Even if Luo Jinyu is her future son-in-law, her character and appearance are impeccable. She also feels happy and proud that her daughter can marry such an excellent man.

At that time, how many grievances their mother and daughter suffered are worth it. Happiness will be late, but they will never be absent. Those who are kind-hearted will eventually be rewarded with more things from life. Family, friendship, love, everything is essential in a person's life.

Luo Henning took Mu Lin back to Luo's house for the new year. The month of Mu Lin is big. The elder of Luo's family thinks that they can hold Jin Sun Tzu after the new year. Naturally, they are full of happiness and expectation.

The relationship between mu shiye and Pei Anxin is also warming up. However, Mu shiye's position at home has not been improved by half, which is his most resentful thought. He has made a wish. After the new year, he must strive for a higher family position at home. But in the near future, he will find that his position is not higher, only lower, because the Mu family will fill in another small ancestor.

At a Film Festival Award party at the end of the year, Lu xuanchen won the title again and won the award of popular male star. Moreover, on the podium, he directly announced that he would fulfill a wish in the new year. He wanted to form a family, have a child, be a husband and a father. He wanted to do something like all men at which stage. He didn't Will overdraw own life to act.

A woman sitting in the audience secretly wiped tears from her eyes. Mao Rongrong did not expect that she would sit here and hear the dazzling man on the stage say such touching words.

Lu xuanchen's appearance has changed her view of the male stars in the entertainment circle. In fact, the male stars are also human beings. What they desire is not different from that of all men, but their identity is special. For them, love seems to be a luxury, because they are playing various love plays in various films and TV plays every day, instead, it returns to the real In life, their feelings become gossip.

Mao Rongrong bit the lip slice. Recently, her relationship with Lu xuanchen has become closer and closer, and her life has undergone many changes. Her work has become a little more difficult, because everyone knows that she is Lu xuanchen's girlfriend, and she will always make fun of her on various occasions. Fortunately, her heart is strong, she is not moved, and she still does one thing That is to insist on her dream and petition for the people.

But Lu xuanchen's wish, she will try her best to accompany him to complete, whether it is to marry or have a child, Mao Rongrong did not shrink half, just At present, the two people are limited to the stage of holding hands and kissing. As for the birth of children Now I can only think about it.

On a high-end ski resort in foreign countries, blue is moving forward slightly and trembling. Seeing that she is about to fall, Ji Shangqing suddenly reaches for her hand and asks her in a low voice, "still dare not?"

"I can do it!" Blue replied with a quiver.

"Everyone is crossing the new year, but I drag you to ski. Do you hate me?" Ji Shangqing asked derisively.

"No, whatever you do, I will accompany you!" Blue slightly smiled and replied, she knew that Ji Shangqing didn't like to cross the new year, because he didn't know who to reunite with. Some of his family were far away from the ocean, while others went to heaven.