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C1241. She has a boyfriend

When night and Pei Anxin's wedding ceremony ended perfectly, with the witness of family and friends, this beautiful memory will be deeply impressed in each other's hearts. In the public hall, LAN Yanxi still has a busy and full working time. She has a good command of English, is fluent in receiving guests' language, and is warm and cheerful. She has been praised several times. Blue

Yanxi's English is really good, without any accent, plus her voice quality is sweet. Soon, someone will be jealous again. There is no way. Where women gather, there will always be trouble. This is called three women's play.

LAN Yanxi's work is getting better, but she didn't expect that her boss Zhou he didn't know whether he intended to be embarrassed or whether he really affirmed her ability and arranged a very important thing for her. Next

in the afternoon, Mr. vice president will meet with foreign leaders and need staff to accompany them. Lanyanxi and her girls were selected. Among them, Yang He, who is full of resentment towards lanyanxi, and six girls stand in a regular team and are receiving Zhou he's training. Blue

Yan Xi was thinking about whether Zhou he had given her the hard work again. When she heard the three words of vice president, there was a flash of light in her beautiful big eyes. I have worked here for so many days. Apart from meeting him outside the meeting room last time, I poured coffee on him. I really haven't seen him again.

Although last time he said that he had been standing at the entrance of the canteen for a long time, unfortunately, she didn't know it, and this was not a meeting.

Unexpectedly, she was going to work with him. Thinking of this, lanyanxi grinned.

"Blue Yan Xi, you give me serious point!" Zhou he stared at her face and warned her with dignity. "

Yes!" Blue speech stands tall and upright, standing upright and answering loudly. "

this is not a joke. You are all doing things with spirit. This time, the visitors are foreign leaders. For the sake of our country's face, no more mistakes are allowed. It's you, LAN Yanxi, you're new. I'll arrange you to do things on such an important occasion. I hope you can learn from your predecessors more and don't make mistakes like last time." Zhou he scolded her directly as a model.

"I promise not!" In order to have a chance to work close to Ling Mo Feng, LAN Yanxi agreed to all the conditions.

Yang He, standing nearby, turned a white eye. She didn't know why she didn't like LAN Yanxi, but she just couldn't. She was a big lady of a rich family. She drove around in a sports car every day, but she had to pretend to be low-key and came here to compete with them for jobs. In a word, LAN Yanxi of Yang hejue was too pretentious. Of course, she absolutely didn't admit that she was jealous of her conditions Well, she'll be born with a golden spoon in her hand and enjoy life she can't enjoy in her life. Yang

she wants to turn over and live a better life, so she has to find a rich man to marry. Now, some men with good family background are pursuing her in the general office. Unfortunately, she has too high vision. She can't really see the ordinary rich family. Her youth is only once, and her life is only once. She is so beautiful and hard-working The best choice for Yang He is to be a better man, like vice president. He is noble and respected, respected by thousands of people, with high beauty and talent. He is the incarnation of a perfect man. Yang he came here to work in order to have a vigorous love with such a man one day. "

well, that's all I have to say. Hurry up, it's almost time, and the guests are coming!" Zhou he slapped and disbanded the group. LAN

Yan Xi knows that Yang he doesn't like herself, but she feels guilty in her heart, and she still says, "Yang He, we are divided into a group. Can we take care of each other later?"

"Aren't you capable of it? I need to take care of it? " Yang He's cool answer. Her so-called ability is because lanyanxi is not only proficient in English, but also in six languages. Therefore, lanyanxi has a firm foothold in this job, which is even more amazing and enviable.

"We are a small team, and the ability is limited." LAN Yanxi continued to smile modestly.

"Lan Yanxi, I don't understand. Your family should be rich. Why do you come here to work with us? Are you working here for a few months and going home to inherit your career? " Yang He is really curious about her identity, because she has inquired about it, and LAN Yanxi's identity is very secret. With her level, she can't find out at all.

LAN Yanxi heard her asking, and immediately laughed twice, blushing: "if I said that I was working for the man to be married in the future, would you think I was ridiculous?" "

are you getting married?" Yang he was shocked by her words.

"Almost, but, at present, we are still adapting to each other!" LAN Yanxi replied with a polite smile. "

so you already have a boyfriend?" Yang he heard that she was not single, and would not rob the vice president with her. Her mood was a little better. After all, last time LAN Yanxi accidentally soiled the vice president's clothes. Yang he was worried that the vice president would be impressed by her, and her heart pounded with fear. That day, she had such a bad attitude towards LAN Yanxi, and she was afraid of this.

"I think so!" LAN Yanxi's mind came up with those unfathomable eyes. Now she is not sure whether she has them or not. After all, neither she nor Ling Mo Feng has left, nor does she know the man. It's also unknown whether she can really pair with him in the future.

Yang He's attitude has eased a little. He said lightly, "which is your boyfriend? It can always be revealed. "

"I'm sorry, I can't say yet, because we don't really get married!" LAN Yanxi is embarrassed.

Yang He's expression has changed. He thinks to himself, even if LAN Yanxi doesn't say, she doesn't want to know who the other party is. The general office is so big that thousands of men are working here. Among them, LAN Yanxi's family background is good, and he is sure to find the right man. In general, her life has been arranged perfectly. Marriage and birth are all like this Let's go through the motions. Yang

he immediately thought that he was still single and alone. In his mind, she had just come to work in the general office six months ago. At that time, she was riding a bicycle. Because she was not familiar with the environment and road conditions, she was almost hit by a car on the way. She was so scared that she even fell on the ground with her car, scared and scared.

Just when she wanted to cry, a gentle and low voice of a man sounded over her head, asking her with concern: "are you ok? Are you hurt?"

She looked up and found that it was Mr. vice president. It was drizzling that day. Yang he was wearing a raincoat and was in a mess. Mr. vice president didn't take an umbrella either. Later, his deputy hurriedly got in the car to take the umbrella and held it above his head.

Ling Mo Feng reached over, pulled her up from the ground, and asked someone to hold the car for her. After careful inspection, it was found that there was no damage. Ling Mo Feng just got in the car and left.

Yang He's fall brought vice president's concern. She thought it was the most valuable thing in her life. She will never forget that when she looks up, the man looks at her eyes tenderly against the rain and light, which is the dream she wants to relive at night.

Later, she worked harder here. Sometimes she could not see the vice president for ten days and a half months. Sometimes she could see the scene of meeting with foreign guests. In silence, Yang He carefully hid her girl's mind. Until now, she still dare not let people know. "

is Yang he going this way?" LAN Yanxi's voice woke her up. She was shocked and hurriedly said: "hurry up, time is too late!"

Lanyanxi immediately took a big step and followed her closely. When

they had finished all the preparations for the meeting room, they saw a group of people coming outside the door, led by two men, one of whom was Ling Mo Feng.