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C1409 the atmosphere of greedy family

Looking at the man's aggrieved expression, lanyanxi had to stop laughing at him, carry his hands on his back, swing to his side like a penguin, and look into his hands with a pair of beautiful eyes: "what dish did you buy? Did you choose it yourself? "

"No, I don't have time. I wrote a list for people to buy." Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly embarrassed again. Looking down at the girl's neck, she felt funny and lovely. Her fingers fell on her head and touched her hair gently.

LAN Yanxi was also stunned by his sudden action. She felt that a current was flowing all over her head, and she was embarrassed.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips frowned and walked towards the kitchen quickly. After putting down the ingredients, he took off his overcoat and naturally handed them to LAN Yanxi, who was following him: "do you want to go upstairs to take a bath first? It will take at least an hour or so to have something to eat. Tonight I'll make you a chicken soup to mend your body."

"I still need to make up? It's only new year's Eve. I eat big fish and big meat every day at home. I like to eat some home-made dishes. " LAN Yanxi is carrying a bar on his mouth, but he is very beautiful in his heart. Unexpectedly, this man still cares about his body.

"If you are a big fish and a big meat every day, why do you lose weight after a year?" Ling Mo Feng has a long leg and is close to her. Her deep eyes stare at her.

"Who Who says I'm thin? No? " LAN Yanxi was distracted by his stare, reaching out to touch his cheek, and refused to admit that he was thin.

"To be honest, I didn't have a good time at the blue house, did I?" Ling Mo Feng is slightly attached to her body, and her thin lips are close to her ears. The hot breath is sprayed on her delicate skin, and everywhere she goes is pink.

LAN Yanxi is really going to be taken away by his gentle voice. He immediately steps back to avoid his dangerous breath: "Whoever said it, I was born to love eating. I have delicious food. I will not let it go. You must be wrong. I am not thin."

"Or I miss you so much that I can't eat or sleep without seeing you for a day? " Men love to see her face red and heart beating, flustered, lovely and interesting, which can't help but tickle her deep.

LAN Yanxi's thoughts were exposed one by one by the men. She blushed directly and stared at him angrily: "don't talk nonsense. How can I miss you every day? Besides, do I need to think about it? I can see your news every day, not without it! "

Ling Mo Feng saw that her mouth was full of nonsense and her nervous body was trembling. She immediately reached out to her back like a frightened puppy and patted her twice: "well, look at your nervousness, admit that you miss me, and don't lose face!"

"Shame!" "Blue Yan Xi small mouth a turn, toot a way.

"It doesn't matter to lose face in front of me. I don't laugh at you anyway!" Ling Mo Feng was about to laugh. Looking at her angry face, he wanted to kiss her.

"That's not good, isn't it disgraceful for me?" Lanyanxi, holding his clothes, turned around and ran upstairs, like a kitten with its tail trodden, running away.

Behind him came the man's clear and happy laughter. Lanyanxi ran faster and wished he had oiled his feet.

"Damn it. I'll tease you as soon as you come back." On the stairs, you can still hear the man's continuous laughter. Blue Yan hopes to huff his coat on his bed and lie down on the bed. Think carefully, what are you flustered about?

Isn't she always more cheeky than Ling Mo Feng? Why should he laugh at him and run away?

No, after a bath, she has to pull back the game, or she will really have no family status in the future.

LAN Yanxi thought like this, and then he got angry.

LAN Yanxi went to take a bath with her pajamas. When she was in the cloakroom, her beautiful eyes suddenly brightened.

She reached for the light blue low collar Pajama she bought when she went shopping with her friends before the new year. At that time, she was looking at it, because it was a little sexy, so she bought it.

After washing it, I haven't dared to wear it all the time. Of course, it's not interesting to wear it by myself. Today, Ling Mo Feng is here. Is that useful?

Thinking of this, lanyanxi was a little excited and flustered. It's over. Isn't she against the law?

LAN Yanxi took a bath, and wore a thick white eye gown outside. He also washed his long hair. He blew it half dry, and put it on his shoulders. He had no makeup on his clean and white face, but it was natural and beautiful.

When LAN Yanxi went downstairs, he found that men had turned on the air conditioning at home. Even in the living room, it was warm, like spring.

She was worried that it would be cold to wear it like this. Unexpectedly, someone had been thoughtful and had made plans for her in this step.

What else can I ask for?

As soon as LAN Yanxi stepped down the stairs, he could smell the fragrance from the kitchen. It was the most common smoke and fire in life. It was the smell that every family could smell for three meals a day. That was the warmth and the smell of home.

LAN Yanxi stood at the entrance of the stairs, her eyes were slightly wet. At the blue house, she often stayed in the upstairs bedroom. She also needed a maid to urge her aunt to go upstairs for dinner. Since her mother moved away from the blue house, she never felt the strong family atmosphere.

LAN Yanxi forced to bear the tears in her eyes. She shouldn't be sad because she is very happy now.

She walked to the door of the kitchen, and saw that the man was only wearing a white shirt, half in his sleeve, skillfully turning the dishes in the pan, and cutting all kinds of side dishes. This picture was a little eye-catching, mainly because the man was too handsome, which led to the slightly disordered kitchen was a lot brighter.

The man suddenly glanced over and saw her standing outside the door. His thin lips raised a smile: "wait for a while in the living room, it's almost too fast."

"Don't worry, do it slowly!" LAN Yanxi is a little embarrassed. In ordinary families, women are in charge of the kitchen and men sit in the living room to rest. At the moment, everything is reversed. Are you really not virtuous?

Ling Mo Feng is serious in cooking, so he doesn't feel embarrassed. Even if LAN Yanxi's eyes are dull, he is not restrained.

"Ling Mo Feng, would you dislike me for not doing housework?" LAN Yanxi went to the kitchen and asked the man with a dry smile.

The man handsome face tiny Zheng, once again the vision falls on her body: "you will not grow up, grow up will not be normal."

"Would you like me to learn?" LAN Yanxi asked again, looking at him with sparkling eyes.

"No, you can do what you like. Housework can be done by people, not necessarily by you." Ling Mo Feng seemed to know what she was thinking. He put out his hand and wiped some cool water on her face: "don't worry, I won't dislike you in this kind of thing!"

Lanyanxi reached out to wipe the water drops on his face, suddenly opened his hands, held him from the back of the man, put his face on his back, and gently rubbed: "as long as you don't dislike me, I will treat you well, I promise!"

"Well, good!" When the man was hugged by her, his body straightened up. After listening to her, he was more amused and nodded his head.

"I really want to form a family with you. I will be very happy to live with you all my life!" LAN Yanxi murmured as if she were talking in a dream. She didn't even know how fleshy she was talking.

After hearing this, Ling Mo Feng had something wrong. He gently pulled her hands away, turned his head to look at her and asked, "what's the matter? You seem sad. "

LAN Yanxi then found that he still passed the sadness on to him. He immediately broke away from his grip and backed away: "no, I haven't washed my clothes yet. I'll wash them before I come down!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at her with a puzzled face. Just now, Mingming saw that there was sadness on her face.

The heart slightly hurt for a while, Ling Mo Feng had already seen through her careful thinking, including her deep sorrow hidden in her heart.

Although she is heartless and optimistic every day, she has been hurt since she was a child. I'm afraid that she has never really forgotten her. The blue family is not her blessing. In the future, he will give her a peace.