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Ji Tingyan takes a deep breath and walks out on her slippers. She is wearing a pure white bathrobe with thin feet and gray floor, which makes her white shining muscles hide everywhere.

As soon as she came out, Bonnie's eyes came to him. Several bodyguards and Wang Cheng behind him hurriedly looked at the floor. They dared not look more.

"Let's go." Tie Ting's eyes darkened a few times, he said in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan follows him to the pool eye outside. After a few steps, she finds that others are still standing in place. She asks strangely, "aren't they together?"

"Just me and you, they make their own." Tie Ting finished, bully came to take her hand, Ji Tingyan Leng Leng follow him to go out.

Cheng Yue comes out and asks Wang Cheng, "what about xiaonai? Where have you been? "

"Don't worry, my boss doesn't eat people." Wang Cheng laughs all the time.

"Oh, your boss is afraid to eat her." Cheng Yue rewarded him with a white eye. The little assistant was tender and thin. He was very good at eating.

Wang Cheng looks at Cheng Yue from the top to the next. He can't help shivering. He quickly pulls the gray robe closer: "elder sister, don't look so fierce, will you? I'm afraid. "

"I'm afraid of you. I'm too lazy to see you just like a chicken." Cheng Yue gives up her lips. Several bodyguards behind her can't help it. She laughs loudly. Wang Cheng's face is pretty and red.

Ji Tingyan is gripped by the strong hand of a man. The warmth comes from the palm of his hand. When she goes out, the cold and dry air comes. She shrinks subconsciously.

"Let's find a place where nobody is." Tie Ting suddenly said very bad.

"What do you want?" Ji Tingyan steps a meal, beautiful Mou stare at him: "I can remind you, don't want to do bad things."

Tie Ting chuckled, "I'm afraid you'll do something bad."

"Me? I'm not kidding. " Ji Tingyan is angry with him, and her face is red. This tie Ting seems serious. In fact, it's not serious.

"Well, don't be angry. It's all hot springs in the open air. You can't do anything bad." Tie Ting didn't want to annoy her, on the contrary, he preferred to see her smile, let him see the gentleness of a good wife and mother. Ji Tingyan didn't have time to get angry. She shivered with cold: "let's find a pool to sit down. I can't stand the cold here."

Tie Ting found a spring that no one was soaking in. It was steaming hot. It was hidden under several trees. The soft light shone on the water. It was soft.

"Go down and soak. Don't freeze." Tie Ting whispered.

Ji Tingyan reaches out to untie her son. In the middle of the solution, she suddenly stops again and stares at the man shyly, "don't look at me."

Tie Ting quickly turned his back and threw the robe away. He was slender and strong, and walked towards the pool.

Ji Tingyan looks at his back and breathes a little. It's really cold. She can't care about anything. As soon as she throws her bathrobe, she rushes into the water. The temperature is higher than she thinks. It's not warm.

The man turned and sat down. Because he was tall, he could also show his strong shoulders when sitting down. He spread his hands lazily on both sides and looked at Ji Tingyan with a smile in his eyes.

Ji Tingyan's appearance is different from what he imagined. She was wearing a large down jacket during the day. He always thought she was thin. But now, sitting in front of him so cool, she found that she was not thin. She was in perfect shape.

Ji Tingyan immerses herself in the water and feels the warmth of winter. As soon as her beautiful eyes are raised, she is entangled with men's eyes.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Ji Tingyan is still a little shy. For the first time, she confesses to a strange man that she is not used to it.

Tie Ting didn't want to make the atmosphere tense, so he had to turn around to look elsewhere, but even so, he couldn't calm his body. Suddenly, he was a bit embarrassed, deliberately turned around, lying on the edge of the pool, reached for the stone beside him, and piled it up carelessly into a small mountain.

Ji Tingyan looks at the man playing such a low-level game. She suddenly wants to laugh, but she can't really laugh at him. She has to bear it.

There are two girls chatting nearby, chatting and chatting, and then they see bondeng. One of the girls blinks at the other girl, and they choose this pool and plan to come down.

The pool was very big, and Ji Tingyan was leaning against the shadow of the tree. When they were going to go into the water, they found that there was a woman. They didn't want to take care of her. They deliberately took off their robes and showed their delicate body. They walked down step by step.

Seeing someone coming, tie Ting said to Ji Tingyan, "let's change places."

Ji Tingyan didn't object to it, so she got up directly, and tieting took the opportunity to look at her. In the soft light, her skin was as white as jade, with long black hair and swimsuit. The rest was all white, soft and clear. The man breathed a little and quickly put the robe on her body.

Ji Tingyan follows tie ting for a few steps and hears two women behind her screaming.

"That man is so handsome. He has such a good figure."

"Yes, the first time I saw such a handsome man with such a good figure."

The two women talked boldly, and the words went into Ji Tingyan's ears. Her beautiful eyes couldn't help looking at the man. There seemed to be some ants crawling around in her body.

Ji Tingyan looks at feting and comes to a pool without people. Because of the cold weather, there are not many guests here. It's easy to find a pool without people.

Ji Tingyan didn't cover up this time. She untied the quilt generously and stepped on the steps to go to the water. But she didn't pay attention for a while. The stone under her feet was too slippery. She stepped on it and the whole person rushed to the water.

"Ah!" Ji Tingyan screams in horror and closes her eyes.

Next second, her body is easily picked up by a pair of big hands. Ji Tingyan gasps hard for a few times, and then hears the man's deep laughter.

"Be careful. Don't be nervous." It's funny to see her frightened.

Ji Tingyan also blushed and died of shame. When she reflected, she found herself sitting in the arms of a man. She trembled and raised her head.

Tie Ting also just looked down to see if she was hurt. Two people cleverly let their lips brush on each other's lips.

Ji Tingyan is going to faint. His eyes are so hot. He looks at the woman in his arms and dodges. He doesn't know where the courage comes from. He reaches for her chin and forces her to look up again. The thin lips are on her lips.

Ji Tingyan felt that something would happen tonight, but she didn't expect that it would happen here. She was tense and didn't know where to put it.

Tie Ting just kissed her once, then gently held her beside, and did not continue.

The atmosphere suddenly became subtle.