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"Sure, but I think you've met with some big trouble. You must have been set up by someone." As Ji Yue Ze asked this, it was as if he had immediately chosen to believe that she had been wrongly accused. This inevitably caused Tang You You, whose heart was extremely weak, to feel somewhat grateful.

"Let's talk after we meet!" Ji Yue Ze felt that he could not explain it clearly over the phone, so he made an appointment to meet her.

Tang You You took his bag and informed Liu Xi before he left the office.

"Why don't you come down to my office and I'll buy you a cup of coffee?" Although Ji Yue Ze was a celebrity, he had his own media group.

His company was different from Ji Xiao Han's. He had dabbled in many different industries, and only focused on managing his entertainment business.

"Alright, I'm almost at the door of your company. Did you come down?" Tang You You asked softly.

"I've been waiting for you. Don't worry, drive slowly!" Ji Yue Ze asked with tender concern.

Hearing his words, Tang You You felt the discomfort in his heart slowly disappear.

Arriving at the company building, Tang You You parked her car and quickly walked towards the direction of the main hall.

Just as he walked to the entrance of the hall, Ji Yue Ze walked out. Under the sunlight, he was tall and slender, had a handsome face and dressed casually, making him look like a neighbor.

"Wait a minute, what's wrong with your face!" When Tang You You walked over, the sunlight just so happened to hit her face as well. Her snow-white face still had those five finger marks faintly left on top of it.

Even Tang You You could feel that her face was no longer in so much pain, it was just that when she was beaten up just now, she felt that Xia Zi Yan had definitely used all of his strength, if not, she would not have felt that half of her face had lost consciousness.

"I'm fine …" Tang You You saw that he took a step forward and lowered her head to carefully examine her face. She immediately dodged to the side embarrassedly, and covered her face: "It's really nothing, stop looking!"

"Beated?" Ji Yue Ze slightly narrowed his eyes, and then, he immediately grabbed the small hand she blocked, and looked over. His gaze noticed that it looked like a finger mark, and he instantly became a little angry and asked: "Who hit you?"

Tang You You became even more uncomfortable. She had no choice but to admit: "Even if I get beaten up, I deserved it. It was my fault."

"Even if you made a mistake, she can't hit anyone. Tell me, who is it?" Ji Yue Ze's face was so dark that it was extremely ugly. Somehow, he felt that the faint finger mark on her face was so glaring that if he did not find out who did it, he would not be able to sit down with her peacefully and talk about her work.

However, Tang You You did not want to say anything, she only smiled and said: "Thank you for being so concerned about me, I have been fine since long ago. Let's go, I really have some matters that I hope you can help me with!"

After Tang You You finished speaking, she walked over to the coffee shop by the side.

Ji Yue Ze was a little angry as he followed along quickly.

The scene of Ji Yue Ze and Ji Yue Ze standing together at the entrance of the hall, under the sunlight, had already been captured by a camera and taken in an instant by a person not too far away from them.

"As expected, it's good news. Before, Ji Yue Ze had a few rumours about his girlfriend, but now, it seems that this Tang You You is most likely the person he likes."

"Come on, let's hurry back and make this news. It will definitely be very sensational." The two of them said excitedly.

At that moment, inside the coffee shop, Ji Yue Ze was lazily sitting on a chair. His beautiful eyes stared at Tang You You: "Speak, what do you want me to help you with?"

Tang You You sighed, following that, she took out the picture that Xia Zi Yan had sent to her on the website: "I want to use your connections to find the seller of this shop for me, I want to know, who brought the clothes over to her website to sell."

Ji Yue Ze took it and looked at it: "No problem, I can get someone to help you find it soon."

"As long as I find her, I will be able to find the person who framed me. If I find out who it is, I will not let her go." Tang You You drank a mouthful of hot drink, and his mood was still extremely depressed.

"Of course, if we are framed, we will definitely drag that person out for revenge." Ji Yue Ze approved of her actions very much.

Tang You You looked out the window. The sun was shining bright, but in her heart, it was dark.

"Right, have the two little fellows missed me?" Ji Yue Ze suddenly laughed and asked.

"You treat them well, so it's only natural that they miss you. As my son, he often asks you when you're going to compete with him." Tang You You couldn't help but laugh when she thought about how badly he lost last time.

Ji Yue Ze's handsome face did not look good, he covered half of his face and said: "Enough, enough, let's not talk about the old things, I am already ashamed enough."

"Alright, I won't say anymore, but I didn't think that you would take the initiative to help me this time. Ji Yue Ze, I take back my previous prejudices against you, I feel that you are a very good person." Tang You You also acted based on his conscience.

"Do you know why I care so much about you? Just because of the match between Little Rui and I, since I lost to him, I must follow his conditions. "

"Which three conditions?" How come I can't remember? " Tang You You pointed at her own head, trying her best to think about it, but she still couldn't think things through.

"I can't bully you, and I can't let others bully you either. I'll listen to you and not make you angry." Ji Yue Ze changed the conditions on his own accord.

After Tang You You heard this, he smiled again. "Alright, this uncle of yours is very good at his job. I will tell the children about this."


Ji Yue Ze suddenly thought about his identity, his eyes stiffened for two seconds, and then, he laughed: "You're right, I am your child's uncle, I will definitely help you with your matters."