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Bai Yiyan looks surprised and sees Ji Yueze coming down from the car. She looks happy in her beautiful eyes. She walked quickly to meet the past, and Ji Yueze held her in his arms. Bai Yiyan's voice was muffled from his arms: "why don't you come here without saying hello to me?" "

want to surprise you!" Ji Yueze chuckled and saw that she welcomed him so much, his heart finally dropped. Bai

Yiyan then gently earned support from his arms, raised her eyes and saw that the man was wearing a mask on his face. She whispered: "let's go in and talk!"

Ji Yueze nodded his head, his eyes gently focused on her back, and followed her into the living room. Season

Yue Ze reaches out his hand and takes off his mask. Bai Yiyan looks up at his face in surprise, and asks in surprise, "what's wrong with your face?"

Ji Yueze hurriedly raised his hand to block his red and swollen left face. He said lightly, "I hurt myself by accident. It's OK. Don't worry!"

Bai Yiyan frowned: "you didn't tell me the truth! It doesn't look like a bruise at all. Did you fight with someone? " Season

Yue Ze had to admit honestly: "well, I'm honest. I really had a fight with people. Don't worry, I didn't lose!"

Bai Yiyan saw that he smiled at her childishly. She didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at the moment. But she saw that his face was still swollen like this. She couldn't help but reach out and touch his wound gently: "does it hurt?"

"It was a little before, but now it doesn't hurt!" Ji Yueze raised his palm and held her small hand: "I heard that you asked for leave in the last two days. What's the matter? Still thinking about that? " "

although I want to put it down, I still can't do it!" Bai Yiyan sighs a little. Then she twists her fingers, as if making a decision: "Ji Yueze, I want to go back to China to see my mother." "

haven't you seen her before?" Ji Yueze was stunned and asked. "

No, I didn't want to see her before, but now, I'm in a calm mood. It's no use hiding from her. I still remember her in my mind." Bai Yiyan laughed at herself.

"If you want to go back, come back with me this time. I'll arrange for you to meet!" Ji Yueze won't stop her from doing this. Anyway, he knows that Bai is really a ghost for the dead and doesn't hate her so much.

"Well, I'm going to ask the school for a leave, but I'm still on probation. I don't know if I can stay to work. If I can't, I'll find another job." Bai Yiyan also feels that she is not in a good condition recently, which affects her work. She doesn't want to miss her children. She feels that it's better to quit the job as soon as possible. "

you can live here without work. You don't need money anyway!" Ji Yueze hopes that she can live a small life in peace of mind. She doesn't need to rush to work from nine to five.

"I don't work to make money now, I just want to find a way to kill time. You don't know, I like to think about Hu Sicheng as soon as I stop. If there is something busy at hand, I have no time to think about it." Bai Yiyan laughs bitterly. She used to think about salary when she worked. Now, she really doesn't need money. She just wants to enrich herself.

"Are you thinking about me?" Ji Yueze came over and asked her. Bai

Yiyan is honest and nods: "yes, most of the time I think about you. The time I spent with you is enough for me to remember for a lifetime."

Ji Yueze looks at her so serious expression, just like a gentle kitten, which makes people want to hold her in their arms and place her well for the rest of their lives.

"What do you want to do so much? Our life is still long! " Ji Yueze's fingers, deliberately pulling out her long hair, said with a light smile.

Bai Yiyan is not as optimistic and naive as he is. Now she feels that every time she sees the season, it's like a stolen time. One more second is one second, one more look is one more look. She can't really hope to spend her whole life together for a long time. "

Yes, it is!" Bai Yiyan doesn't want to bring her pessimism to him, so she should take what he says and the atmosphere is relaxed.

"I'm still the most relaxed here. I'm a little tired and want to sleep. Do you want to join me?" Ji Yueze has been flying for such a long time, and another man is driving here. At the moment, he is really tired and wants to rest. "

MM!" Bai Yiyan did not refuse. She followed him to the second floor. The bedrooms in this area are different from those in China. When you open the window, you can see the green grass and the distance. There is a tall birch forest next to it. There is a nameless wild flower blooming outside the corner root. The wind blows the cool and makes the years quiet. White

Yiyan tidies up her small bedroom very tidily. The sky blue sheet, with striped quilts, raises a corner and reveals a warm bed. Looking at it, people want to lie down and sleep in the dark.

As soon as Ji Yueze came in, he reached out and untied his coat: "I'll take a bath!" Season

Yueze also has a slight habit of cleanliness. Before going to bed, he likes to take a bath. When

he came out, he was wearing a bath towel, which was obviously not seriously tied and loose, as if it would fall down with his long legs in the next second. White

Yiyan's eyes are fanned lightly. The bottom of her eyes has been burning all her life, and her face is blushing. Season

more Ze lazily lies on her bed and pats the place beside her: "come here!"

His voice did not have the deep feeling of mature men, but also retained a trace of the big boy's clearness, but it was really pleasant to hear, and the voice line was charming.

Bai Yiyan moved to the bedside, sat down and straightened her long hair: "aren't you tired? Then go to sleep, I won't disturb you! "

"If you don't accompany me, I can't sleep! Do you have the heart? " Ji Yueze has some ways to make her obedient. Bai

Yiyan is stunned for a moment, and she smiles with low eyes: "I don't think you are tired, just cheat me!"

"Will you be fooled? I know I'm lying to you! " The deep magnetism of tyvez's voice pressure.

Bai Yiyan looked at him for a second and nodded: "yes, I will take what you say seriously!"

"Stupid!" Ji Yueze scolded her and dragged her to the bed. Bai Yiyan put her hands on her chest like a listening child. She slept honestly.

Ji Yueze's hand is on her waist, and her thin lips are leaning over. Bai Yiyan thinks he really wants to do something, but she hasn't waited until the next step. Two

minutes later, a man's deep and steady breath was heard in his ear. Bai Yiyan was slightly surprised and looked over his head. Ji Yueze had closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The handsome face close at hand, magnified to see, unexpectedly also so charming, although there is still a piece of redness and swelling in the left face, but this face, really has a fascinating magic power.