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C1065 Unfavorable situation

Ji Yueze's face was stiff and his eyes were burning on the woman's clenched lips. He had misunderstood her intentions. His eyes were soft and his voice was low: "Why are you afraid of my embarrassment?"

"In fact, I thought about whether your grandmother would accept me if I had your baby, but later, I gave up the idea. I think that the most responsible way for them is that the child should be born in a complete and happy family. I can't use him as a chip to exchange my marriage." Bai Yiyan laughed and her eyes were moist. She continued to laugh: "I've always heard that women are more selfish and will live a better life. I also want to be more selfish." Season

the more Ze reaches out his hand, gently lifts up her chin, looks at the tears in her eyes, and finally slides down from the corner of her eyes. His thin lips lightly touch her lips, murmuring: "everyone will have a selfish side, even if you are selfish, there is no mistake, I don't blame you!" "

better season!" Bai Yiyan took up her toes, wrapped her hands around his neck and lips, and pressed her thin lips: "you love me enough, that's enough!"

Ji Yueze felt that his chest was full of fire. He held her tighter and kissed her deeper.

Fang Kexin didn't wait for a long time, only waited for two days, and she received a call from Luo mu. Luo Jinyu agrees to let Fang Kexin go to work in his company on the condition that she doesn't interfere with her son's communication with Yang ChuChu for half a year. Of course, Luo Jinyu agrees. She feels that it's just a position, and her mother wants to put her eyes in it. Under the eyes of

except for the promise, Luo Jinyu has no other way.

Fang Kexin happily danced in the room. At last, she set a stop with a curtain call. Her mouth turned up and she raised her head proudly.

"Luo Jinyu, we are going to know each other!" Fang Kexin is very happy, as if she holds a golden key to a happy life. She feels that as long as she walks past and twists the key to turn the door of life, she can get everything she wants, the splendor and wealth, and the man she likes.

Fang Kexin confidently chose a set of beige white suit for herself, which is a light pink shirt, a long wavy hair tied into a ponytail, and a shiny diamond earring on her ear. She knew that Luo Jinyu, a man like him, would not like a woman to go to work in the daytime to make heavy makeup, so she made a delicate and elegant light makeup for herself. She picked out a car worth more than 300000 yuan in her garage and drove out.

Fang Kexin is not an ordinary girl. She is actually three years older than Yang ChuChu. Her father is the only one who knows. Fang Kexin is still immersed in her dream of being a proud woman. She doesn't know. The girl she resents at the moment will have a deeper tangle with her in the future. Fang

Kexin appeared in the HR Department of Roche Group.

Luo Mu has won a very good position for her, Luo Jinyu's business assistant. Fang's education has proved that she can definitely win the job, even if she has no work experience, but she is going through the back door, which is not a problem. Tang's arrangement of chess is really painstaking. First, Fang Kexin can get in touch with his son all the time. Second, Fang Kexin can know his son's schedule of the day. In this way, Tang Qi directly regards Fang Kexin as one of her eyes. Anyway, she now belongs to guangwithdraw net and catch big fish. Fang

Kexin is well-dressed, has beautiful features, and shows women's Jin etiquette. Although she sat in such a good position and suffered from everyone's jealousy when she came, she is not worried at all. She believes that in the future, she will get along well with these people. She has a hand to deal with these jealous women. Fang

Kexin was formally invited to Luo Jinyu's office by the arrangement of the personnel department.

Luo Jinyu didn't expect such a person to come to work at all. He just came out of the conference room and pushed the door into the office with a gloomy expression. Fang

Kexin is sitting at the assistant's position next to her. Seeing Luo Jinyu coming from the corridor, her eyes suddenly brighten up. Her eyes are full of amazement and excitement, which makes her hold her fingers tightly. Her palms are sweating.

"It's him, it's him!" There was a cry in my heart.

Luo Jinyu didn't notice her at all. At this moment, when he entered the office, he received a landline call.

"Let her in!" Luo Jinyu took a sip of water from the water glass on the table and sat down on his black office chair. He was powerful and stared at the door of the office. He wanted to see what kind of woman was willing to be shot by his mother.

Fang Kexin walked in with good manners and grace. Luo

when Jin Yu saw her for the first time, he was surprised. Yes, Fang Kexin's first impression is not bad, I think this woman has a good temperament.

"Hello, Mr. Luo. My name is Fang Kexin!" Fang Kexin goes to his desk and introduces himself with a smile.

Luo Jinyu asked, "what's the relationship between you and my mother? Why does she have to let me give you this seat? " Fang

but Xin didn't expect Luo Jinyu to ask, and she blushed awkwardly. "

Mr. Luo, I can't quite understand you!" Fang Kexin immediately pretended to be stupid.

"Didn't my mother mention it to you?" Luo Jin keeps her thin lips up and pulls out a sneer.

Fang Kexin suddenly felt helpless. She felt despised by Luo Jin. She blushed and said, "president Luo, I only met your mother two days ago. I don't know what she said. I think I am competent for this job. It depends on my own ability. Please give me a chance to prove myself." Luo

Jin Yu shrugged: "I've given you this opportunity. You go out to find my assistant and she will tell you what to do." "

thank you very much. I'll go out to work first!" Fang Kexin said that, she turned around and left, but her heart was a bit messy. She didn't expect to go to work on the first day, so she was questioned by Luo Jinyu. She was inevitably a little upset. Luo mother would not force Luo Jinyu to come to work with a knife, right?

Thinking of this, Fang Kexin's face suddenly turned ugly. If this is the case, her situation will not be very good. Luo Jinyu will definitely guard her everywhere. Fang

Kexin clenches her teeth in secret. No matter what, now that she meets Luo Jinyu, she will definitely refresh his favor.