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Mu Weicheng is not afraid that Ling wennuan will spend his money. He is afraid that she will not spend it. He looks at the girl sitting on the sofa and constantly throwing the vertical fruit into her mouth. Mu Weicheng leans lightly on the wall beside him, hands around his chest, thin lips with a smile. Suddenly, he feels that this kind of time is the best.

Like people in front of their own broken read, time sometimes static, sometimes become particularly vivid, Mu Weicheng sighed, more and more looking forward to the future one day, when he and she really become a family, the picture will be more happy, if there are two little guys around the knee laughing When Mu Weicheng realized that what he thought seemed to be some distance away, he could not stop his desire.

In the blink of an eye, it will be four months later.

In the fast time, Yang ChuChu slipped away quietly between the fingers. Yang ChuChu had a big stomach and was moving around the house very hard. From behind, she could not see that she was pregnant, because her waist shape was still beautiful. As soon as she turned around, she could see her sharp and bulging stomach. The expected delivery date was next month. The little guy had been in her stomach for nearly nine months.

Cheng Ying has come to accompany her on vacation. Not only that, Tang Qi often comes to visit her. She used to say that she didn't like her daughter-in-law. She thought she was small and didn't know what she was doing. But people have a long heart. Time can slowly change a person's mind. Tang Qi also saw that Yang ChuChu, although she is small and has a special job, has a very good personality. She is unconcerned and has a deep disposition Jing, she has a good relationship with her daughter-in-law. What's more, her eldest son thinks that she can make everyone around like her if he doesn't have a good character?

"It's hard to breathe, it's hard to sit, it's hard to lie."

Yang ChuChu frowns bitterly and looks at the man beside her. She finally gets the pain of pregnancy. When she was a little girl in the previous month, she felt that she was walking fast and didn't stop at all, but now She bought a list for her original nonsense, saying that she was pregnant like she was not pregnant, and now her face hurts.

"Well, you've worked hard. I'll teach this boy a lesson when he's born."

Luo Jinyu's face is full of heartache, but he doesn't know what can help her, so he has to say something to comfort her.

"Are you willing to fight a new born baby?"

Yang ChuChu chuckled.

"I'll fight when he grows up."

Luo Jinyu immediately changed his tongue, and he was sure that he would have a way to teach his son a lesson.

Yang ChuChu was teased to laugh. He wanted to be angry. His pretty face was red again. Luo Jinyu reached out his hand and gently pinched her face: "ChuChu, your face is round, soft and pinched."


Yang ChuChu immediately beeps. Luo Jinyu discovers that her skin is not only soft, but also tender. When she pinches it gently, it turns red. He stops quickly and says to himself, "I'm sorry, I won't pinch it next time."

Yang ChuChu nodded: "that's OK. You bully me now. Later, I bully your son, and I pinch his little face."

Luo Jinyu smiled innocently: "well, I don't care how you bully him."

Yang ChuChu stared at him speechlessly. This man is really cruel.

"I want water."

Said Yang ChuChu.

"I'll take it for you."

Luo Jinyu got up and brought in a glass of water from the outside. Suddenly he heard Yang ChuChu's painful cry: "Oh, my stomach is very tight. It hurts so much."

Luo Jin's heart shrank. He put the water cup in his hand and rushed to her. He said in a hurry, "what's the matter with you?"

"I don't know. Is it going to be born?

It hurts so much. "

Yang ChuChu had tears in his eyes.

"I'll take you to the hospital now. Wait a minute."

Luo Jin Yujun's face was in a hurry. He immediately reached out to help her up and walked out of the door, but Yang ChuChu could not walk, her legs could not move, her belly seemed to be contracting, tight and painful.

Luo Jinyu immediately hugged her gently. Although she was pregnant, she did not return to the point where Luo Jinyu could not bear it.

An hour later, rushed to the designated hospital, obstetrician immediately for Yang Chu to do a variety of tests.

"Mr. Luo, your wife may be about to give birth. Please prepare for it. She is very popular."

A doctor came to tell.

Luo Jinyu's brain emptied, and the whole person froze a little. Just now, he was also in a cold sweat. At this moment, after the wind blowing, it was even colder. He didn't expect that he would be so fast, so fast that he didn't have any preparation in mind.

"Doctor, please help her."

Luo Jin pleads anxiously.

"Don't worry, we will ensure the safety of adults and children. Please wait outside the door. It takes time and process for women to give birth."

The doctor comforted him a few words, and followed other doctors into the delivery room.

Luo Jinyu calls Cheng Ying and Tang Qi, their mother. When they hear that Yang ChuChu is about to give birth, they rush over.

Yang ChuChu is going through one of the most painful stages in her life. Without preparation, she was arranged into the delivery room by the doctor, and then stayed in the delivery room for more than three hours. When she heard a loud cry coming, she felt that she had died once. Sweat and tears mingled in her face. In her hair, she wanted to cry, but she had no strength. Only She can lie down and let the nurse and the doctor help her sort out everything. She secretly vowed that she would never be reborn in her life and would not be reborn even if she was killed. It's so painful.

Luo Jinyu and his two mothers are waiting anxiously outside the door. The time is suffering every minute. It's Luo Jinyu, a big man who doesn't know what tears are from his childhood. His eyes are red at the moment. He looks at the door, the wall, and walks back and forth. His brain is blank. He doesn't know what to think. His heart is burning and worried.

Finally, as if waiting for the end, I heard the sound of the door opening. A doctor and two nurses came out, holding a newborn and washed baby in their hands. The baby was wrapped up and only showed a swollen red head. The face was red and the eyes were closed, as if sleeping.

Cheng Ying went to hold the baby for the first time, and asked about the doctor's daughter with tears in his eyes. When the doctor told them that their mother and son were safe, everyone was relieved.

Tang Qi is not angry. She can understand Cheng Ying's mood. Although she is also a mother, she is just a mother-in-law now.

"Jin Yu, come and see your son."

Tang Qi immediately called out to him. He was relieved and came slowly.

The little guy shows two little hands. Luo Jinyu looks at the little man. His heart seems to be shocked by something. He has a son, which means that he will start to be a qualified father.

"Come and have a look. It's a beautiful little look."

Cheng Ying said in a low voice, all over her face.

Luo Jinyu takes a look at the red color and wrinkled skin. Where is it beautiful?

He only dare to think in his heart and dare not say it. Otherwise, two mothers will besiege him.

Luo Jinyu reaches out a finger to touch the little hand that the little guy shows. Suddenly, the little baby's little hand suddenly closes. Although it has no power, it holds his finger and dare not let go.

Luo Jinyu's thin lips are light and have a little smile.

Yang ChuChu was pushed out. She was sweating and tired. The first person she saw was Luo Jinyu. His eyes full of anxiety and concern seemed to be the best medicine to cure Yang ChuChu.


The man only touched her face gently, and cried out in pain.

Yang ChuChu said with his heart and strength, "I will not be born in the future. I want to be born. You can find another life."

Mingming is very warm, because she said this, Luo Jinyu was made to laugh.

"Well, no more!"

He promised her, and bowed his head and kissed her on the forehead. "You're in charge."

In the advanced production and protection room, Yang ChuChu has been resting in bed. Cheng Ying and Tang Qi are taking care of her. Luo Jinyu goes out to go through the formalities and comes in.

Cheng Ying looks at his daughter and looks at Luo Jinyu's eyes. They are full of disgust. Luo Jinyu knows that he didn't do anything good. He is also a little humble about Cheng Ying's speech.

Of course, Cheng Ying is only temporarily unhappy with him, all because of her love for her daughter. After that, she still feels that her daughter has found the best husband, and her mentality has changed. She only hopes that the couple will be OK.