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Mei Jie's shrill and crazy laughter made the old president's eardrum ache. He quickly hung up his cell phone and beat his angry fist on the table: "crazy woman."

Sister Mei did say one of his most feared things, that is, he was afraid of being stared at by Ling Mo Feng. If we find the media to follow this whole thing, once the incident goes on, it will eventually ignite the fire. The general manager can't get rid of it.

"In that case, don't blame me for not thinking about the past." The old president is absolutely not allowed to betray himself. What's more, Mei Jie is going to die with him. He is even more intolerant. Since Ling Mo Feng came here, he can only solve the problem himself.

In fact, the student who was taken away was dead or alive. The old president didn't care. He only cared about his own interests.

To rescue the boy from Mei Jie's hands, the old president is very confident, because the people around Mei Jie are sent by him. The old president must find the boy in time before Mei Jie starts.

The old president made a few phone calls to go out, with his intelligence network, more than ten minutes to know where the child was locked.

After Mei Jie was hung up by the old president, her heart was completely frozen. She knew that she had come to the end. She reached out and opened the bottom drawer. There was a very delicate small pistol in it. This was a gift given to Mei Jie secretly when she went abroad for defense.

At that time, she pushed it away for a long time. Now it seems that she needs it very much.

Mei quickly picked it up and put it in her handbag. Then she took the car key and left the office.

The people sent by Ling Mo Feng are also anxiously checking the suspicious vehicles.

In the police station, the atmosphere was strict, everyone's nerves were tense, and they were all concerned about the boy's safety.

It's the age of youth. If something goes wrong, it's really sad.

Lin Mei and his wife have been frightened and are anxiously waiting for the news.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan also accompany them. They are also responsible for this matter. The other side originally came by their lovely daughter, Xiao Nai, but because of Lin Mei's kindness, the tragedy happened to her son.

Mei Jie's car stopped at the door of a civilian building. She got out of the car and went straight upstairs.

Step by step, it's very heavy and hopeless.

This building has been built for some time. The highest floor is the eighth floor. The person under Mei Jie's hand is in a room on the seventh floor at the moment, trapping the little boy in the room.

"How are the hostages?" Mei went in and asked calmly.

"I cried all the time just now. We scared him. Now it's over. Boss, when did we let him go?" The person under sister Mei's hand asked curiously.

"You have bound his hands, and I will take her upstairs to ask." Mei immediately ordered.

The two men at the scene looked at each other and didn't know what means sister Mei wanted to play. After all, they couldn't really deal with such a small child.

"Hurry up." Sister Mei has no patience. She shouts, "don't you listen to my orders?"

One of the men couldn't help persuading: "boss, he's just a child, didn't you say that before? We're just holding him, not hurting him. "

"Touch!" Mei Jie's nerves have been stretched to the extreme. Her heart is twisted so that she doesn't want to hear anyone's resistance. She takes a pistol directly from her bag and gives it to the man. The man's face is unbelievably wide eyed.

Another man's hands and feet softened with fear and asked in a trembling voice: "boss, you You killed him? "

"I didn't kill him. I was just punishing him. He didn't obey the rules and obey the command of his superiors. What about you? Do you know what to do? " Sister Mei sneers, completely unaware of how bad it is to shoot people at will.

"Know Yes, I'll tie up the boy now. " When the man finished, he found a rope from the side, rushed into the room quickly, tied the frightened little boy's hands quickly, and pushed him out of the room.

"Don't kill me. I don't want to die. Please don't kill me!" The little boy was frightened. Seeing Mei's twisted expression, he begged in fear and looked very pitiful.

"Boss, tie it up." Said the man next to him in a trembling voice.

"Good. I'll reward you for your obedience." Mei said, the head of the gun toward the other side, the bullet from the other side's abdomen shot past, suddenly a scream, accompanied by blood spatter.

"You..." The man didn't expect to get shot when he finished the work. He fell down in pain.

Perhaps they are too used to obeying orders from their superiors, which leads to their loss of vigilance in self-defense.

Sister Mei smiled coldly: "on the huangquan Road, you can continue to accompany me on the road. You are the person I personally choose. I can use it easily."

The little boy was stunned and watched the two men fall down. He closed his eyes in fear.

Mei immediately bent over and smiled at him. "Don't be afraid, little friend. I won't kill you. Come on, follow me."

"No, I'm not going. I'm not going anywhere. I'm looking for my parents." The little boy began to cry.

"If you don't, you have to. Otherwise, you will never see your parents again." Mei suddenly reached for the collar on the boy's back and forced him out of the door.

The little boy was so scared that she couldn't even walk. Mei half dragged him to the top floor.

Just as Mei took the child upstairs, she saw a sharp alarm on the road.

"Old Pifu, do you want to kill people and kill people?" Sister Mei heard this sound, as if she had heard the call from hell, so full of resentment, she bit her teeth and smiled sadly.

Shortly after the old president's arrival, Ling Mo Feng's people followed. At the same time, Ji Xiaohan's motorcade was also coming. Lin Mei, who was sitting in the car, saw her son, who was tied up and standing on the top floor. She was almost in a coma.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are also hanging in the air. They didn't expect that the other side should be so blatant to kill the child.

Lin Mei's husband also lost his soul and his face turned white.

"Are they going to push my son down? Why do they want to kill a child and why? "

The eyes of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other and see anxiety and worry in each other's eyes. Tang youyou's two hands tightly grasped the man's arm, and the cold look of season owl was terrible.

"Zhang Sanmei, you are surrounded. Please disarm and surrender immediately. Let the hostages go." There was a police voice coming from the loudspeaker.

"It's sad that the cunning rabbit died and the good dog cooked. It's a good way for you to play. Everyone opens their eyes and has a look. This country has rotted from the root. You have no hope." Mei tried her best to yell at the people below. Just as she was speaking, she didn't know which way she was going. She shot a bullet straight through her forehead and branded a red mark.

Mei Jie's expression was fixed at that moment. Her eyes were pale and her body fell down. Immediately, a policeman ran up the stairs quickly. When Lin Mei and his wife saw that their children were safe and sound, they both cried with joy. They got out of the car quickly and ran to their children.

"Fortunately, the child is OK." Tang youyou's heart seems to have been run over by the wheel. She breathed for a long time, and her whole body quivered.

Season owl cold long arm a stretch, hug her tightly to the bosom, thin lips tightly to her forehead: "it's OK, don't worry."

"Why don't they even let the children go?" Tang youyou is full of sadness and indignation.

"In the face of rights, some people have lost their conscience for a long time, but fortunately, these people are only a few, most of them still have conscience and blood, don't be afraid, everything will pass." Ji Xiaohan knows that his wife is scared. He doesn't know how to eliminate this bad memory for her, so he can only soothe her in her ear.

At last, the child was saved, but he was scared. When he saw his parents coming, he cried.

Only by the parents tightly in the bosom, has received the injury, only then obtained the comfort.

Lin Mei and his wife went back to the police station in the police car to record their confession, while Ji Xiaohan took Tang youyou back home.