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C1038 early planning

Wang Xin is shocked to see Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze appear together. He can't speak.

Bai Yiyan immediately went to him and asked, "Miss Wang, how can you be here so late?"

"Oh, these are some textbooks you asked me to look for last time. I just passed by here and wanted to give them to you by the way!" Wang Xin's nervous speech was stuttered and embarrassed. Bai

Yiyan reaches for her hand and says gratefully, "it's so troublesome. Go back first, thank you!" Wang smiled awkwardly, then walked away quickly. When he passed by Ji Yueze, he took a quick look at him. His body is very tall and slender, and his facial features are also beautiful. As expected, he is no different from those on TV, but has a real sense of handsome.

Although Wang Xin is not a Star chaser, he saw such a real idol star for the first time. He felt that he was dimmed.

Wang Xin's car has gone away. Bai Yiyan looks down from her bag for the key to open the door.

"I'll send you the textbook in the evening? The idea of a drunk man is not to drink! " Behind, came the man cool sneer sound.

Bai Yiyan was shocked for a moment and looked back at him: "maybe it's not like you think, he may really be passing by!" "

don't be so kind-hearted. A man's mind is what I know best. He just chose this time to find you. I don't think he is a good person. You should stay away from him in the future!" Ji Yueze gritted his teeth angrily. Now it's not his jealousy, but his anger.

Bai Yiyan frowns. If it's really like what Ji Yueze said, she can't refute it. "

I will pay attention to it later. Don't be angry!" Bai Yiyan walked over, took one of his arms and said softly.

"Well, you can change a place and a job. I'm not sure you're here!" Ji Yueze suddenly became domineering.

Bai Yiyan smiled bitterly: "do you want to say that you want to help me again? I really don't need to. I just adapted to the environment here. The residents here are very enthusiastic. The children like me too. I don't want to change places anymore! " "

change your residence, and I'll get you a car and then a female bodyguard!" Ji Yueze said more and more outrageous, but it was his kindness.

Bai Yiyan laughed directly and sighed: "OK, I know you care about me, but what do you think Wang Xin can do to me? I am not a weak woman! " Ji

the more Ze saw her, it seemed that she didn't listen to advice. As soon as her eyes narrowed, suddenly they came to a solution, and they wouldn't advise her. This night, Ji Yueze slept on the floor beside Bai Yiyan's bed. Men are very sleepy. It can be seen that she is really tired. Bai Yiyan doesn't sleep until midnight. She turns her face to look at the sleeping face of men through the light of street lamp outside the window. This is a face that I will never get tired of.

Bai Yiyan reaches out and touches her cheek. She feels very hot and excited. She really feels like a dream. She can't believe that Ji Yueze is sleeping beside her bed.

But it's true. Bai Yiyan is happy to wake up with a smile in her dream. It turns out that heaven is not thin on her.

In the morning, Ji Yueze propped up from the floor and moved an arm and leg, which was called an acid. He can't help moaning. No, he must go to bed tonight. Otherwise, if he lies on the floor like this, his waist won't work. The next day, Bai Yiyan went to class. Ji Yueze and his people wandered in this beautiful town for a day. "Mr. Bai, your boyfriend is here!" Wang Xin suddenly stopped her and asked with a smile on his face. Bai

Yiyan nodded: "yes, he came to me specially. Thank you for yesterday's business!"

"You thanked me yesterday. I'm sorry to bother you so late!" Wang Xin reached out and scratched his head, looking very embarrassed. "

No, I went to class!" Bai Yiyan smiled and went to work. After school in the afternoon, Bai Yiyan comes home to see Ji Yueze lazily leaning on her small sofa, holding the tablet computer to deal with the work. When she comes back, she puts the tablet computer on the back, gets up and gives her a warm hug. Bai

Yi Yan couldn't help laughing: "you must be very busy with your work recently. Otherwise, go back early."

"It doesn't matter. I can work here. By the way, you can go out with me!" Ji Yueze finishes saying, grab her small hand, unplug a phone to go out. "

where to?" Bai Yiyan looks curious. "

just know when you go, just follow!" Ji Yueze sells a pass first. After two people go downstairs, they get on his car and drive towards the center of the town. The town is small, and the car takes ten minutes to get to the destination. "

this is my new home for you. Let's go in and have a look. Do you like it?" Ji Yueze asked Bai Yiyan, pointing to a beautiful and exquisite building nearby.

"Ah, how did you buy me a house?" Bai Yiyan is very surprised. It's only one day. "

as I said, I'm not sure where you live. You can move here later. You've paid for it. You can live in peace!" Ji Yueze said. He grabbed her little hand, pushed the door open, and walked in.

Although the house is not brand-new, the furniture inside is newly bought, and there are some newly installed household appliances.

Bai Yiyan's eyes widened beyond belief. She looked at the new house and the man beside her. "Ji Yueze, why didn't you discuss with me and buy this house?"

"If I had talked to you, you wouldn't have wanted it, would you?" Ji Yueze picked his eyebrows. Bai Yiyan sighed, "well, I'll move in and you can stay on the floor."

"That's right. I'm really thinking about myself. You just came in by the way!" Ji Yueze's face was full of smiles. Bai

Yiyan turns around the house and finds that there is a very beautiful back garden and a small balcony on the roof. Although the house is not big, it should have all.

"Is this house expensive?" Bai Yiyan asked curiously. "

in general, it's just a few days' allowance for me!" Jiyueze is getting better again.

Bai Yiyan smiled silently. Indeed, the house in this town is not expensive. Ji Yueze has money. Of course, she won't feel any difficulty in buying a house. "

I'll go back to China tomorrow. I may come to see you in a while!" Ji Yueze put her hands on her shoulders and began to take it seriously.

"Well, if you are busy, go back first!" Bai Yiyan didn't hold back, but the reluctant at the bottom of her eyes was true. "

well, take good care of yourself and don't let me worry!" Ji Yueze attached to her ear and said softly. Bai agreed one by one, of course, but on the third day after Ji Yueze left, her school applied for a female teacher to come to school, and then smiled to Bai Yiyan and said, "teacher Bai, take care!" White

Yiyan's face was covered in circles.