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C1081. He doesn'st mind

Pei Ying did not expect Ji Yueze to ask her so directly. She was shocked for a moment.

Ji Yueze looked at her calmly, and saw that she didn't speak. He chuckled, "haven't you thought about it yet? Then I'll give you a day. You can think about it. I can let you make a condition. "

"I want to play the heroine!" Pei Ying said in a hurry. After that, she felt that she was eager for quick success and instant benefits. She immediately said shamefully, "boss, acting is my dream all my life. I always want to challenge a good role. If I can really put forward conditions, I have only one condition." Season

more Ze Zheng Zheng, then, he nodded: "OK, I will give you a chance to star, you go back and wait, at the latest within a month." "

really? Thank you, boss. I will work hard and I will not let you down. " Pei Ying heard that he had promised, his eyes were red with joy, and he was grateful all the time. "

you deserve it. My grandma is very important to me. You saved her life, which is not too much." Ji Yueze said, then raised his hand: "you go out first!" Pei just lowered his head and turned away. Rong Rong's case is over. She won a lawsuit by chance, and she continues to take the next case. After reading the information given by Lu xuanchen, she felt sure and planned to come to him to talk about some details. Mao

Rongrong called Lu xuanchen at noon, and Lu promised to come and meet her. However, she waited from morning to night, but Lu still didn't come, so she had to decide to go home first and wait for tomorrow.

Mao Rongrong bought a lot of things in the supermarket of the community and brought them back home. At the moment, it's more than nine o'clock in the evening. Because she waited for Lu xuanchen, she didn't have time to have dinner, so she planned to cook a bowl of beef noodles for herself.

She took a bath, wore pajamas, sat at the table and ate noodles. While eating, she had to open the iPad to see the information. It can be said that she works with her life. She is an absolute workaholic. She ate half of it, and suddenly heard the doorbell ring. She was stunned.

So late, who will come to her?

Mao Rongrong had to walk over and look out of the cat's eyes to see a handsome young face. It's Lu xuanchen? Mao

Rong Rong immediately opened the door. Lu xuanchen raised his hand to her and then smiled: "I came to see you so late, didn't I bother you?" Rong Rong frowned: "you promised me that you would come in the afternoon. Why didn't you come?"

"I have something to do temporarily, so..." Lu xuanchen said, and pointed to the thing in his hand: "I bought you some fruit, can you go in and sit down?"

Of course, Lu xuanchen can't tell her that he deliberately chose to come to talk with her in the evening. "

come as soon as you come, don't buy anything. Our company has regulations and can't accept gifts from customers." Mao Rongrong immediately said seriously.

"I know, but I'm not your client yet. Are we friends now?" Lu xuanchen said, he came in with something. Then he took a look at the hot noodles on the table and asked in surprise, "Why are you still having dinner so late?"

Of course, Mao Rongrong was waiting for him. She missed the dinner. She had to reply, "I'm a little busy at work, so I forgot to eat."

"Do you perfunctorize your dinner like this every day?" Lu xuanchen's face sank and his tone suddenly became serious. Mao

Rongrong was stunned and immediately laughed: "no, sometimes..."

"Don't you know it's bad for your stomach to eat like this? You can't handle it just because you are young! " Lu xuanchen didn't know where the anger came from, so he blamed it directly. Mao

Rong Rong was a little nervous by his expression and blushed: "I'll pay attention next time. By the way, you sit for a while, and I'll finish the noodles before I come to talk about work with you!" "

eat now, don't worry about me!" Lu xuanchen finished, he directly opened the bag he bought, took out cherry and pitaya from it and walked towards her kitchen. Mao looked at him in surprise. What happened to this guy? Why is there a sense of anti guest orientation?

There was a sound of water in it. After a while, Lu xuanchen took a plate and put the fruit he had washed on it. Then he came out and put it in front of Mao Rongrong's table. He took some cherries and walked towards her balcony. Rong Ronggang ate two mouthfuls of noodles, and suddenly saw him go to the balcony. His brain was short of blood supply, and he ran to the Chaoyang platform.

"That Don't wander around, come in! "

Lu xuanchen turns his head and looks at her strangely. Next second, a drop of water falls from his face.

He immediately reached out and touched his face, then looked up.

The atmosphere froze in a flash. Just after taking a bath, Rong Ronggang rubs his clothes by the way. At this moment, Lu xuanchen is standing where she is drying her close fitting clothes. "

How do you wash clothes in the evening?" Lu xuanchen's face became red in a flash. Mao's expression was also colorful, so he hurriedly stepped forward and dragged him in: "aren't you allowed to sit on the sofa? Why are you walking around? " "

I just want to see the night view outside your window!" Lu xuanchen said some wrongs. "

sit down. There's nothing beautiful. It's certainly not as good as the place you live!" Mao Rongrong is also pretty face bulging red. She can't forget the moment when Lu xuanchen raised his head. He must have abandoned it. Lu xuanchen had to sit quietly on the sofa and not move. "

well, would you like to wash it in the bathroom?" Mao Rongrong asked him in embarrassment.

Lu xuanchen just pulled a piece of paper and wiped it on his face: "no, it doesn't matter. Go to eat noodles quickly!"

"Well, wait a moment!" Mao Rongrong is still embarrassed. At this moment, xuanchen's expression is also a little frozen, and even the action of eating cherry becomes slow.

A pair of quiet eyes, not from the Chaoyang platform to see, inexplicably on the heart of a fire, burning his chest, make him suddenly feel some heat. Rong Rong had no taste. After eating a few mouthfuls, he poured the noodles directly. She took the materials and sat in front of Lu xuanchen. Lu

xuanchen's eyes couldn't help looking at her. Mao Rongrong was just looking down to sort out the materials. Although the pajamas she was wearing were broad, when she looked down, the scenery that was pulled open inadvertently was directly reflected in Lu xuanchen's eyes.

Lu xuanchen's eyes opened in an instant. Unexpectedly, Mao Rongrong could not see the unexpected, but there was such a beautiful scenery hidden in them. "

cough Would you like to change your clothes and talk about it later? " Lu xuanchen is a gentleman. He doesn't want to take advantage of her. Mao Rongrong's whole person stays, next second, hurriedly put out his hand to cover his chest.