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C1460 conclusion of transaction

Blue fiber looks dark, with sad face: "I dare not now. Last time, the vice president looked at me more, she stopped me to fight. If I dare to have other ideas, I'm afraid that she would run in front of my grandfather and complain. Now the blue family is still my grandfather's master. If my grandfather gets angry, he might drive me out of the house. I'm afraid. The female colleagues were even more shocked when they heard this, but they didn't expect LAN Yanxi to be so domineering and hateful.

Mei is smiling and speechless. Just in time, she can test the details of the blue fiber. Now it's as easy for her to lie as to eat, and Zhang Kou can talk nonsense. It seems that she is a smart person who will come. Unlike Wan Qianqian, who was not as reliable last time, when she moved the truth, she has no use value at all.

The female colleague couldn't help sneering: "Lan Yan wants to pull something. The whole country knows that the vice president doesn't like her. She is still so opinionated. It's disgraceful. "

Blue microfiber saw that her colleague believed her words completely. She was secretly proud of her performance. It seemed that her performance was very successful. She couldn't help peeping at sister Mei next to her. Seeing that she looked normal, she was secretly relieved.

She doesn't work in the general office. Even if she doesn't know the whole story, it won't affect her performance.

"I only dare to complain in front of you. Don't tell me. I'm really afraid of her. "Blue slender one eyelid entreatingly looked at them and said.

"Don't worry, I won't say anything. As for sister Mei, don't worry. She's on a long vacation and is a senior administrator, not to mention anything else. "The female colleague looked at sister Mei with more deference.

In fact, this meal tonight was originally arranged by Mei Jie. It was also arranged by her female colleague. She let her female colleague get close to blue fiber and make friends with her. Everything is under Mei Jie's control.

LAN Xianxian was relieved and looked forward to sister Mei with full expectation: "sister Mei, you are related to Mr. vice president. Can you help me? If I can be with him, I will thank you very much. "

sister Mei is waiting for her to come and beg for herself. She immediately nods with a friendly smile:" for the sake of your sincere love for Mo Feng, of course, I am willing to help you, but the love is a matter of mutual affection. Are you sure Mo Feng really likes you? "

with a leap in her heart, she couldn't help but look at Mei carefully. This woman looks like she's in her forties. She's old and has rich experience. She's not so gullible as expected. She can't help feeling guilty and worried.

Fortunately, sister Mei wanted to go down the steps for her. Seeing her bowed her head and didn't speak, she laughed and said, "after all, Mo Feng called me aunt, and I can't do anything sorry for him, but I really hope he's OK. If a man can't be with his beloved, it's a painful thing. If you can show evidence that Lan Yanxi doesn't like him, Then I will help you, and I will go to Lingjia to help you. "Really? "Blue slender surprised, I can't believe someone would help her.

"Sister Mei is willing to help you, slim, which is a great thing! "My female colleagues are happy for her.

"Thank you, sister Mei. I'm really moved. "The depressed mood all the time seemed to be comforted. Blue cilia covered her mouth and began to cry, which was really hard for her.

Mei reached out and patted her shoulder, sighed softly, "don't worry about saying thank you. Let me see the evidence first. If there is any evidence that Lan Yanxi admits personally, it's best. I have the face to go to Ling's house to help you. I have a good relationship with Mo Feng's mother. I'll make an appointment for afternoon tea almost every other time. Then I'll talk about your happy life with my mouth That's it. "

the more she listened to the blue fiber, the more excited she became. In her mind, she automatically generated a beautiful picture of her and Ling Mo Feng. She even felt that she could imagine the story of the next generation.

Mei elder sister looked at the pretty face of the girl in front of her eyes. She was in general bloom. She was suddenly very uncomfortable. She thought that she had never talked about a normal love, and she dared not expect a man to really love her. She had another impulse to scratch the beautiful and moving face of blue and slender flowers.

Blue fibril suddenly thought of the present occasion, hurriedly returned to his mind, looked at Mei with tears of gratitude and said, "did I get the words that blue Yanxi himself admitted that he didn't like the vice president's words, and you will help me?"? Yes, I have to have a reason to help you. "Mei put away her unhappiness and changed her affinity.

"Sister Mei, why are you willing to help me? I don't mean anything else, but I think?"

sister Mei sneers in her heart. This blue fiber is really not stupid, and she won't easily believe the good things of pie in the sky.

Fortunately, she came here well prepared.

"Actually, I really have something to ask you to help me. "Sister Mei immediately put on a bad expression.

LAN Xianxian was stunned for a while. Then, he secretly congratulated him. If he could help each other, it would be more sincere.

"Sister Mei, I have regarded you as my esteemed aunt for a long time. Just say that as long as it's something I can do, I'm not allowed to define it. "Lan Xianxian thought that he was sincere in saying this, and as long as the other side can bring her and Ling Mo Feng together, nothing really matters.

Mei's face changed, and there was a flash of murderous spirit in her eyes.

Respect her, the implication is that she is very old, which is not counting, even dare to call her aunt, it is her taboo, call elder sister, she may not agree, really looking for death.

Sister Mei's angry lungs are about to explode. As soon as she praised her cleverness in her heart, she would be hopelessly stupid.

LAN and her female colleagues didn't find Mei trying to hold back their anger, because they didn't feel that they had said the wrong thing.

Maybe age really means that no matter how old a woman is, she still feels like a girl in her heart. What's more, Mei Jie, who doesn't even have marriage or children, can't accept the fact that she's getting older.

Sister Mei was so angry inside that she had to smile like her mother. She immediately said, "your blue family has a piece of land outside Xixiao. It was my grandmother's property before. I see that your blue family seems to have never been developed. Can you resell it to me? The price is based on the market price. I grew up there since I was a child. I have feelings for that place.". "

hearing this, blue microfiber sneered at her immediately. It's really a lion's big talk. She would buy her real estate with one mouth. Although she said that according to the market price, she asked for her first. Would you not give her a discount?

Sister Mei is intentional, because only when she asks for too much, can LAN Xianxian believe that she really trades.

"It turns out that I never asked about my family's business?"

"I know it's difficult for you, but in this case, how can I be regarded as me?" sister Mei said immediately.

"Sister Mei, don't get me wrong. I don't mean not to help you. I just have to go home to find out. "Seeing sister Mei's expression to be reckoned, she was worried.

"Miss LAN, I really want to buy that piece of land. Please help me once, and I will try my best to help you. "Sister Mei pretended to be in a hurry.

Hearing the words "try your best", blue microfibril could not be unmoved. After hesitating for a few seconds, she nodded her head and said: "sister Mei, only you can help me, of course, I will help you. If I'm with the vice president, I don't want your money for that piece of land. I'll give it to you directly. When Mei heard that blue fiber is not stupid, she knew how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

"Well, with your words, I will help you. You and Mo Feng look like husband and wife. Men and women are born together. "Mei didn't want to buy the land at all. She just wanted to let blue fiber fall into her trap.

Listen to these nice words, blue fibril is in full bloom, very happy.

Nearby female colleagues also laughed and joked: "slim, if you become Mrs. Ling someday, don't forget me, I also want to touch your light.". "

bluefiber is more happy. She likes to hear three words from Mrs. Ling.

"You are all my benefactors. Of course, you can't forget. I'm here to invite you to this meal. Don't be polite and choose the most expensive one. "As soon as he was happy, he became generous.

Sister Mei sneered in her heart. Some people were just too happy.

In fact, regardless of her position, Mei Jie thinks that none of the daughters of the blue family is worthy of Ling Mo Feng. They are all too superficial, with the copper smell of businessmen all over their bodies, and have no connotation.

So, she hoped that Ling Mo Feng had better abandon his love and don't be cheap.