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C1947 introducing a girl

Xia Xinnian sees the man looking at himself and laughing. She is shocked for a moment. Shouldn't she be unable to open her eyes? Why does he look funny when he sees himself?

"Jimucheng, what are you laughing at? Don't I look good in it? " Xia Xinnian looks at him wrongly.

With long legs, jimucheng came over gently, reached out to straighten the strands of hair that fell on her chest, smiled and said, "of course, it's beautiful. I just thought of a very interesting thing."

"What is it?" Xia Xinnian turns away her lips and accompanies her to try on the wedding dress. He even thinks of other things in his mind. Should she lose her temper to prove her sense of existence?

Seeing that she was a little angry, jimucheng immediately explained softly, "don't get me wrong. I don't think about other people's business, but I think we met when we were young. At that time, you were too young to remember, but I remember."

Xia Xinnian blushed. She had heard that he had met when he was a child. She was like a fool.

"How about this one?" Xia Xinnian finished, and gently turned around. The light yarn at the bottom immediately seemed to endow the soul. It was light and flying, which made Xia Xinnian feel a sense of immortality.

"Of course, it's not bad. In fact, clothes are for people, not for people. You have a good temperament and a good figure. No kind of clothes are ugly."

Xia Xinnian didn't expect that his mouth was still like this, which made people boast of floating, and she was ashamed again.

The shopkeeper and two shopping guides are also praising each other. They all hope that this expensive wedding dress can be bought by the owner in front of them.

Xia Xinnian can't make up his mind for a moment. They all say it's good-looking, and they like it very much.

"Go and try another toast." Jimucheng's shopping is not too selective. If you like it, you can buy it. That's strength.

Xia Xinnian chooses another toasting suit that suits his body and noble spirit, and they decide.

After leaving the wedding shop, they went home directly. Tomorrow, they will take Jijia's private plane, so it's enough to simply pack up.

Xia Xinnian also marvels at Jijia's strong strength. In his heart, he still has some inferiority.

Nowadays, although there are not many people attacking her on the Internet, they are making fun of her in a different tone, saying that her mother is superior only because her son is expensive.

But in fact, isn't that it? If she didn't have a son, she wouldn't know her at all, and she wouldn't have access to a man like him.

Xia Xinnian can only relax her heart. Whether her mother depends on her son or her true love, she can keep a peaceful attitude and live a good life every day.

The next morning, everyone of Ji's family came to the airport to see them off. Xia Xinnian was embarrassed. Looking at her love, she felt ashamed, but she was warm and moved.

"Mucheng, when abroad, take good care of Xinnian. If you see Tingyan, let her return home early." Tang youyou tells his son.

"Elder brother, sister-in-law, I wish you a happy trip, and Yuchen will give us care." Ji Siyi also very happy to send a blessing.

Jixilin cut in with a smile and said, "don't worry, I will watch these two people and not let them fight."

"Hey, what are you talking about? I will not fight with Yu Chen. " Ji Siyi's small fist immediately smashes toward the second elder brother's shoulder, angrily refutes.

Jixilin laughed and ran away.

Tang youYou can only shake his head and sigh at the small pair.

Ji Xiaohan's concern is more profound. Although he didn't speak much, he was already reminding him not to mess with his son's eyes.

Jimucheng and Xia Xinnian boarded the plane, waved goodbye to their family, and then flew straight to the sky.

The four stewardesses serve the two of them all the way. Xia Xinnian is not used to enjoying this kind of noble treatment. He is very restrained. Jimucheng asked the stewardesses to have a rest. He came to serve her by himself and made Xia Xinnian laugh and cry.

After setting Xia Xinnian's mobile phone to flight mode, jimucheng began to look through the photos in her mobile phone.

Xia Xinnian sits beside eating snacks and looks out of the window at the sea of clouds.

"What is the relationship between the men in these pictures and you?" All of a sudden, the voice of the man was discontented.

Xia Xinnian took a look at her side eyes and found that it was some pictures taken during a foreign dinner party. She took many pictures with several male colleagues of the company.

"These are my colleagues abroad. What's the matter?" Xia Xinnian asked strangely.

"You're too close. And this one. Why does he want to give you a shoulder?" Jimucheng's jealousy is rolling like the sea of clouds outside the window.

Xia Xinnian is speechless, and she doesn't know why she wants to build her shoulders. At that time, she didn't think about it elsewhere.

"After this kind of dinner, just eat, don't go too close to male colleagues." Seeing her stupefied, jimucheng immediately asked in a low voice.

"Not in the future." Xia Xinnian feels that this kind of behavior is not very good.

Ji Mucheng continues to look at the pictures of Yan Junhan and their mother and son. He filters them out automatically. He doesn't want to look at any of them carefully. He's afraid his heart can't bear it.

After flying for nearly ten hours, the plane finally landed. Xia Xinnian and jimucheng drove towards the city.

During the flight, both of them were tired. After Xia Xinnian got on the bus, he fell asleep on the side of the man.

Although Ji Mucheng is tired, he is still awake. He takes out his mobile phone and makes a phone call to his sister Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan answers the phone. She is in class. Ji Mucheng decides to go to her home for dinner in the evening and take a rest in the hotel for the time being.

Ji Tingyan didn't expect her eldest brother and sister-in-law to come suddenly. She was stunned.

She looked at her cell phone and the teacher in front of her. She was not dreaming. Why didn't she be informed?

Although Ji Tingyan is helpless, she can only decide to entertain her eldest brother and sister-in-law at home at night.

After class, Ji Tingyan drives to the nearby supermarket for shopping. She pushes the shopping cart and searches around for what she wants. Suddenly, she sees an old lady in front of her. She knows someone. She lives in a villa area together. When she runs in a sports car in the morning, she sees that the old lady is walking. She knows each other as soon as she goes back and forth. She is also from the same country. Her relationship is closer Step.

"Miss Ji, you come shopping too." The old lady, with a sharp eye, pushed the presbyopic glasses and came to say hello to her.

Ji Tingyan immediately asked: "Granny Zhang, why are you here? Are you alone?"

"No, there's my grandson. Tie Ting, come here and introduce a girl to you." The old lady immediately shouted at the back of the next shelf.

Ji Tingyan looks stunned.