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Tang youyou looks at Ganma's grievance for herself, and she is still very moved, so she whispers: "well, it's over, and I don't want to mention it again. Ganma, I look like this, maybe I can't go to the company. I have to take a long vacation." "Don't worry, you want to come, and the Ganma doesn't want you to come. However, some gossipers in the company are enough. Listen to my assistant. In the tea room, I heard the group of women talking about your car accident. It's because you've been jilted by Ji Zong. I'm not sure about the car disaster. One

who is suffering from disaster and having fun there will be angry when I think about it. I'll go back to the company tomorrow See how I can fix these gossipers. " Liu Xi thought of one more thing, biting his teeth and cursing angrily.

Tang youyou is also slightly shocked. It seems that Tang Xuerou's frame up of her has not been reported, so those people will imagine that she was lovelorn and caused a car accident.

"Mummy, forget it. Don't worry about them. Anyway, I know what I am." Tang youyou doesn't want to let Ganma offend those people because of herself. The more enemies he has, the worse. "I just can't stand these people biting their tongues. You and general manager Ji are very kind, but they will be said to be abandoned wives and critical faces. What does this have to do with them? Even if the season is always divided with you, they will not be able to rotate. " Liu Xi, with one hand in his waist, still couldn't help the fire.

After hearing this, Tang youyou couldn't help but chuckle: "I don't want to give another woman a seat now."

Liu Xi listened to, also followed to smile: "you can't let, season always to you how good, I looked at all envy!" "Ganma, don't tease me. I'm looking like this now. I'm going to feel inferior!" Tang youyou said, taking the mirror beside him and looking at the position of the bruises on her face. Although it's almost OK and there's no obvious scar left, she reached out and touched her head with gauze, sighed: "even if all the injuries are good, I still feel that I'm not perfect. What a woman cares most is her appearance I don't know if I have the courage to be worthy of him

Liu Xi saw that she began to feel inferior, and quickly comforted her gently: "Yo Yo, you don't have to think about it. I don't think there's anything wrong with you now. Ji won't dislike you." "But I don't like it!" Tang youyou put out his hand and covered his cheek. He looked like he didn't have the face to see others. He said: "these days, he is watching me and taking care of me. I really feel sorry for him. His company is so busy. I think he is very tired to take care of me in the last few days. So,

I am so anxious to leave the hospital."

Liu Xi can't help laughing when hearing her self reproach: "you are the only proof that Ji Zong has you in his heart. If he doesn't love you, how can he be haggard for the people you need? This is the best interpretation of love. I'm happy for you

Tang youyou put down his hand, raised his head, and looked at her in amazement: "Ganma, what's so happy?"

"Because Ji always loves you so much, I believe that no matter if there are any other women who want to threaten your position in the future, I'm very relieved. Ji will certainly not do anything to make you sad." Liu Xi said with a positive face.

Tang youyou was also amused by her words and nodded: "well, I can feel all kinds of good things he has done to me. Sometimes I feel that I'm lucky enough to meet him."

Liu Xi nodded, and then looked at the time: "long, I'll leave first, and I won't disturb your two love. If you have anything to do, call me!"

Tang youyou nodded: "OK, Ganma, you can do it. I have nothing to do here."

As soon as Liu Xi left, Ji Xiaohan stepped in. He almost moved his work here recently. Lu Qing's running back and forth is also very tired.

"You seem to have a good time talking?" As soon as he came in, he saw the corner of Tang's mouth rising. Ji Xiao's mood sank for a few days. Because of the smile on the corner of her mouth, the sun shone on her.

"Well, my Ganma is very good at making me happy!" Tang youyou nodded.

Ji Xiaohan sits beside her bed, reaches out and touches her forehead, and holds her soft little hand in the palm: "what are you talking about, can you tell me?"

Tang youyou bit his lower lip and said shyly, "it's nothing. I just think it's too troublesome for you. Will you be bored if you stay with me all day?"

Ji Xiao's cold and deep eyes are slightly stunned, her low face is tightly fixed, and her voice is gentle: "how can I feel bored? Don't you know that I just want to be bored with you? "

Tang youyou suddenly reached for his long hair, which he hadn't washed for several days. He blushed and said, "I'm all like this. Do you like to be bored with me? I don't like that myself. "

Seeing that she had some negative attitude, Ji Xiaohan reached for her hand and touched her face. He whispered, "you don't want to do this. No matter what you look like, I will like it." "Season owl cold, thank you not to dislike me, also thank you so tiny take care of me." Tang youyou is grateful and has tears in her eyes. She is really touched. She takes care of everything. She helps her in the first time whenever she needs help. Even Ji Xiaohan helps her to apply medicine herself.

washing her feet. Sometimes Tang youyou feels really embarrassed.

She always wanted to show him her best, but now?

However, she was hurt, and he didn't want to look at her twice. Instead, he still looked at her tenderly.

"Fool, don't think about it. You are beautiful now, really!" Season owl cold looked at her wet eyes, can't help but feel funny, is she moved to cry?

Tang youyou bit his lower lip, laughing more than crying.

Season owl cold reaches out his hand, gently hugs her to his arms, sighs: "I just hope you get better soon, the children can't leave you, I also need you, you don't abandon yourself, OK?"

"Well, I'll adjust my mind." Tang youyou closes his eyes and tears fall down.

Yes, how can she have such a negative attitude?

Even if not for themselves, but also for two children to think about ah, they need a positive energy Mommy, and she can never have negative energy.

Season owl cold bowed his head, staring at her face with tears, but the mood is somewhat complicated.

I don't know if the result of Lu Qing's investigation has come out. I wish it wasn't what he thought. Otherwise