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Of course, Ji Yueze can see what Bai Yiyan is thinking. She is a fool. Can you solve all the problems by putting

hands? Ji Yueze is angry and helpless, but he can't bear to scold her.

However, it takes a lot of courage to love someone deeply and let go. He knows that Bai Yiyan is not talking about it. Maybe she will endure the despair and leave alone. "

don't break up easily, understand?" Ji Yueze's voice suddenly lowered, which made people dare not ignore the firmness in his tone. Bai

Yiyan is confused. At the moment, she doesn't want to make him angry. She should cherish her hard won solitude. Ten thousand

one Wan

one day she will leave, at least she can comfort herself and have it.

Ji Yueze filled her with a bowl of porridge, poured out a cup of warm boiled water, sat opposite her and stared at her. White

Yiyan meimou raised, saw that he put his chin on his arm, and looked at her without blinking. Her face was hot.

"Have you eaten?" Bai Yiyan is embarrassed to eat alone, so she has to ask him.

"I'm not hungry. You have more!" Ji Yueze suddenly found that he seemed to stare at her too tightly, which made her very unnatural, so he got up: "I'll call my brother, you eat slowly!" "

OK!" Bai Yiyan is relieved at last.

Ji Xiao was sitting in the office of the company with a cold and dark face. He didn't expect Ji Lin to be so hateful and vicious. He wanted to get rid of the crime in this way. He was really the only one who could think of it. He had such a thick skin that no one could beat him.

There is such a scum in Ji's family that Ji Xiaohan feels very cold. He dared to act recklessly just because his grandparents were still there. Ji Xiaohan felt that his weakness was caught by the other side, which made him extremely angry. He really wanted to find some people to teach him a lesson secretly. If you don't want to kill him, you should beat him to a cripple to see how he can jump.

After receiving Ji Yueze's call, Ji Xiaohan's face relaxed a little.

"How is Bai Yiyan? Do you mind? " Ji Xiaohan didn't leave in the same car as Ji Yueze, so he didn't know the real situation of Bai Yiyan. "

she's just suffering from some flesh and skin injuries, nothing else!" Ji Yueze breathed a little, hung his heart all night, and finally returned to his original position. "

what a blessing!" Ji Xiaohan is relieved for him. "

Yes, I can't imagine if she was..." Ji Yueze didn't even dare to say it.

"No, you can live with her. Don't hurt her any more!" Ji Xiaohan comforts his brother.

Ji Yueze can only nod: "I will, brother, have you handled the real thing? Ji Lin has no fear now. I don't know what kind of demon he will be! "

"Don't worry about Bai Zhenzhen. She will be OK for the time being. Ji Lin thinks he's off the hook. It's just that he thinks he's right. We will never give up." Said the season owl in a cold voice. "

Yes, he can't wipe out the murderer even if he finds more substitutes for the dead!" Ji Yueze is biting his teeth.

"You ask Bai Yiyan to submit a message about the kidnappers. I'll find someone to clean them up!" Ji Xiaohan knows that his younger brother can't bear this evil spirit, so he has made a decision to find out those people, even if he can't bring them to justice, he must pay back his teeth.

"Brother, she won't say it!" Ji Yueze sighs.

"Why?" Ji Xiaohan squints his eyes. Doesn't Bai Yiyan want to catch those kidnappers? What is her attitude?

"She doesn't want me to get involved, she's afraid I'm hurt, this fool!" Ji Yueze scolds on his mouth, but his heart is full of heartache. "

Oh, it seems that she really loves you and worries about you!" Season owl cold is some accident, but it is also a matter of reason.

Bai Yiyan herself suffered this crime. Naturally, she didn't want her brother to be hurt. "

if she won't say it, we can find clues. Don't worry, this matter can't be solved like this. If they make mistakes without punishment, it will only make them more rampant!" The season owl laughed in cold.

"Brother, please do this. If you catch those bastards, you must fight to death!" Ji pleaded. "

well, don't worry, Ji Lin can do it, so can I!" Ji Xiaohan comforts his brother and hangs up.

At this moment, suddenly a strange phone calls into Ji Xiaohan's cell phone.

Season owl cold vigilantly narrowed the squint Mou, finally answered. It's Ji yunning's voice. "

brother Xiaohan, I secretly recorded Ji Lin's video. I want to show you if I can help you!"

"Season owl cold light voice way:" send me to have a look

Ji yunning immediately passed it on. After watching the video, Xiao Han looks slightly shocked.

"Where did you record it?" Ji Xiaohan didn't expect Ji yunning to be so brave. At this risk, he recorded the video of Ji Lin's contact with those kidnappers. To be honest, this video is really useful to him.

"I followed him out today. I didn't expect to record his video with these people, but I don't know who to deal with it, so I can only send it to you!" Ji yunning is undercover by Ji Lin's side. She is helpless and scared.

She wants to see Ji Lin eat the bad fruit, but this is a dangerous thing in itself.

"I just need this video. Thank you, yunning!" Ji Xiaohan really changed his view on Ji yunning, so his attitude towards her also changed a little.

Ji yunning was stunned at the end of the phone for a long time. Then, she sneered at herself: "I really haven't heard you call my name like this for a long time. It's strange, but it's kind."

Ji Xiaohan also smiled lightly: "if we don't be enemies and only family members, I will call you like this in the future."

"Family? Am I qualified? " Ji yunning feels that what he did before is really too vicious. It's hard to change his ways now. "

you are helping me now. Why are you not qualified?" Ji Xiaohan said seriously.

"Well, if brother Xiaohan doesn't hate me and is willing to recognize me as a relative, then we are relatives!" Ji yunning laughed, very happy, very satisfied. "

hang up first, I want to see your video!" After Ji Xiaohan finished speaking, he hung up and carefully enlarged the video. Yu yunning was photographed by

through a glass window, so some people's faces are a little fuzzy, but some of the gang bandits have a close-up of their faces.

This is enough for season owl cold. Moreover, Ji Lin also stands with them in the same frame, and there is another evidence in his hand.

Ji Lin never dreamed that his daughter, who was trained as loyal as a dog, would betray him and secretly photograph such a big crime.