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Tie mother is a woman who has seen big waves. Her eyes are first-class. She liked last season Tingyan at first sight. She must have been born noble and elegant. The natural and gentle look between her eyes and eyebrows is impossible to pretend.

It's really rare that she has met many rich women, some of whom are self interested, some of whom are self willed, some of whom are arrogant and arrogant, but few of whom are as gentle as Ji Tingyan. At least, she doesn't have much contact with them. What kind of family is necessary to cultivate such a daughter who is not arrogant or impetuous and has gentle eyes. Tie mother also dare not guess what, naturally dare not make conjecture with that top season family.

"Come upstairs with me." While waiting for dinner, feting saw Ji Tingyan holding her fingers in a hurry, and her beautiful face was stupefied, as if she had lost all her aura. But God knows, no matter how good a woman is, she will be in such a state of stupidity when she first enters her mother-in-law's house.

"Well." As if to get to know off, Ji Tingyan immediately stood up and her mother looked at her eyes with a smile, which made her under great pressure.

"Go up and have a look. I'll call you after dinner." Tie mother said with a smile.

Ji Tingyan follows her to the upstairs. The villa of her family has been for some years. The decoration is very retro. The light in the corridor is warm. Ji Tingyan follows her to go through the corridor, to the left most room, pushes the door open, and she goes in.

Ji Tingyan also follows in, but only steps in. The man suddenly grabs her wrist and gently holds her against the wall.

"Ah!" Ji Tingyan cried out in a frightened whisper. When meimou raised her head, she saw the man's evil smile. She struggled out of her wrist angrily and beat him on the chest: "what are you laughing at?"

Tie Ting really loves her very much, so it's funny to see her nervous and embarrassing.

"Don't be nervous. Didn't you listen to my mother? Let me bring my daughter-in-law back. " The man's husky, hot breath was squirting at her neck.

Ji Tingyan's body was numb, unable to hide. She could only endure the man's pulling. Her face was dizzy, and her hands were also pulled at his collar: "I'm afraid I can't meet her requirements."

"No request." The man's voice is more heavy, the thin lips have kissed her wronged lips, and the gentle wear her.

Ji Tingyan's brain went blank. She forgot what she was about to say. Her nerves were tense. How could she bully her when she went home?

Tie Ting doesn't get bad, but when he comes home, he becomes relaxed. He can naturally control his love. He just wants to hold her and find a corner where nobody is. He doesn't want to let her go for a moment.

Ji Tingyan breathes in a hurry, blushes and pushes him hard.

When she was satisfied, she stopped teasing her. Holding her hand, she walked around the bed, pushed the door out from the other side, and it was a very elegant balcony with tables and chairs on it. Then she sat on the chair directly with her. In the distance, it was the sea. In the night, the stars light the fire. The sound of the waves was very far away. The large freighter was also smaller, and it drew in front of her And over.

Ji Tingyan sits on his leg and looks at the sea with beautiful eyes. Suddenly, she feels that the scenery here is really beautiful, which makes people feel very calm.

"When I was a child, my brother and I often went there to play."

"Do you have any pictures of your childhood? Can I have a look? " Ji Tingyan asked him softly.

Tie Ting Jun looks embarrassed: "yes, but I don't want to show you."

"Why?" Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes were stunned, and then she asked seriously, "if you don't show it to me, I will."

"Well, I'll take it for you." Tie Ting found that his bones had become soft. The tone of the woman was strict. He had no power to parry, just wanted to coax her.

Ji Tingyan eyebrow son a Shu, after the man gets up, she languidly sits on his position, in a moment, the man takes a thick album to come over, gentle put her hand: "see."

Ji Tingyan chuckles. What's the matter with the man's grumbling face?

Turning a page, I saw two small pink heads in the baby's quilt. They should have been taken by their brother when he was just born.

"Don't look at the front. Look at the back." "Tie Ting is a little embarrassed," he whispered.

Ji Tingyan just doesn't care about him. She turns over page by page. The two little people grow up day by day. The longer they grow, the better they look. They gradually have a bit of juvenile flavor from chubby.

"Wait, what is this?" When she was seven or eight years old, Ji Tingyan seemed to see a very funny thing. She reached out and pointed out: "who is this woman wearing this dress? Are you playing at home? " Tie Ting stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, obviously he had no face to see.

"My brother, not me." Tie Ting quickly explained.

Ji Tingyan takes a look at the following line of small characters, apparently written by their parents.

After Ji Tingyan finished reading it, she couldn't help but laugh a few times: "it's clearly you. Here's your name."

"We came in turn." Tie tingjun's face was red and he was very upset. He knew that he should take away these embarrassing photos. After that, his tall image collapsed completely.

Ji Tingyan looks down all the way, and gradually doesn't dare to laugh at him, because she turns to the back, and her father's figure is gone, all of them are their mother and son's, and Ji Tingyan's mood is inexplicably sad and painful. Her beautiful eyes look at the man, and she seems to be in a daze when she sees him.

"I'll show you the video of my childhood." Ji Tingyan closed the album and asked him in a low voice, "do you want to read it?"

Tie Ting nodded seriously: "yes."

Ji Tingyan took out her mobile phone, opened the album, turned it all the way down, and turned out a video of her childhood as a little model on the catwalk: "I was seven years old."

Tie Ting took over her mobile phone, clicked on the video, a lovely and beautiful little girl, wearing a set of small gauze skirt, wearing a crown on her head, stepping on the rhythm of music, walked across the T-stage, towards the audience, young and full of momentum.

Seeing this, feting was stunned. To be more precise, she was stunned. At such a young age, she had such a calm temperament. Moreover, her facial features were even more beautiful. Feting was shocked. Suddenly, she thought that if she had a daughter, like when she was a child, he would definitely cultivate her in death, make her, and let her life bloom like a flower.

"You were so beautiful when you were little?" Tie Ting looked at her full of air when she was a child and chuckled. What kind of treasure did he have?

"Of course, my parents look good." Ji Tingyan is a little complacent.

"Nai, I suddenly want to see if we can have a daughter as good-looking as when you were a child." Tie Ting suddenly approached her.

Junrong is so close that Ji Tingyan forgets to breathe. She can only nod her head subconsciously.