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Ling wennuan hums a little song and tidies up the things. In the two big boxes, Ling's mother has prepared many things for her, but they are delicious.

"It's warm. The climate in the mountain area is no better than ours. You need to bring more cold proof thick clothes. Besides, you need to eat on time and add clothes when it's cold. Don't get sick. The medical conditions there are not good. You need to take some cold medicine for standby." Ling's mother told her with great concern.

"Mom, you've recited it countless times. I can recite it. Don't worry. One of my suitcases is gone. Look at these two big suitcases. I can't carry them." Ling wennuan can't laugh or cry. She's just going on a long journey. How come everyone in her family is not at ease? Is she so delicate?

"I'm afraid you'll forget. OK, these are cakes prepared by mom. There are some cut fruits in them. Take them with you on the way." Ling's mother sighs. Who does her daughter look like this day?

Ling wennuan immediately put it into his backpack and took a look at the time: "Mom, I have to go. It's almost time."

Ling warm warm this time is following the donation obligation bus in the past. It is said that some of the people who did charity this time were college students. Ling warm heard that there were peers, and she was very happy.

The driver took her to the designated waiting place, and put the box in the bus for her, which concerned her a few words. Ling wennuan waved to the driver and quickly sat in the car.

She saw a few strange young people, older than her. They should be junior students. They were facing the account book. It seemed that they were busy. Ling warmly and politely greeted them, and then made a self introduction. This time, there were three girls and two boys. When she saw a young and lovely little sister getting on the car, the two boys' eyes were obviously bright Next.

Lingnuan is a girl who has a good personality at first sight. Her eyes and eyebrows are slightly full of youthful enthusiasm.

Ling wennuan sat down and sent a message to all the family members for peace.

After a while, the driver's eldest brother came. He took a look at the number of people: "why is there still one person missing? Who has a phone to inform?"

"Here comes Here I come Sorry A man came in out of breath.

Ling wennuan is holding the earphone to listen to the song to relieve her boredom. Suddenly, she sees the person rushing up. She is shocked.

It turned out to be shanninglan. She was carrying a big backpack and a box. Her face was red.

Seeing that she was a thin girl, the driver took the initiative to put the box for her. Xia ninglan thanked her and went up to find a seat. When she came to the third row, she saw a girl wearing a sun hat. She immediately asked politely, "is there anyone in this position?"

"No!" Ling wennuan raised her head directly, and xianinglan saw her, as if she saw a ghost, and her face turned white.

"How could it be you? Why are you in this car? " Xia ninglan was frozen all over, and her voice was a little annoyed.

Ling warm shrugs his shoulders: "why can't I be here? This car belongs to your family?"

Shanninglan choked on her words, but for a moment she didn't know what to say.

She just angrily threw the backpack to the other side: "Ling wennuan, did you follow me?"

"You're kidding. How can I follow you?" Ling warm feel of her some funny.

"Or why are you here? Do you know where the car is going? " Summer rather orchid still can't accept meeting Ling warm here.

"I'm going to teach. Do you know?" Ling wennuan continued in a calm tone. Xia ninglan's eyes immediately widened: "what? You're going to teach? Which primary school do you go to? "

"Qingtian primary school." Ling said immediately.

"Why do you go there?" Xianinglan is going to faint at the moment. She entrusted her uncle's relationship with her and managed to get such a place. She didn't expect lingnuan to get such a place.

Ling wennuan was annoyed by what she asked, and waved: "I want to be a kind person, and I want to do more good things. I can't accumulate virtue for my next life. Why do you keep asking me? Do you care about me?"

Xia ninglan was once again capped with nothing to say, she could only sit down in a huff, then, her eyes with resentment staring at Ling warm, sneering: "I know what you did there."

"That's it!" Lingnuan didn't expect that xianinglan could do this for the sake of admiring premier. Her mood is mixed. Should she persuade xianinglan to go home?

After all, even if she passed, she would not have any result with Mu Weicheng, but would hurt her heart.

Just, if she persuades her now, can she listen? Maybe she'll scold her. She thinks she's right and meddlesome.

Xia ninglan angrily turned her face out of the window and didn't want to pay attention to her.

Ling didn't want to be bored, so she had to put on her earplugs.

The bus is ready to start. Ling wennuan sighs and turns to see Xia ninglan. She suddenly becomes strange. Before, she was timid and weak, but now she suddenly becomes strong. Even a person running so far away is not afraid of life.

What changed her and made her have the courage to fight against the world, is it love?

Ling warm warm some heartache, she really don't want to laugh at or attack summer ninglan, but there is only one mu prime minister in the world, he will only marry a woman as his wife.

The bus drove on the high-speed, this time for more than 20 hours, will pass through a lot of suspension, and will rest in a hotel for a night to continue driving.

Several college students on the bus and staff of several charities. After chatting for a while, they went to bed, obviously too tired.

Ling warms but can't sleep. She tightens her nerves. Her eyes are always staring at the road ahead. Maybe she has a keen sense by nature. When in danger, she will tighten her nerves and let herself not be tired.

The driver was also tired. He drove into a service area and slept for more than half an hour. Ling wennuan had something to eat in the service area, but it didn't taste good. He took out the cakes and fruits prepared by his mother and shared them with everyone. Everyone was very grateful. A boy handed her a glass of milk.

People to people exchanges can still warm people's hearts. In this world, sincere and kind-hearted people still account for the majority. Ling has also felt a lot along the way. The quality of the Chinese people she feels embodies more in the next generation, and the future she feels must be full of hope and development. Xia ninglan also talked well with those people. Ling wennuan found something. She suddenly felt that Xia ninglan was pretending to be herself.

Because, in front of this group of college students, Xia ninglan has become the weak and helpless person who knows nothing. She is like a spoiled child. She can't even do such things as noodles. A boy nearby did it for her immediately and taught her to do many other things. Ling wennuan is a straightforward girl. Even if she can't open the water bottle, she will make every effort to try it instead of asking others to help her at the beginning. But xianinglan is different. She took a bottle of water and asked for the help of her male classmates at the first time.

Ling warm a pair of eyes opened, she suddenly found that Xia ninglan is very smart, and her character is difficult to adapt to any environment.

When Xia ninglan sees Ling wennuan eating alone, she has a happy smile on her lips. She feels that Ling wennuan is just like a fool. She doesn't understand the human world at all. There's a saying that it's good. It's easy to break after a hard time. Ling wennuan doesn't know how to use the weakness of women to ask for help. It will be very difficult for her to go out alone Thing.

At this moment, Ling wennuan saw through the character of Xia ninglan. Xia ninglan was more certain that Ling wennuan was a fool who could not turn his head.

However, some people appreciate the delicate greenhouse flower of xianinglan, and some appreciate the sunflower of lingwennuan, which grows in the wild. One of them, a boy named Lin Bo, is particularly concerned about her.