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C1687 to come to him

Moyun hangs up the phone, looks a little more confused, how can someone come to her for tutoring? She has never put up such information on any job search website.

There are two classes in the afternoon, and Muyun doesn't have time to investigate this matter. She sits down and prepares lessons carefully.

Ling wennuan escapes from class in the afternoon. She doesn't expect Xia ninglan to steal her diary without her permission.

She sat alone beside the park, took a small stone at her feet and threw it into the water. After a few splashes, the stone disappeared. Her heart was like a stone thrown by someone, spreading a circle of ripples.

She bowed her head and opened the diary, which she bought last year, but it was useless. Although she wanted to write something on it, she had no inspiration or content to write. Until Mu Weicheng came back from this vacation, after seeing him, Ling wennuan felt that her inspiration burst out, and every night she would write something to him.

Although she felt that she was just singing a monologue, writing by herself, and a lot of words were full of flesh and blood, at least she had a sustenance in her heart and an entrance to talk.

Ling Nuan sighed and closed her diary. She was going to do the bravest thing in her life.

Ling wennuan returns home by car. The old man is fighting in the garden. He looks in a good mood.

"Grandpa, are you tired? Have a cup of tea! " Ling wennuan immediately poured a cup of tea like a dog's leg and sent it to the old man.

"It's only a few days now, and school is over?" The old man is not good at bluffing. He estimated the time. At most, it's three o'clock in the afternoon. Ling wennuan has never come back so early.

"Grandpa, I'm playing truant!"


The old man choked him as soon as he had drunk the tea on his lips. He round his eyes and looked down at his stubborn granddaughter: "did you skip class? What's going on? Are you learning badly? "

Ling wennuan looked up at him and nodded, "Grandpa, I want to ask you something."

"Listen to your tone, I have to think about it, otherwise, you still don't ask, anyway, I don't agree." As soon as the old man heard that his granddaughter had just transferred to school, he learned to play truant. He immediately decided not to connive at her.

"Grandpa!" Ling wennuan immediately reached for one of his arms and shook it vigorously: "Grandpa, you don't hurt me, do you?"

"Hey, let go. I still have tea." When the old man heard her coquettish tone, he felt gooseflesh all over his body. His granddaughter pretended to look like this, which was nothing good.

Ling warm is not let go, continue shaking: "Grandpa, you are the best, you are my most respected person, if you do not help me, then how can I live."

"Stop!" The old man is afraid of her.

Ling warm fake cry expression also follow a stay, then happy way: "Grandpa, you promised me?"

Linglaozi can't help her. He can't laugh or cry: "who said I promised you? I just want to hear what you asked me to do. I can remind you that grandpa doesn't promise you anything except to study hard and make progress every day."

"Then I won't ask. I'll run away from home. I'll fast." Ling wennuan immediately turned around and said something cruel.

"What? Run away from home and come back. " Linglaozi's knife mouth and heart are full of tofu. Hearing what his granddaughter said is so serious, he must take it seriously.

Ling wennuan knew that Grandpa would not let her suffer. She immediately stood on her feet, but did not turn back.

The old man, with his hands on his back, looked around her and said, "come on, what's the trouble?"

"No trouble." Ling warms his mouth.

"Then what's the matter? Why do you say to run away from home?" The old man blew his beard and stared.

"Grandpa, I I have someone I like. " Ling warms up and closes his eyes tightly. He has an open expression.

The old man almost fainted, and immediately reached out to light her head: "warm, how old are you? You tell me that you have someone you like?"

"I'm 19 years old, and I'm an adult. It's no surprise that I have someone I like." Ling warms up with a weak expression.

The old man looked at her with a serious expression: "you are a freshman. You want to rebel. Let your parents know that you are good-looking."

"So, I can't let them know. Grandpa can help me hide it. Otherwise, I'll really die in a bad way." Ling warm is to eat the old man will help her, so I dare to be so arrogant.

"I can't help you with this kind of thing. Your mother has to blame me." As soon as the old man heard it, he waved.

"Grandpa, you hurt me the most at home. You don't help me. What should I do? Do I really want to run away from home?" Ling warm immediately red eyes, but also reached out to wipe eyes, wipe out a little tears.

"Whose son?" The old man said to cry when he saw her. I admire her for her ability. I don't know which young man is so miserable, and he is entangled by this elf.

Ling wennuan saw grandpa asked this, and knew there was a play. She quickly attached it to Grandpa's ear and whispered, "his name is mu Weicheng."

"What?" This time, the old man is really going to faint, his eyes staring at the boss: "you say it again."

"The prime minister!" Ling warm low head, a pair of wrong expression, but the voice is very firm: "it's him, it's him."

The old man's face was red, pointing at her, but he had nothing to say.

Ling warm face firm expression.

"Why is it him? Do you mean to annoy me?" The granddaughter of the old man must have been on purpose. He thinks his life is too long. He has to find Ling's family. Moreover, he is still in this sensitive period.

"Grandpa, don't get angry. I'm afraid." Ling warm immediately felt that he had done a wrong thing, and grandpa's face was red with anger.

"Are you afraid? I don't think you're afraid of anything. " The old man gnawed his teeth angrily.

"It's not a crime to like him. Why not? Grandpa, you told me when you were young. If you like a person, you have to be brave. You can't be hindered by worldly vision. When you get married, you have to find someone you like. Don't make do with it. Someone you don't like for a long life can't go on for a day." Ling warm this time, took out the father son education golden sentence to stop him.

The old man was really speechless.

"Do you like people? Do they like you? So determined that he would not marry? " The old man laughed angrily and hit her immediately.

"Grandpa, that's the problem. I'm separated from him now. How can I attract his attention? I think he must like me." Ling warm a very confident expression.

"What do you want to do?" The old man felt what she was going to do next.

"Grandpa, don't you always say that I'm spoiled and can't stand the wind and rain? Now I have a good chance to practice myself. " Ling warm immediately laughed.

"Do you want to go to practice beside Mu Weicheng?" The old man narrowed his eyes, and the granddaughter made a bold decision. A young girl ran to a group of old men to practice?

"Mm-hmm!" Ling warm immediately nodded: "I want to go, really want to go, Grandpa, you arrange it."

When the old man saw her serious expression, he wanted to faint on the spot. At least he could keep his granddaughter by his side.

"No way!" The old man refused on the spot.

"Why not? I can come to him if you just say something." Ling wennuan immediately reached out to shake his arm again: "Grandpa, please, if you are afraid that I will be bullied in the past, you can say hello for me. In short, I'll make it. If you don't let me go, I'll apply for it myself. I know that there is a shortage of people there. Even if I used to do a chore, I'll go."

"You are fooling around!" The old man was frightened by her words.

"I didn't make a fool of myself. I've thought about it carefully. Grandpa, will you help me, please?" Ling warm this time is really crying, tears fell down.

The old man looked at her and cried. He was shocked.

"Grandpa, I really like him. I've been secretly in love with him. Do you know how hard I am secretly in love? Mu Weicheng is so excellent. There must be a lot of women around him. If I don't seize the opportunity to get close to him, I can only watch him show his love in front of me with other women's hands. I can't stand that. " Ling wennuan said while crying, feeling sincere.

The old man saw her squatting on the ground, holding her knees to cry, and he also squatted down with her: "you go, people don't necessarily see you."

"I have to try once, just for three months, Grandpa, if he really doesn't like me, I'll come back, I promise." Ling warm immediately extended his small hand and made a vow.