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C1445 punishment

After Gao Yue made the decision, she immediately took the car key and went out of the office. Season

Xiaohan's manor villa is still very easy to find. It is located not far from the main line. Looking from afar, it seems to see a national scenic park with beautiful scenery. The lush and valuable trees cover the peripheral walls. It is said that there are anti-theft devices around the Manor. Once there were thieves who wanted to go in and steal things, but were half paralyzed by electricity. This one At that time, things were very noisy. Ji Xiaohan deliberately took this incident as a warning and told everyone not to get close to his territory. Gao

Yue stops at the road side of the main line, rolls down the window, the cold wind blows on her face, and blows her long hair disorderly. She turns her face sideways and looks at the huge scenery line with dull eyes. She can't imagine the life of Ji Xiaohan and the woman in it.

Although it seems that Ji Xiaohan had some opinions on his wife last time, it is absolutely a happy thing to live in such a paradise like manor, no matter whether he is happy or not. Looking at the beautiful scenery, Gao Yue is a little timid. She thinks her life is superior, but compared with Ji Xiaohan, it's quite different. Gao

Yue reaches out and takes out the smoke from her bag. She closes the window and burns her head. Her eyes hurt because of the blue smoke. She closes her eyes hard and takes a few more puffs. She coughs violently and tears fall out. She presses the smoke on the back of her hand. The burning pain makes her scream. Finally, she throws it away and looks at being scalded by the smoke She hugged the steering wheel and cried. Cry

for a while, Gao Yue decides to take this road to the black. She takes out a bottle of strong wine from the bag next to her. She looks up and drinks half of the bottle at a time. Her throat is burning and her heart seems to be burning. But she doesn't care about it. Only when she is drunk, can she be punished lightly.

Gao Yue came only when she was ready. She could bear the feeling of vomiting and drank a bottle of wine directly. Burning

her heart felt more and more intense. She was in great pain. While she was still a little conscious, she quickly drove forward. She was going to the gate of Jishi manor.

After driving for more than ten minutes, Gao Yue saw the straight road, the majestic atmosphere of repair. Four cars opened the road, and then bypassed a piece of green bamboo forest, which was the gate entrance of jixiaohan villa.

"The scenery is really good. I want to be buried here when I die. I'll be his daughter when I give birth in the next life. He will definitely hurt me and hurt me in my bones. Ha ha!" I don't know if Gao Yue is drunk or not. Gao Yue's brain is a little abnormal. So, what he thinks naturally goes against the common sense. As soon as Yue's car approached, it suddenly heard an alarm ring. Yue was shocked. It seemed that she had arrived. She immediately pushed the door to get out of the car and stumbled towards the door. She went to ring the doorbell directly, and stood in front of the monitor on purpose to let the people inside see what she looked like. Her vicious hope was finally to let the woman named Tang youyou see it, then to question Ji Xiaohan, then the relationship between husband and wife deteriorated, and finally left her heart! Ten minutes later, as Gao Yue guessed, the door opened and uncle yuan came out with four bodyguards. "Who are you? Why do you come to Jijia's gate? " Uncle yuan saw a woman stumbling towards the gate, and questioned her angrily. "

is this season's home? I came here, of course, to find him Look for him. You don't know who I am. I'm the subordinate of general manager Ji. He said that he likes me. Let me come here to find him and let me in... " "

stop her!" When Uncle yuan saw that the woman was talking drunk and nonsense, he immediately told the bodyguard behind him. Two bodyguards in black immediately stepped forward and blocked Gao Yue's way. "This is Mr. Ji's private house. Don't enter without permission, miss!"

"Ji always asked me to come here. Really, I don't believe it Ask him! " Gao Yue is drunk, but she knows what she wants to do today. She must make a scene before she is ready. "

you are a shameless woman. Do you know where the quarter house is? Dare to come here and shout. My young master never flirts with others outside. You don't talk nonsense at this time. " Uncle yuan is very angry. He has seen that the woman's comer is not good. "

ah, men love fresh women. You are his housekeeper. How do you know that he didn't provoke me? He also said he fell in love with me!" Gao Yue was wearing high heels and nearly fell down, so she leaned back against the side door wall and sneered. "

I warn you, don't make trouble here, just leave!" For the sake of her drunkenness, uncle yuan didn't entangle with her, just let her go.

"I'm not leaving. I want to see Ji Xiaohan. I want to see him. He certainly wants to see me, too. You jackals, get out of my way!" Gao Yue is also very annoyed. When he speaks, he will rush inside.

"Uncle yuan, do you want to call the police?" When the bodyguard saw that the woman was playing a rascal, he immediately asked Uncle yuan.

Uncle Yuan said calmly, "don't call the police first, I'll ask the young master!" It's always not a good thing for a woman to come to make trouble. If the police call, the reputation of the young master will be ruined once the matter is spread. Now the young master and the young grandmother are happily married. If the marriage is not harmonious because of this woman, isn't it a big loss for a small reason?

Uncle yuan hurried to the distance and called Ji Xiaohan, who was flying kites with his daughter. The bodyguard took the phone and walked towards him. "Mr. Ji, your phone!"

Ji Xiaohan is still pulling the kite line, and Tang youyou is bending his belt and running forward with his daughter xiaonai. There are already three kites competing in the sky. Now, only Ji xiaonai, a cute kitten kite, is still unable to fly, which can make the little guy sweat.

Ji Xiaohan is in a good mood. He hasn't been crazy with his family for a long time. He is relaxed and happy.

He thought it was work. He reached for the phone and saw it was Uncle yuan. He was slightly shocked and answered "Uncle yuan, what's the matter?"

"Young master, there is a woman making trouble outside the gate. How to deal with it?" Uncle yuan asked for instructions.

"What woman?" Ji Xiao's face changed suddenly and his eyes became gloomy.

"I don't know her, but she says she's part of your company." Uncle yuan replied quickly.

"Get rid of her and don't let her in!" Ji Xiaohan already knows who it is. He looks very angry. "She's drunk, she's crazy. What should I do?" Uncle yuan continued, frowning. Season

Xiao Han didn't expect this woman to play this game. He sneered, "go and prepare two buckets of ice water, wake her up, and then warn her. If you dare to make trouble here, be careful of her life!"

Uncle yuan did as he was instructed. Don

when he looked back and saw that the man's face suddenly turned gloomy, he came over and asked with concern, "is something wrong?"

Season owl cold immediately changed gentle side "nothing, continue to play with the children!"

"If you have something urgent to deal with, you can go and play with them!" Tang youyou is very understanding.

"I don't have to go myself! Don't worry! " Season owl cold smiles toward a face anxious daughter. Ji

Xiaorui holds his kite string and dances beside Ji xiaonai, deliberately angering his sister. Season

when Xiao Han saw him, he immediately reprimanded "Xiao Rui, don't be angry with Xiao Nai, you should have the style of being a brother."

Ji Xiaorui listens and runs away quickly. Ji xiaonai's big eyes are red with anger. "I must fly my kitten to the sky. Hum!"

Ji Xiaohan squats, arranges the thread for her daughter, gently persuades her, "xiaonai, don't worry, daddy helps you fly!"

"Thank you daddy!" As soon as Ji xiaonai saw daddy coming, he was very happy and fell into the man's arms to kiss him. Big

the husband and wife in the door are deeply in love with each other. Their children bear their knees and keep cheering. Outside the door, two buckets of ice water are poured on Gao Yue who is crazy about drinking. "

ah..." Gao Yue only feels that he is in the ice and snow. How can he continue to be drunk and sober.

"You..." Gao Yue was cold and wet. Her teeth were shaking. She reached out and angrily pointed to the two bodyguards. "Well, some big men bully me, a weak woman. I must let everyone know your evil deeds."

"If the young lady wakes up, please listen to me carefully. The young master said, you should dare to play nonsense again, and be careful of your life!" Uncle yuan calmly reminded her.