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"I have nothing to talk about with you!" Tang You You glared at him angrily, not giving him any face at all.

Ji Xiao Han turned around, took something out of the carriage, and personally presented it in front of Tang You You: "This is a ten-year contract with Only Idealism. There is already a seal on it signed by me, you only need to sign a few words, and you will officially become a Only Idealism designer."

Tang You You's beautiful big eyes were opened wide as a result of this, her face was filled with disbelief.

When Ji Xiao Han touched the little thing's smooth long hair, its steel-like heart instantly softened.

"You are not allowed to touch my sister's head! Only I can touch her head!" Just as Ji Xiao Han was feeling satisfied, a voice that was equally domineering woke him up.

Ji Xiao Han's long and narrow eyes looked to the side, only to see a delicate and beautiful little face, with his chin slightly raised, staring at him with an overbearing gaze.

The little guy was unhappy, so Ji Xiao Han could only unwillingly stand up. With a deep and calm gaze, he looked at Tang You You who was still in a daze: "Miss Tang, yesterday was just a misunderstanding. If you're willing to work at Only Idealism, then come today!"

After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he meaningfully curled the corner of his lips, and then, reluctantly glanced at the little fellow hiding behind her, blinking its large eyes.

The usually cold and serious him couldn't help but blink his eyes at the adorable Tang Xiao Nai.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately revealed her small teeth as she laughed happily.

"Scoundrel!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately became vigilant. He didn't like the bad guy who was flirting with his sister in front of him.

Ji Xiao Han's convoy quickly left.

Tang You You frowned, what was this man playing at?

"Mummy, that uncle is so rich. If only he could be our father's home! He's so gentle! " Tang Xiao Nai, who had been amused by Ji Xiao Han just now, sighed like a little adult, and said with a face full of anticipation.

Tang You You was shocked, and then she started to feel annoyed. Just now, she was only concerned with looking at the contract in her hands, and did not notice what that bastard had done to her daughter.

"Tang Xiao Nai, can't you have some potential? When you see a handsome man who is rich, you want to acknowledge him as your father. With your speed, how can the Mummy stand it? " Tang Xiao Rui looked at Tang Xiao Nai with disdain.

Tang Xiao Nai slapped her lips in frustration, "Everyone else has a father, we are the only ones who don't … Why aren't you letting me speak? Big brother is so annoying! "

Hearing this, Tang Xiao Rui immediately became speechless.

The thing that Tang You You was most afraid of was the two little fellows mentioning her dad. At this moment, she was so scared that she was panicking.

He quickly squatted down and hugged the two little fellows to comfort them. "Darling, don't worry. Once Mummy's work is stable, I'll find you a good father …"

"Mummy, the one you're talking about is called father. What we want is daddy …" Tang Xiao Rui's small face revealed dissatisfaction.