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C796 one's expectation

Tang youyou chuckles at Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan is not angry, but his handsome face is still sad and gentle. He has a deep voice and dotes: "at the beginning, my daughter said she didn't want her younger brother and sister, so I agreed to her. Now, she wants it. Of course, I can't let her lose her hope."

Tang youyou is speechless for a moment. This beloved madman can say anything.

Ji xiaonai pounced happily, holding the two slender fingers of Ji Xiaohan in his hands, and his mouth propped up triumphantly. He kissed Ji Xiaohan twice on the back of his hand: "Daddy is the best for me!"

Tang youyou stroked his forehead. When did his stupid daughter look like a villain.

It must have been taken bad by my son.

Ji Xiaorui, who is sitting next to Bajing, has a cold expression of onlookers.

Tang youyou glances at his son. He purses his little mouth and doesn't speak. He looks like Ji Xiaohan. He used to look like him. Now he looks more like him.

"Mommy, when can you have a sister for me? Next month? I want my sister to grow up and play with me! " When Ji xiaonai saw that his requirements were met, he began to push forward. His childish words aroused a smile from both of them.

"Stupid Nai!" Ji Xiaorui, who already knew the common sense, was finally defeated by his sister's words, so he had to scold her.

However, Ji Xiaohan was nearby, taking out his father's dignified manner, and reprimanded lightly: "don't scold your sister like this again."

Ji xiaonai has someone to make up his mind. He immediately hums with full air: "that's right, if you are not stupid, you will be scolded to be stupid!"

Tang youyou saw that the two little guys were going to make a noise again. She had to stand up and gently advise: "well, be quiet and finish your homework quickly. Whoever wants to be lazy or not to do it will not be allowed to eat!"

In fact, Ji xiaonai is afraid of Tang youyou. Although most of Tang youYou are very gentle and easy to talk, it's not fun for her to start a fire.

The two little boys just fell on the table and continued to do the rest of the homework.

Tang youyou winked at Ji Xiaohan to ask him not to disturb these two little guys.

Ji Xiaohan follows her, and they go straight back to the bedroom.

After closing the door, Tang youyou looks back at him and says, "you..."

"I'm fine!" Ji Xiaohan seems to be expecting that she will care about herself. When she makes a sound, she interrupts her quietly.

"It's ok if it's OK!" Tang youyou didn't go deep into it, but the expression of Ji Xiaohan just now still made her feel uneasy and distressed.

"Did you find Bai Zhen?" When Tang youyou thought of what he was going to do today, he asked him in a low voice.

"No, she didn't know where to go. She couldn't be found for a while." Thinking of this woman, Ji Xiaohan's face is gloomy and cold. If this woman is also one of the murderers, Ji Xiaohan will never make her feel better.

Tang youyou twisted Xiuzhi's eyebrows and said with a little surprise, "is she afraid of being guilty, so she hid herself?"

"Maybe, but I will find her as soon as possible. She can't hide for long!" Said the season owl in a cold voice.

"Well, I'm sure you can find her!" Tang youyou encouraged him softly. Because of her gentle support, the gloomy air in the cold look of Ji Xiao gradually dissipated. He took two steps towards her, put her in his arms once again with his long arm. His thin lips burned her earlobes, smelled the faint fragrance on her, and his shaking heart slowly calmed down.

"When we have finished all these things, we should consider giving birth to a younger brother and sister for Xiao Nai. She may really envy others for having a younger sister!"

In her ear, the man's deep and hoarse voice, with magnetism and heat, brushed Tang's long and soft ear, and she was trembling slightly.

Just now I thought that this man was joking with her. How can I listen to his tone more and more seriously?

"It's not so easy to have children. Let's think about it carefully." Joe chuckled at first, saying he didn't have idea yet.

"I missed the growing up time of xiaonai and Xiaorui. I want to experience the fun of growing up little by little!" Sure enough, the man is very serious, absolutely not like joking.

Tang youyou shakes again. Looking back on the earth shaking days she had with two little guys, she has no courage to mention the second child again.

"Believe me, it's certainly not fun!" Tang youyou said firmly. Later, the man gently pushed her away from his arms, and a pair of unfathomable eyes firmly fell on her face. It was not like joking to see her, and her pretty eyebrows wrinkled: "why not fun? I think xiaonai and Xiaorui were very cute when they were little. They must be very interesting.

Tang youyou wryly smiled: "it's fun to look at the photos, of course, but it's not fun to take care of them personally. Children's affairs are still a lot of miscellaneous and very energy consuming."

"I have money. I can ask many people to help me!" This sentence comes from the mouth of Ji Xiaohan. It doesn't mean to show off, because he is really rich and can do anything.

"Even so, as parents, we are worried a lot. Now there are xiaonai and Xiaorui, don't you think it's enough? In case of the next birth, it's a dragon and phoenix or twins... "

"Isn't that what you want?" The man hears her words, not only did not frighten back, on the contrary a pair of quiet eyes all changed bright.

He's looking forward to a dragon and Phoenix?

Tang youyou has an impulse to run away from him immediately. He suddenly withdraws from five steps: "no, no, I don't want to have children. Ji Xiaohan, please let me go!"

Ji Xiao's handsome face was slightly stunned. Later, he said softly, "I heard that a child is very painful. You must have suffered a lot."

Tang youyou looks dazed, and then he laughs two times: "the pain is the second thing. After all, it's all gone, but I think the two children are enough. Don't have more."

"Is it? But I also want to see who our next child will look like! " Season owl looks cold, still full of expectation and curiosity.

Tang youyou finds that he can't communicate with this man.

"Shall we not talk about this topic first? It's time to eat. Let's go downstairs first! " Tang youyou walked quickly past him.

Unexpectedly, the man reached over and took her by the wrist and gently pulled her. Tang youyou panicked and rushed into his arms again. Next second, the slender fingers reached out and clasped her chin. The thin lips seized them without warning and sealed her breath.