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C530 reluctant to part

Tang youyou didn't know how he got out of the car. He only felt that the man holding his big hand was extremely powerful, as if he didn't let her shrink. So he took her to the room upstairs.

This hotel is not very high-end. In the past, Ji Xiaohan didn't even take a look at it.

But at this moment, time is pressing, he has no idea of abandonment, just feel, he urgently needs a quiet space, and this woman has a good "talk!"

As soon as the door of the hotel was opened, there was no time to turn on the light inside. Tang youyou felt that he was tugging at his big palm with a strong force.

She almost fell into his arms unprepared, the next second, the man directly raised her chin, the thin lips of abnormal fire came.

The atmosphere suddenly soared, and the sound of traffic and horses came from outside the window. In my ear, only the overzealous breath of men was left.

In the dark, almost both of them forget everything, only each other in their eyes.

I don't know how long it has passed. Tang youyou only feels that he will be drained of all his enthusiasm and strength by this man.

Again and again Endless, let this night, once again long.

Finally, Tang youyou took a look at the time and cried out in a hurry: "don't I don't have enough time. Take me to the airport. "

"Give me another ten minutes!" Season owl cold is not satisfied at all however, low mute voice opens a mouth.

Ten minutes later, the two turned on the lights and began to dress as fast as they could.

Looking at the disorder of the bed, Tang youyou knew how warm the things just happened.

Season owl cold languidly took own wristwatch to rise, buttoned the cuff link, took her small hand: "go! Isn't it a flight? "

Tang youyou's pretty face is red. She only feels that her breath hasn't even breathed.

When she passed the hotel hall, she was embarrassed to look up at the faces of those people. She just felt so ashamed.

The car, like the wind, sped towards the airport.

Tang youyou's strength is evacuated. She leans on her position with some fatigue. Mei Mou looks out of the window, but her heart is still not calm. She still jumps in disorder.

Around, the man gracefully put the steering wheel, a hand languidly against his thin lips, as if still savoring the good taste just now.

"If I see your mother, do you need me to convey anything to you?" Joe asked, suddenly turning his head to him.

The handsome face of Ji Xiao's cold interest suddenly changed, like a layer of frost, and his tone became cold: "no, I have nothing to say to her."

"What if she asked you something? Shall I tell her? " Tang youyou continues to ask.

"I don't need her hypocrisy, let alone her concern." Ji Xiaohan sneers.

Tang youyou had to stop talking about his mother.

"And you? What do you say when you see your father? " After a long silence, Ji Xiaohan suddenly asked her.

After a long silence, Tang youyou shook his head: "I don't know, I don't even know what he looks like, but since he is my father, I always have to face him."

"Will you divorce him from my mother?" There is a trace of depression in Ji Xiaohan's tone.

Tang youyou's expression froze again. She thought for a long time and didn't know how to answer. "I don't know. I'm in a mess now. Ji Xiaohan, why do we encounter this kind of thing? If I don't pursue my life experience, if I don't show that jade pendant to your grandma, can we love like this? " Tang youyou suddenly regrets that his intestines are blue. Ji Xiaohan's expression also flashed a trace of sadness, laughing at himself: "I have tried very hard to hide this matter. I hid both jade pendants in my safe. I thought that the lock could lock this secret for a lifetime, but I underestimated the curse of fate. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. You seek the mystery of your life experience Wrong, blame me. I didn't keep the secret, which made us all in a dilemma. "

Tang youyou covers his face painfully, and his voice is full of sadness: "no, it's all my fault. It's that I'm too persistent in seeking the truth. Ji Xiaohan, why didn't you tell me earlier? If only two of us know the secret, we will keep it together. "

"I'm afraid I'm afraid you will have a psychological burden when you know it! " Ji Xiaohan confesses his inner worries.

Tang youyou is slightly stunned. Then he finds out how much this man protects himself.

Her eyes were moist. Then she held back her tears and said to herself, "regret is useless. All the truth will be revealed!"

"Yes, don't regret, let's face it together!" The man reached over and gently held her cool little hand: "you can meet your father first, to find out what kind of person he is."

"Do you still hate him?" Tang youyou asked in a soft voice. He held his big palm in his small hand. It was a little tight.

"I hate him all my life, even if he dies!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't deny his inner feelings.

Tang youyou shivers a little. Hearing Ji Xiaohan say hate, she is inexplicably uneasy and afraid.

When she arrived at the airport, Ji Xiaohan helped her to bring down her journey and whispered, "let me take you in!"

"No, there are so many people in it, and you are so dazzling!" Don youyou shook his head and didn't want him to send it.

"I don't trust you to go in alone!"

"Don't think of me as a child. I came here alone when I didn't meet you?" Tang youyou smiled a little confidently and dragged his journey forward: "go back, drive carefully on the road!"

Ji Xiaohan stands beside the car, looking at her more calm and confident figure, and her thin lips go up involuntarily.

Maybe she is not as vulnerable as he thought.

Joe first wanted to get on the plane. When she turned off her cell phone, she still sent a message to Ji Xiaohan.

Soon, the text came back.

Full of care for her: I need to be careful, take good care of myself. If you have anything, please call me.

Tang youyou looks at the message he has returned over and over again. He only feels the warmth in the early winter air.

No matter how much hatred, it seems that two loving hearts can not be stopped.

The plane took off from the runway and rushed into the black night sky.

On the road outside the airport, Ji Xiaohan leaned alone beside the car, looked up at the take-off plane, and gradually disappeared into sight, feeling a little empty. This is the first time since we met. It's so far away.