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C2007 xiaonai is angry

Tang Weixin turned around and looked at the worry and concern in the eyes of men. She slightly raised her mouth: "do you care about me? "

tie Xun frowned, and saw her face pondering. He was more angry than he could say. He lowered his face and looked at her seriously:" don't make fun of your life. We can save you once, but not the second time. "

the light in a woman's eyes becomes bright, and there is an inexplicable emotion echoing in her heart.

Is he angry because he is afraid that she will die?

"You said that my life was picked up by you. If I don't do anything for you, my conscience will be upset. "Tang Wei lowered his eyelids and covered his emotions.

"I've never asked you to give anything back. It's just a human instinct to save people. You can't always work for us until you have made a detailed and complete plan. "The man said angrily and turned away.

Tang Weixin looks at the man's huge reaction. She is not only not angry, but also very happy.

At the gate to the International Airport, Cheng Yue was relieved when he saw the gate. Looking at the sleeping woman in her arms, Cheng Yue felt a little sad.

She could see that Xiao Nai and Mr. tie really loved each other, and they belonged to the kind of people who loved deeply.

In such a sad way, if Xiao Nai wakes up, she will be disappointed.

I hope she can understand Mr. tie's hard work.

When the plane took off, the vibration woke the sleeping woman. She slowly opened her eyes. The picture in front of her surprised her.

The simple wooden house is gone, instead of the high-end seats.

"Where is this? "She turned to see Cheng Yue and frowned.

"This is the plane. Your brother sent a plane to pick us up. "Cheng Yue said sadly.

Ji Tingyan's brain explodes. She grabs her sleeve nervously and asks anxiously, "how about binding them? "

Cheng Yue can't bear to tell her the truth, but he can't help saying it.

"Mr. Fu put some medicine in the lukewarm boiled water that you drank to let you sleep till now. They are still there. Xiao Nai, I'm sorry. I cheated you with them. If you want to fight or scold, just come to me. I really don't want to see you in danger. "Cheng Yue said with red eyes.

Ji Tingyan's eyes darkened and she became silent.

It's more worrying that she doesn't cry or talk.

Cheng Yue apologized to her for a long time. She finally spoke in a sad voice: "I don't blame you. You all want me to be OK. "

Cheng Yue blames herself more. She knows everything, but it's just because of this that she makes people more distressed. On the way back, Ji Tingyan became silent.

Cheng Yue dare not quarrel with her, can only accompany her in silence.

From day to night, the clouds outside the window are turning. When they are about to land, there is a big thunder in the sky. Seeing a storm coming, Ji Tingyan can't help tears in her eyes and finally glides down silently.

She decided to ignore him.

He said that she was his woman, but he didn't think so. Otherwise, why didn't he discuss with her when he made such a big decision?

Push her away in this childish way. See if she can spare him next time.

Tieting, who is thousands of miles away, is driving back to the city. He feels a chill on his back. His heart can't help grabbing him.

After calculating the time, she should have come home.

Although he was a little lost without her, it was just because he knew that she was waiting for him to go back in the distance that he had greater motivation to face the reality.

He left his brother and Tang Weixin in place. He took several people back to the city. With Po's contact information, he also had to plan to get the evidence.

In the car, he has already contacted the leader of Bao. When the other party heard that he wanted 20 million goods, he seemed very sincere and agreed on the place to meet.

The time was very urgent, and he didn't want to delay for a second. That night, he wanted to talk about meeting, and the other party seemed very happy.

It's getting dark. The winter here is not too cold. Tie Ting, wearing a formal suit, comes to the meeting place with a group of people under him.

In a very busy bar, where ghosts and ghosts mingle, it's the best place to do some shady business. Feting really doesn't like this atmosphere, which may be related to his career. He was also a member of the army before, and there is a kind of righteousness in his bones. This kind of invisible trade makes him extremely disgusted.

In a box on the second floor, behind the gray floor window, there is a very beautiful woman hiding. Her long hair is curled and curved, and she looks at the incoming tieting with a blank face, which is a very familiar Oriental face.

And the most handsome and fierce temperament of the Oriental man, strong and tall body, full of strong male hormones, every inch he passed, there were women looking back at him, eyes full of greed and possessiveness.

Hiding behind the curtain, the woman's eyes became bright.

After so long here, she finally has a face that can make her amazing.

Po often spits out the smoke in his mouth and sits down on the sofa beside him with a comfortable posture. The cigarette in his hand is in its mouth, and the corner of his mouth rises gently.

From time to time, a woman reaches out her hands and wants to put some oil on a man's strong body, with love and temptation.

Tie Ting's temperament has two sides. When he is serious, he will feel aloof and aloof. But when the smile on the corner of his mouth rises, he is full of evil.

Women are the most infatuated with bad men. From the moment they step into the bar, tie Ting will have a playful mentality.

His keen eyes swept through every corner of the bar, but he didn't find the woman. He looked up, and his heart had a foundation.

The woman on the sofa flicked the ash and said slowly, "go down and greet him, then bring him up. A man went downstairs immediately.

"Hello, Mr. tie. We called. You can call me Lyon. "The man talked with him in English with a smile on his face.

"Are you sure you can supply the goods I want? I will leave the dock early tomorrow morning. "Tie Ting looked at what he said without expression.

"Our boss is upstairs. She has to nod her head if you can deliver the goods. Otherwise, you can sit up and have a good chat with her. "Leon said with a smile.

Tie Ting nodded. His man wanted to follow him and was stopped by Lyon: "boss, I just want to talk to Mr. tie alone."

Tie Ting winked at the people behind him and stepped on the stairs.

The privacy of the second floor is very good. Tie Ting looks around. It seems that this woman named a Bao has her influence here.