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C1206 the result of a week's ban

His son's concern for himself made Tang youyou feel thousands of things. His son is nearly five years old, and his time is really fast. Unexpectedly, he has lived in Jijia for more than a year. Night

at night, Ji Xiaohan was wearing a dark Nightgown, standing on the balcony in a depressed mood, smoking, and the light fell on his body, which showed his tall and healthy body, the great bank and the full sense of security. Ji

Xiao Rui also wore a small Nightgown of the same color, and came out from the door. The little boy over five years old, whose height is about one head higher than his sister's, is standing up long, while Ji xiaonai, a little cute girl, is lying across long, which makes the whole family feel funny and laughing. The light is reflected in the delicate and beautiful face, and the beauty of Yinglie is completely inherited between the eyebrows and eyes. The thin mouth is pursed. At a young age, the face is extraordinary, calm and introverted.

"Daddy!" He came up and shouted. Season

Xiao Han quickly put the half burnt cigarette in his hand, put it out in the ashtray beside him, turned around and looked at his son. His handsome face was gloomy and soft.

"It's so late, why haven't you slept?" Ji Xiaohan crouches down and looks down at the little guy. He looks at his big eyes, which are obviously sleepy, but he can't bear to sleep. He must have something to worry about again. "

daddy, are you worried about Mommy?" The little guy saw the tired color on daddy's face and asked in a low voice.

"Yes, of course Dad is worried. Are you worried about her, too?" Ji Xiaohan asked him with a smile. "

daddy, I gave you mommy. You must protect her from being hurt!" Ji Xiaorui is a little adult. "

don't worry, daddy will take good care of her. You should grow up quickly and be the guardian of mommy and sister, OK?" Ji Xiao's son is more and more respected for his attitude, which is a good thing. It shows that in his son's mind, he is a father with a big image, and a person worthy of trust and trust. "

well, if I have a father, I'll be relieved. Good night, daddy. You should go to bed earlier, too!" The little guy got the answer he wanted, and he was relieved.

"Come on, daddy's going to have a rest!" Season owl cold stands up, big hand is holding small hand, left balcony.

Ji Xiaohan takes his son to the children's room and sees his daughter sleeping sideways. The quilt has been kicked off by her legs. The money for sleeping is really uneasy.

He bent over, reached out and covered her quilt, then turned his head and told his son, "if you wake up in the middle of the night, remember to see if my sister kicked the quilt and covered it for her."

"I will. Don't worry, daddy. Although this stupid little Nai sleeps like a pig, she is my sister!" Ji Xiaorui said with a smile.

"Well, it's like being a brother. Daddy is relieved!" Season owl cold bent over to kiss on the cerebellum gate of baby girl and, this just turned off the light, gently put the door on.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Tang youyou has taken a bath, lying on the bed and sorting out the results she learned these days. Seeing the man come in, she quickly put her laptop aside.

"So serious?" Ji Xiaohan looks at her and asks with a smile. "

I just want to summarize some experience quickly, otherwise in a few days, what can I do if I forget?" Tang youyou's mouth is up, and her beautiful eyes are full of affection. She looks at the man who comes to her.

Season owl cold eyes also tightly lock her, more than a week did not meet, he is really missing.

After taking a bath, Tang youyou was wearing a lavender nightdress. His long black hair had just been washed and dried. It was soft and smooth, like silk forging, hanging over his shoulders, giving a gentle and beautiful appearance.

Even though she has been a mother, her pure temperament is still there. Her eyes are spotless. When looking at you, the water waves are light and beautiful.

Ji Xiaohan's breathing is only a little sluggish. He can't help but lean down directly. Tang youyou is obedient and falls back. They stare at each other with the potential of heaven and earth. The deep feeling in their eyes is not hidden at a glance. From the former mutual dislike to the present mutual confession and trust, this feeling has come step by step. The deep feeling between each other is like a cornerstone, which builds the most stable foundation.

"Long time!" Ji Xiaohan can't help but call down her name. At this moment, his heart can't be restrained any more. He thinks of her and misses her like a tide. This week, he looks calm on the surface, but there is always a sense of missing in his heart. In fact, he lacks her. "

MM!" Tang youyou's pretty face suddenly turned red. The man called her name so affectionately, as if there was a fire burning directly to her heart, which made her whole body hot. "

did you miss me this week?" Season owl cold sexy thin lips hook up, ask out of words, with sour meaning.

"I've been thinking about work all week Oh! "

Before Tang youyou finished speaking, she was blocked by a man. Besides thinking about him, Ji Xiaohan didn't want to hear anything that had nothing to do with him. Was this woman intentional? Knowing that he was crazy about her, he was still making him angry.

The next picture can't be described in words. Tang youyou deeply feels how men think of her, and how far they think of her, almost squeezing all her enthusiasm and energy. Morning! Don

vaguely, she felt that a heavy object was igniting on her again. She couldn't bear it, so she had to stretch out her hand to push him. Season

Xiao Han reached out, took her small hand, attached it to her ear and whispered, "there's something I haven't told you yet." "

What's up?" Tang youyou really wants to sleep for a while. Why does this man have such good physical strength and come to provoke her again in the early morning. "

Bai Yiyan is pregnant. Now she should be taken home to live. You should visit her this noon!" Ji Xiaohan feels that Bai Yiyan must be younger sister in law in the future. Let Tang youyou take good care of her.

"Really?" Tang youyou suddenly wakes up, because the news is too surprising for her. Before she went abroad, didn't Ji Yueze pretend to be with Yang Siyu? How can I hear about Bai Yiyan's pregnancy now? It seems that this is a good thing.

"It's true. My grandma also knows. For the sake of her children, she has no objection this time!" Ji Xiaohan can't help but raise his lips and smile. Grandma can't see that her offspring are suffering. So, at the beginning, he gave his brother such a bad idea, which seems to have really worked.

"That's great. Bai Yiyan is pregnant. Your grandma forgives her. The good things between her and your brother are coming." Tang youyou said happily.

"I don't know if good things can be near, but the most important thing is to let Bai Yiyan give birth to her baby. She was injured and had a baby in the hospital because of her father. She should be OK." Ji Xiaohan is most worried about Bai Yiyan's physical condition. "

then I'll go shopping this noon and have a look." Tang youYou can't help worrying. A woman should be careful when she is pregnant. However, she didn't have much idea when she was pregnant. The two little guys were also very real. She ran around every day at that time, but the children were also good. But the women's natural constitution was different. Some people were slightly weaker, so we should be careful. "

well, it's almost nine o'clock now. It's time to get up!" Season owl cold finish saying, turn over get out of bed. "

ah, it's over nine? The children Did you go to class? " Tang youyou's mind explodes and guilt rises in her heart. Her mother-in-law actually sleeps more than nine o'clock. "

don't worry, grandma and mom won't say anything about you." Seeing her nervous face, Ji Xiaohan immediately laughed.

"Are you still smiling? It's all your fault! " Tang youyou stared at him angrily, grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. Season

Xiao Han reached out his hand and caught it easily. Evil airway: "I have been forbidden for more than a week. I can't help it. I promise you, I will control it in the future!"

Tang youyou took a look at him and didn't want to know him. This man can believe some things, but she doesn't believe a word of what he said in bed. Don

wash your clothes quickly, change your clothes and go downstairs. When you go down the stairs, you feel guilty.