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C1911 is about fighting

After he Jiaxuan got off the class, he was called back by his parents to have dinner. Two lovely daughters surrounded him, and he could finally feel the warmth of his family.

He Mu suddenly came over. Two little girls ran to hug her legs. She hurried immediately: "OK, go to play with my aunt."

When he Jiaxuan saw that his mother's attitude towards his two daughters was not as good as before, he stood up straight and his smile froze.

"Is her stomach still quiet?"

He mother frowned and asked her son.

"Mom, don't rush me any more. My relationship with her has been a little stiff recently. It's impossible to have children for the time being."

He Jiaxuan said very impatiently.


How rigid is it?

Is she acting up again?

This woman has no ability to have a son. She knows how to take care of you every day. It's really a misfortune in her family. She married a female tiger to come back and make the house uneasy. "

Mother he immediately talked about it. After Xia shuran got married, she carried it with her mother. She had been competing for favor in front of him Jiaxuan for many years, but the truth was that she couldn't be second to none. She obviously didn't understand it. As long as mother he was there, she didn't want to be a hostess in any other family, but she was not willing to challenge her mother-in-law's majesty every day. After giving birth to her daughter, she also directly threw it to her mother-in-law. She continued Live her natural life.

"Mom, I want to divorce her."

He Jiaxuan suddenly opens his mouth. He has been thinking about this matter for a long time. No one has said it, but his mother really thinks for him. He can only discuss it with her.

"Have you thought it over?"

Not only is he Mu not angry, but also looks at him with support: "divorce is the normal now. Our he family must have a son to inherit the family business. Of course, I support you, just Does the woman promise?

In case she makes a scene, will it have an impact on the company? "

"Don't worry, I'll find a way for her to divorce on her own initiative."

He Jiaxuan's eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

"Well, you can leave. In fact, even if you don't leave, I'm going to ask you to go outside and find a woman to have a son."

He's still very happy, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight, she must be the winner.

"Ma, Xia Xinnian is back home."

He Jiaxuan can't hold any other women in his mind now. He still has a obsession with Xia Xinnian. Now, seeing her gorgeous return, his heart itches.

"Why do you still miss her?

You worthless thing. "

He Mu's face darkened.

"Mom, when I married Xia shuran, what I wanted was the door behind her. I had no feelings for her, but I had different ideas about Xia. I liked her."

He Jiaxuan looks ashamed.

"I don't care whether you like her or not. You can't find her anymore. She won't like you any more."

He Mu reminded him sternly.

"If I put all the mistakes of that year on Xia shuran, she will certainly forgive me, mom. If I marry again, I will think about her. I'll just tell you that."

After he Jiaxuan finished, he took his coat and went out directly.

His mother's face is black, but her son is her heart after all. No matter how he does, she will not be really angry.

"Xia Xinnian?

What did she come back for?

Did it come back for revenge? "

His mother was shocked. She suddenly realized that something was wrong. Xia Xinnian might have come back to break up their relationship.

Xia Xinnian is affirmed by Ji's family. She is also a reassuring pill. At present, all she has to do is to do her job well.

The next day, Xia shuran came to pick up her customized dress, and she still had a famous brand all over her body.

When she came over, she heard about the design competition at the front desk. Her face changed. Unexpectedly, the company attached so much importance to Xia Xinnian and wanted to send her to attend the competition.

Xia shuran's heart is more uncomfortable after listening to it. In recent years, she has been living a rich wife's life and not worried about her life. But at the same time, she also stays where she is. Unlike Xia Xinnian, she is a little famous now. Even if she doesn't need to rely on men, she will make a good future for herself.

Xia shuran can't help but be afraid. Even if she has money in her hand and her mother's family is reliable now, she still feels that she is used to being in the comfortable circle. In the future, she can't compare with Xia Xinnian.

"Take Mrs. he to try on the clothes."

When Xia Xinnian saw Xia shuran's first sentence, he explained to the assistant.

Xia shuran saw that Xia Xinnian didn't look at herself at all. She was upset and sat down directly opposite Xia Xinnian's desk.

"Xia Xinnian, do you have any news about your son, Jiaxuan

Xia shuran deliberately threatened her.

Xia Xinnian looks up at her, takes out her mobile phone immediately, compiles a short message on her mobile phone and sends it out.

"Whether he knew it or not, now he knows it."

Xia shuran glanced at the message. She was angry and twisted. Xia Xinnian sent this message to he Jiaxuan. How confident she was.

"Didn't you climb up last season?

Why didn't you see him open your relationship?

Is it because you have a son who hates you? "

Xia shuran was angry but asked her more sarcastically.

Xia Xinnian knows that Xia shuran is unhappy now. She doesn't want to get angry if she wants to find her misfortune. She just says lightly, "what do you want to do if you care so much about my private life?"

"I don't want to care about you."

Xia shuran said with a black face.

"Now that you are here, I have something to ask you. Where is Grandpa's will?

I'd like to see the distribution of heritage. My father's equity in Xia's family. Ask my uncle when he will be free to call me. I want to make a small investment. "

Xia Xinnian said to her calmly.


Xia Xinnian, how long has your father been dead?

Do you know that Xia family can have today, all thanks to my father?

You don't give anything, you want to give money?

You have a big face. "

Xia shuran was immediately stimulated, like an angry hen, screaming at her.

Xia Xinnian leaned back in the chair, with her hands around her chest, and looked at her angry face. She said with a cold face: "if you promise not to appear in front of me from now on, I may forget this matter, but you run in front of me again and again to play with me. I really want to make a good calculation of this account. How did you and he Jiaxuan frame me in those days Yes. "

"Xia Xinnian, what do you want to do with me?

I should let Jiaxuan come to see your true face. Don't think you have a pure face, and you don't want to ask for money at last. "

Xia shuran is actually a woman who has come to quarrel with her. She is angry. Now she wants to quarrel with Xia Xinnian and make her look like a shrew. In this way, men will also dislike her.