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C794 heavy blow

Bai Yiyan keeps calling Bai Zhenzhen, but they all turn off. She has no choice but to call her mother. When she receives her daughter's call, Bai Yiyan is delighted. When she asks Bai Zhenzhen if she has any other contact information, Bai's mother is shocked.

"What's the matter, elder sister? Can't she get through on the phone? " White mother has an unbelievable expression.

"Mom, you and my elder sister are close at ordinary times. I know if she has any other residence and contact information. I have something urgent to find her." Bai Yiyan can only rely on her mother.

White mother frowned: "I know that she has several properties in other cities, which are only used for occasional holidays. There is no other contact information. What's the urgent matter for you to find her!"

"Mom, can you give me her other address in detail? I really need it! " Bai Yiyan dare not tell the truth. She believes that her mother certainly does not know that aunt has done such things before.

"Why are you so worried? How is your relationship with jiyueze? Is there any progress? " Bai's mother is more concerned about her daughter's happiness. You know, if Ji Yueze became her son-in-law, it would be too brave for her to boast among the sisters.

"Mom, that's what I did with him. Send me the address as soon as possible. Hurry up!" Bai Yiyan is concerned about Aunt's safety at the moment. No matter what mistake she made, she believes she has already reflected and repented. Even if Ji's family really wants to cure her crime, it won't kill her. Soon, Bai Zhenzhen's addresses were sent to all places. Almost all of them are through cities, and many are tourist destinations. There are six places in total. Bai Yiyan knows that Aunt Bai didn't give birth to a son and a half of a daughter, so she's very ruthless in spending money on investment. However,

didn't expect her to have so many private real estate. Her mother knows for sure It's just part of it.

No matter what, it's a bit of a face at last.

Bai Yiyan calls Ji Yueze and tells him about it.

Ji Yueze said lightly: "your information is not useful to me at all. My eldest brother has investigated all the properties of Bai Zhenzhen. He has sent someone to look for her, but I believe that if she is smart, she will not hide in her own house."

Bai Yiyan's strength disappeared in a flash. She fell on the sofa and her brain swelled.

"Ji Yueze, did my aunt do more harm this time?" Bai Yiyan's voice was a touch of sadness.

"Yes!" After Ji Yueze finished, he hung up directly.

When it's dark, Ji Xiaohan gets the message that she has not been found in all the houses that Bai Zhenzhen may live in, and she really disappears completely.

Ji Xiaohan didn't expect this woman to hide so tightly. She may have cut off all connections. Is it for self-protection? Or she was forbidden to be fixed at all.

In any case, the current news is useless.

Tang youyou came back to Ji's home early. Seeing Ji Xiao and Han Jun coming in tired, she immediately felt hurt.

"The children are back." Ji Xiaohan thought of his promise to buy toys for his daughter in the morning. After a busy day, he finally remembered when he was almost home. He lost his words again. He didn't know if the little guy would get angry.

"I took them to play in an amusement park near the school this afternoon!" Hearing that he was the first to ask the child, Tang youyou immediately thought of his promise to his daughter, so he said with a smile.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan looked slightly stunned. Then, thin lips kissed her on the forehead: "it's still your intention."

"I'm free. Unlike you, I'm busy all day!" Tang youyou smiles.

"And grandma?" Asked Ji Xiaohan suddenly.

Tang youyou pointed to the upstairs: "it should be talking with grandpa!"

Ji Xiaohan takes off his coat and gives it to Tang youyou: "I'll go to find her!"

Ji Xiaohan didn't take the straight ladder to go up, but went straight to the stairs. On the third floor, it was the residence of the old man and the old lady. They liked to be high and quiet. Apart from the regular cleaning by the servants, they hardly walked around.

The space on the third floor is cleared by the season owl, which provides the most comfortable environment for grandparents.

Season owl cold changed slippers, at this moment, slippers step on the thick carpet, can't make a sound.

Therefore, the dialogue from the room also clearly came into the ear of Ji Xiaohan.

Originally, Ji Xiaohan wanted to push the door. Suddenly, he froze and the whole person stayed outside.

He heard grandma crying. It was the sound of crying and scolding.

"You have to go first. What should I do? You have been asked to exercise for a long time. You always say that if you are busy, can you be more important than you? Now, the doctor says you can only endure for a few months. What do you want me to do? "

The old lady's cry is pressing on her back, which shows how sad she is.

"Well, don't cry. Don't let the children hear you!" The old man's tone was tender and comforting.

"I can't help it. I don't want you to leave!" The old lady said and wiped her tears.

"We've lived long enough. How long has Xiao Nan been away? I can go down and accompany him!" The old man is a very open mood, no sorrow, no joy, a resigned attitude.

"What do you do when you leave me and the children?" The old lady asked him angrily again.

"Some children will be filial to you. I don't worry!" The old man said with a smile.

The old lady was silent for a long time, so she had to stop scolding him and sighed: "well, it won't change anything anyway. In these months, we get along well, and we won't make any noise."

"You must keep the secret. Don't let the children know. They will be sad." The old man immediately appeased.

"Don't worry, I said in front of the children that you will live a hundred years." The old lady finally laughed.

Ji Xiaohan is frozen. Next, he can't seem to hear any more. His brain is blank.

Instead of pushing the door, he walked downstairs with his legs stiff and heavy.

Is Grandpa really in such a serious condition?

Why does every time he asks the doctor and grandma, they tell him that grandpa is in good health. Are they cheating him?

Ji Xiao's cold eyes swelled inexplicably. He didn't expect that his grandparents had been lying to him all the time, and he also joined the doctor to cheat him.

He always thought grandpa was in good health, but he only had a few months left.

It's like a bolt from the blue, which makes the season owl cold deeply hit.

When Tang youyou took his coat and went upstairs, he saw Ji Xiaohan walking down the stairs. She looked up at him and said, "how can you get down so quickly? Don't you want to talk to your grandmother? " "Long time!" The man stepped on the last step of stairs, hugged her fiercely, buried his head in her neck, speechless for a long time.