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C1539 expression of love

At about eleven o'clock, the guests were almost all here. At the beginning of the engagement banquet, there was a simple speech ceremony before the delicious food was put on the table. The two old men held the microphone and said no to each other. The atmosphere was relaxed for a while.

Finally, linglaozi is going to say it first. He is full of silver hair and full of spirit. He kindly looks at a pair of young people standing beside him and sighs: "in my memory, Mo Feng is just a quiet and beautiful young man, holding books everyday, sitting in the pavilion in front of our house, reading books for half a day. Sometimes he forgets to eat, so I have to urge you three times and four times. That At that time, I just want to get rid of this boy. I think he is not lively enough. I want to throw him into a group of girls to have fun. "

Ling's words caused a roar of laughter. Ling's face was speechless. How could grandpa say that?

"However, Mo Feng may realize that his temperament is too quiet to be disliked by me. He began to play with people and socialize in high school. As far as I know, one of his best friends is sitting in the VIP table." Ling Laozi looks at Ji Xiaohan with a smile. Ji Xiaohan holds his glass and signals to the other side.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face is red. He has an impulse. He wants to snatch grandpa's microphone quickly, and he won't let him go on. He has a hard time maintaining his tall image, just afraid that he will lose his horse.

LAN Yanxi is full of joy and expectation. She would like to hear more about Ling Mo Feng when he was a child. I think his growth experience must be very interesting.

"In a twinkling of an eye, my grandson will be engaged. When his beloved girl comes, I'm here to bless the young couple. I hope they will enjoy each other and go hand in hand. Thank you for your time. Thank you very much." Linglaozi seems to find that sun Zijun's face is red, so he has to stop saying more words, a few thanks, and finish his speech.

The blue old man took the microphone and smiled: "sad words, I don't want to say a word, today is my granddaughter Yan Xi's good day, I just hope she will be happy in the future."

LAN Yanxi looks at Grandpa. His eyes are sore. He wants to cry but he holds back.

I don't know when the microphone was delivered to Ling Mo Feng. He took it, but it was a little heavy. For a while, he didn't know what to say.

If it is in the conference room, or in his work, let him speak, he is absolutely calm and unhurried, but at the moment, his brain is only a little empty, thousands of words, he does not know which words to start with.

"Yan Xi, do you want to say something?" Ling Mo Feng lowered his head and asked her gently.

Lanyanxi shook his head: "I don't want to say, otherwise, let's let the guests eat."

LAN Yanxi is not a person who likes sensationalism. Moreover, she has a stupid mouth. Facing so many distinguished guests, she also has a blank brain. She feels that the love talk is to close the door and say it to Ling Mo Feng alone. In front of so many people, she can't say a word.

"Big brother, you won't forget to bring the engagement ring, will you?" Ling wennuan asked with a smile.

Ling found that there was a very important part that they forgot to do. Because their engagement ceremony today was very simple, and they didn't ask the emcee to help activate the atmosphere, so many things, once they get nervous, are easy to forget.

Lingmo Feng just reached for the ring box. Chu lie hurriedly came over: "Sir, your ring is here."

Lingmo Feng thought that he had put the small box in his briefcase. He was red and handsome. He quickly reached out and took it from Chu lie's hand. Looking down, he saw that the girl standing in front of him was laughing with her fingers against her lips.

"Last night, I forgot a lot." Ling Mo Feng is also embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter. Even if it doesn't, I'm not angry." LAN Yanxi replied with a chuckle.

Yesterday, LAN Yanxi experienced the scene of chaos, so she really can understand it.

Ling Mo Feng opened the box and took out a shiny diamond ring. She saw that the girl actively extended her left hand to him. Ling Mo Feng was stunned. Then she put the ring ring on her ring finger.

"Brother, wrong. You are engaged now, not married. The engagement is on this finger." Ling wennuan watched brother's every move all the way. When she saw that he had brought the diamond ring to LAN Yanxi's ring finger, she immediately reminded him.

Ling warm words, attracted many people in the audience have the impulse to laugh again.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was startled, and he heard that blue Yan Xi also laughed. When the man got stupid, he was really cute.

Ling found that he didn't take his IQ out today, and he always made mistakes.

However, he finally succeeded in wearing the diamond ring on the middle finger of blue Yanxi's left hand, which indicated that the famous flower of this woman was in charge.

Blue Yan Xi is biting the lower lip, some infatuated looking at the ring on his finger, in the heart can not say happy.

Mei is sitting on the fourth table, far away, but she's as stiff as a sculpture.

Staring at the couple in front, she actually prepared a good play today. I don't know why. She felt that her good play was going to be yellow.

A man likes a woman, and his eyes may be full of possessiveness and greed. But when a man loves a woman, his eyes are absolutely spoiled and gentle. At this moment, Ling Mo Feng looks at LAN Yanxi's eyes, and she suddenly understands what is love carved into her bones. There is really a person in the world who can love another so deeply Individuals.

Sister Mei was stunned. Her heart was torn apart, as if she had been lovelorn.

"Wrong, all wrong." Mei held her skirt in her hand and murmured in her heart that the old president's message was wrong, and so was the message blue fibril gave her.

"Damned blue fiber, trapped in my death again." Mei Jie hates nothing at the moment. She thinks that blue fiber is just like a waste. She is also a member of the blue family. She even got the news wrong.

Lanyanxi takes off another male diamond ring and puts it on the man's slender middle finger gently. She looks at the man's hand with the ring, and her heart is inexplicably full of joy.

With this diamond ring, we can let all women know that Ling Mo Feng is engaged.

The ceremony was very simple. At last, Ling's warm voice overtook everyone's voice and shouted: "kiss one, kiss one Kiss one. "

Ling wennuan was excited to shout. When she found that she was the only one shouting, she fell down and glanced at her parents. At last, she smiled at Ling Mo Feng: "brother, I'm joking."