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After Yang ChuChu finished, he covered his face with shame and ran away.

Luo Jinyu looks at the girl who escapes in the video. Her thin lips go up for a while. She is in a sunny mood. Now, the flowers are blooming in spring.

"Elder brother, this girl is deeply in love with you. You should treat others well!" Lohnin seldom has a chance to tease his elder brother.

Lohnin couldn't control his mouth. It was all because Lok Jin Yu's position in his mind was too high. He would never lose his temper and lose his soul. But now, he has the woman he loves. No matter how well he manages himself, he must not be the steady and frightened one.

"Well, you don't have to remind me!" Luo Jin Yu gave him a vague look and replied in a low voice. "

next, let me do it!" Mu shiye immediately volunteered.

Pei Anxin also stands at the end of the video gracefully. She has made up a lot today. When mu

took a look at the night, reached out to touch his chest, and immediately laughed: "this is the feeling of heart!" Pei

Anxin took a look at him, and immediately asked seriously: "when you say the day when we first met, it should be accurate to every minute and second. When you say it, I will let you in!"

"Ah..." When he was admiring, there was a sense of fear of looking up and spitting blood for three liters. His handsome eyes widened incredulously, and then widened: "Anxin, what's the hatred, what's the resentment? You should treat me like this!"

Pei Anxin hands ring in front of her chest, a pair is to rectify your cruel expression. A few men standing by Mu Shi night didn't hold back one by one and smiled directly. From

it was lohnin, who was about to laugh. He reached out his hand and patted Mu's shoulder sympathetically: "brother, take care!"

Ji Xiaohan also joked: "at that time, can I go in and take Tang youyou away? It's all up to you. Think about it quickly and remember it carefully."

When the night was also aware of the feeling of heart, now, he only felt the panic heart fear heart suffocation short. "

Anxin, another question, this It's really hard for me. I'm old and have a bad memory. I'm afraid I've got a wrong answer, which will affect people's happy days. " When night is only vaguely remember, probably remember, so, he dare not answer, afraid of mistakes. "

OK, then give me a sincere word. Have you ever held hands with other women except me?" Pei Anxin didn't want to embarrass him too much, so she added another sentence, and finally stressed: "it must be true words. Don't lie to me!"

"Well, there is!" Mu shiye nodded immediately: "I didn't lie, I really did, I led my mother's, my sister's, my little princess's!"

"Mu Shi night..." Pei Anxin glared at him over there. A group of men standing behind Mu Shi night all thumbs up to him secretly, which is a wonderful answer.

"Anxin, I'll apologize for coming home. Now, let's hurry up and change to another one!" Mu Shi sees his girlfriend's angry expression at night. The satisfied expression disappears in a moment, and he smiles with doting face.

Pei Anxin glared at him, which left pingmu.

"Bai Yiyan, are you there?" Ji Yueze came to the screen and shouted in a low voice. "

of course I am!" Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to call her. She hurriedly came over. Her clear and divine eyes hit the deep bottom of the man's eyes.

"Don't you have anything to ask me?" Ji Yueze propped up one hand in front of the screen and asked her.

Bai Yiyan bit the lip slice, and meimou slightly flashed a little struggle. Finally, she bit the lip slice and shook her head: "I have nothing to ask!"

"Don't go, come back!" When Ji Yueze saw that she was going to leave, he immediately whispered, "I have something to ask you!" White

Yiyan had to stand back to the screen and blink at him: "what do you want to ask?"

It's strange that other people are all women's questions. Why does Ji Yueze turn around? It's a style that doesn't play according to common sense. It's really like him.

"I want to ask you, will you marry me?" Ji Yueze's voice was soft. Everyone was shocked when he asked.

There came a woman's exclamation: "Wow, is this a proposal?" Bai

Yi Yan also didn't expect Ji Yueze to propose to her in such a serious manner at this time. She was a little bit stunned.


"Promise him, don't hesitate!" "

that is to say, at this time, I will definitely agree. How sincere the boss is!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile. All of them are urging Bai Yiyan to agree with him, but Bai Yiyan, as the main character, is really scared and struggling.

"You didn't think about it, or didn't you want to marry me?" Ji Yueze frowned, a look of loss and injury: "you have to answer quickly, my brother is impatient." Next to him,

the cold owl came directly from the side of the season: "don't worry, let her think slowly. If she wants to answer, it's OK!" Season

the more Ze is in a hurry. Every twinkling eyes of this woman are closely affecting his heart. "

I promise you!" Finally, Bai Yiyan nodded her head, because she felt that she was really wasting time. Today is sister youyou's wedding. She doesn't want to miss the auspicious time because of herself. In other words, Ji Yueze chose to propose at this time, which is absolutely the right choice and also very dark. Next,

it's lohnin's turn. He goes to the screen and is immediately shocked by the powerful figure of Mulin's gas field. However, lohnin is not afraid at all. Instead, he appreciates Mulin's temperament.

"Lohnin, I'll ask you once more, will you prefer men to women?" Murin's words, through the screen, you can feel a strong feeling. Luo

Henning immediately raised his hand: "I swear to God, I will never, my brother can guarantee for me, if I disobey this oath, I will be thunderstruck with my brother!" After the body

LUO Jinyu: "..." Why do you want to talk about him?

Several other unrelated men are going to burst out laughing again. I didn't expect that Luo's way of getting along was so interesting. Mu is very satisfied with this oath, so she just waved: "open the door!"

When the door opened, Ji Xiaohan was relieved at last. Fortunately, he invited the best man company to his watch. Otherwise, it would not be easy to break through the door. Five

all men are tall, handsome and handsome. Like the natural noble prince, they step gracefully from the door to the hall. Several women standing in the hall have straight eyes. Wow, why are so many handsome men standing together so attractive? At this time, Tang Youyou, under Xia Weiwen's hand, came down step by step from the upstairs.

As soon as Ji Xiao raised his eyes, they were directly glued to the woman who came down. Today, she is so beautiful.