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To meet all her demands

Luo Jin Yu sat down on the small sofa in the bedroom and heard the sound of Yang Chu Chu running to the door.

The moment the door opened, a man's voice came out. Luo Jin Yu's handsome face instantly sank, why was it a man?

Yang Chu Chu was clearly also very surprised that the young man who stood outside the door was actually the young fresh meat guy who wanted to fight against her this time around.

"Yi Qin? What's the matter? " Yang Chu Chu asked curiously with a smile on her face.

"Chuchu, you haven't eaten yet right? I brought you breakfast. Let's eat together!" Bai Yiqin smiled as he spoke. Lifting his hand, he saw that he had packed several bags, which should be the weight of two people.

Yang Chu Chu never thought that Bai Yiqin would actually send her food so early in the morning. She was grateful, but she was really not in a good mood today.

"There's no need for that. I just made breakfast, bring it back to someone else to eat!" Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed dryly and refused.

Bai Yiqin pushed the door open and sniffed. He praised, "Chuchu, you made fried eggs again? "Wow, I really miss the fried eggs you made for me. Can we eat it together?"

Yang Chu Chu did not expect Bai Yiqin to barge in so quickly. She immediately said in an anxious voice, "Yiqin, go back first. I really don't need your breakfast!"

Bai Yi Qin was stupefied when he saw Yang Chu Chu pushing him towards the Walk Outside without saying a word.

Then, he saw a man's suit jacket on the sofa beside him. He was shocked, "Chuchu, you have a guest!"

Yang Chu Chu followed his gaze and saw Luo Jin Yu's suit jacket. She did not hide anything and nodded: "Yes, I have a friend here. Thank you for the good intentions in bringing me breakfast!"

Bai Yiqin's expression instantly turned dejected. He never thought that Yang Chu Chu would actually let the man stay overnight. This showed that their relationship must be very close.

Bai Yiqin absentmindedly turned around to leave. The door behind him was closed.

Yang Chu Chu patted her chest, and immediately headed towards the direction of the bedroom. Just as she walked to the door, she bumped into the man's firm bosom.

There was some pain from her forehead being knocked back. When she fell backwards, the man's strong arms had already firmly pulled her back into his embrace once again.

The man's extremely unhappy voice was heard: "Did that man eat your fried eggs? "Seems to be full of aftertaste."

Yang Chu Chu's pretty face froze, she raised her head to look at Luo Jin Yu, and immediately explained in panic: "Don't misunderstand, I did not especially cook for him, when we were eating together in the crew, I revealed a culinary skill …."

"Is that so?" Seeing the girl's anxious expression, Luo Jin Yu reached out his hand and lifted her small, pure white chin, instantly making it seem as if he was kissing her.

"Don't, don't, don't! I haven't even brushed my teeth yet!" Yang Chu Chu was a very good, clean kid. Although she liked the feeling of being kissed, but she had not even brushed her teeth, so she better not ruin this beautiful feeling.

"I won't despise you!" At that moment, Luo Jin Yu only wanted to kiss this little thing ruthlessly, so that she wouldn't be spied on by any man.

In the end, Yang Chu Chu still did not struggle free from his restraints, as her thin lips forcefully kissed hers.

Yang Chu Chu's entire body tightened into a string, her beautiful eyes opened wide, and then, her body slowly softened.

Sensing that the little thing in his arms had become obedient, Luo Jin Yu finally let go of her and let her go.

"From now on, don't let anyone else into your room, do you understand?" Luo Jin Yu felt that if he did not come today, then this man called Bai Yi Qin would already be sitting here, having breakfast with Yang Chu Chu.

"Understood …" "I know!" Yang Chu Chu was a little dizzy from his kiss, her mind was completely blank without any thoughts, and she could only nod her head honestly.

Luo Jin Yu looked at her red face and couldn't help but kiss her on the cheek: "Right now, many male celebrities like to use the excuse of talking about the script. Since you took advantage of Female Celebrity, you must learn to protect yourself well."

Hearing his words, Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed: "Luo Jin Yu, are you worried about me?"

Luo Jin Yu was slightly startled, he then realised that he had actually been jealous just now, thus, he did not deny it: "Yes, I was worried that you would be bullied."

"Don't worry, I'm not that stupid. Of course I won't let you bully me for nothing." Yang Chu Chu immediately reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, then said with a completely confident smile.

Luo Jin Yu was still a little uncomfortable. Maybe it was because he understood what the male star was thinking, and was even more worried that if he was not by her side, the other men would take advantage of the situation to enter.

Yang Chu Chu was extremely happy, she could already feel Luo Jin Yu's concern for her.

"You go eat breakfast first, I'm going to wash up!" Like a happy child, Yang Chu Chu twisted his waist and went into the bathroom.

As she washed up, she hummed a little tune.

Luo Jin Yu sat in front of the table and looked at the two love eggs. His thin lips couldn't help but curl up into a smile.

After Yang Chu Chu washed her face, she ran in front of the makeup mirror to apply some face cream, then ran back to the small restaurant. Seeing the man eating with his chopsticks, she sat across from him with a smile, and opened her small mouth: "Luo Jin Yu, feed it to me!"

Seeing her childish smile, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but want to fulfill all of her wishes.

Yang Chu Chu chewed happily, and then chuckled: "In a while, let's go take a look around the city, alright? Go shopping like a man and a woman! "

Luo Jin Yu felt that this little thing had a lot of requirements.

But why did he want to fulfill her wish?

Just then, Luo Jin Yu's phone rang. He looked at it, then placed it close to his ear.

"Brother, you didn't come back last night?" "Which woman's bed did you spend the night in?" Luo He Ning said in a teasing tone.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face slightly flushed. Why does little brother think that he must be sleeping on a woman's bed?

"The meeting at noon will be presided over by you. I might not be able to make it back in time." Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice.

"What?" Let me preside over it? Didn't you tell me not to be late? Why are you absent? " Luo He Ning was a little unhappy.

Luo Jin Yu was too lazy to say so much. "I still have things to do, so I'll hang up first! Send me the summary of the meeting to have a look! "

"Alright, when you come back, you better give me a reasonable explanation, or else …" "I won't do it!" Luo He Ning felt that his big brother would definitely be with a woman, if not, he would not be so secretive as to not tell him anything.

Luo Jin Yu frowned, he no longer bothered with his brother and hung up.

Yang Chu Chu slowed down from eating and looked at Luo Jin Yu with her shiny black eyes: "Do you have a very important job?"

Luo Jin Yu indifferently threw his phone to the side: "No, eat, I'll go shopping with you later!"

"Really?" Yang Chu Chu was instantly as happy as a child.